How to Save on Travel Insurance in 2021

Tourism Insurance Fundamentals

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Travel insurance, generally speaking, is not something to save on. However, there are ways to save money on travel insurance without losing quality, and sometimes increasing the latter.

Dates, duration of travel and composition of your group

Traveling without children and not very often

The most profitable option depends on the travel conditions. If you do not travel very often and for relatively short periods of time, say 1-2 weeks once a year, then the savings or will be very small to be puzzled. Standard insurance costs about 100 rubles per person-day.

Visa insurance

If insurance is needed only for obtaining a visa, then many people buy very cheap insurance. The cheapness of these insurance is explained simply - if you read the terms of insurance, it turns out that they can only help you with advice. And although, indeed, these are very small expenses, nevertheless - is it worth doing them at all? After all, there are many proposals in which such insurance will either be free at all, or it will already be real insurance, with "normal" insurance rules, with which it is not scary to go on a trip. As a rule, these are offers related to the service of credit cards. At the same time, the service itself will either be free or cost very little money. For example, Tinkoff ALL AIRLINES, where the cost of service costs about 250 rubles per month (2800 rubles per year), you receive annual (!) Insurance and another 10% cashback for some expenses. And if this insurance also covered family members, then there would be no price for it! ? Unfortunately, it is not. And if the second adult can also be provided with such a card and, accordingly, such insurance, then children will not work.

Frequent and/or long travel without children

As it became clear from the previous paragraph -

It should be borne in mind that all card offers have a maximum stay abroad. The maximum possible period is 90 days. And if one trip is longer than this period, then for days that are taken out for a ninety-day period, you just need to buy good insurance with a start period for 90 days of your trip. Such insurances, as a rule, can be obtained via the Internet, while already on a trip, the only limitation is that they can begin to operate no earlier than 3-5 days from the date of purchase.

Traveling with children (over one year old)

How to Save on Travel Insurance in 2021

Travel insurance is often referred to as "travel insurance", "travel medical insurance", "TCD insurance", "medical insurance abroad", "travel insurance", "visa insurance" and the like. All of these names refer to the same document. In this article, we will take a closer look at this topic.

Insurance abroad: what is it and why is it needed?

After living in other countries for a long time, all tourists claim that it is unacceptable to be negligent about this issue. It does not matter how long you are going to stay abroad and whether this document is required when visiting the territory of a foreign state, a travel insurance policy is required.

First of all, the reason is that the price of insurance is not comparable to the bills from medical institutions, where you have to contact if you have any health problems. In the same case, if serious medical intervention is suddenly required, the cost of services of foreign clinics without a medical policy can cause major financial problems.

To view prices and purchase insurance online with coverage for coronavirus treatment, visit Cherehapa.

Coronavirus Information

All insurance companies cover costs in case of coronavirus infection. If you have not gone to a number of countries not recommended by Rosturizm. At the same time, insurance companies RESO, Tinkoff, Alfastrakhovanie and Renaissance cover coronavirus disease even in non-recommended countries.

What is “assistance” and why it is important

Let's start with the fact that the chain between health insurance and medical care consists of three interconnected links:

  • Insurance company - is engaged in the sale of the policy and payments in the event of an insured event.
  • Service company (assistance, assistance) - is an organization that coordinates all actions when seeking medical help. Ea company is responsible for choosing a hospital, for all approvals and decisions regarding medical services.
  • Healthcare Provider - This can be a clinic, hospital, hospital, or other overseas healthcare facility to which you will be referred for healthcare.

These organizations have a high degree of independence from each other. The insurance company deals only with the execution of the policy. Contacts with medical institutions are outside her sphere of responsibility, this is just a seller, who in the future practically does not solve anything.

For this reason, the most important link for the client is assistance. Service companies do not provide medical services, but it depends on their efficiency and professionalism, in which hospital the treatment will be carried out, how much medical care will be provided to you, and at what speed all documents will be approved.

When applying for a travel insurance policy, first of all, you must choose an assistance. Insurance companies can cooperate with several assistance services at the same time.

Travel medical insurance 2021: Sberbank, VTB24, Raiffeisen. Description, comparison, choice, for a visa. How to get it for free. Promotions. The best assistance.

Travel is always a change in the familiar environment. Those who like to travel far from home often find themselves in climatic conditions unusual for the body, in a foreign language and cultural environment. This creates health and safety risks.

To feel confident and not be afraid of unexpected situations, you should pay attention to travel insurance.

Travel Insurance

When planning a vacation, happy travelers anticipate the joys of a trip without thinking about possible unpleasant situations.

Meanwhile, knowledge of travel insurance issues will be useful to any tourist.

What is this?

Insurance is a necessary way to ensure the safety of tourists. For a tourist, buying insurance is a reason not to worry about possible medical expenses, lost luggage and other unforeseen expenses. For travel organizations and transport companies, this is a prerequisite for their successful work.

The characteristic features of insurance in tourism are the short duration of the conclusion of insurance contracts (no more than 6 months), high uncertainty in the amount of possible damage and insurance compensation, the time of occurrence of the insured event.

There is also foreign travel cancellation insurance. In this article, you will find out why this type of insurance service is useful.

Main types and forms

Depending on the insurance object, the following types are distinguished:

  • Personal - involves compensation for expenses in connection with the onset of illness, death, temporary or permanent disability of the insured;
  • Property - applicable to property and financial risks;
  • Liability insurance - necessary in case of harm to people or organizations by a tourist or a travel company;
  • Reinsurance - simultaneous insurance of one object by different insurers.

If a Russian citizen decides to go abroad, he needs to clarify many questions - whether a visa is required, what documents must be presented at customs control, how much medical services cost in a foreign country. You also need to find out if you need travel insurance without fail (according to the legislation of the country of entry). But even if it is not needed, it is still worth thinking about purchasing it.

Existing types of travel insurance contracts

The traveler should be aware that travel insurance can be of various types. The basic travel policy includes coverage of the main risks associated with the costs incurred by a citizen for treatment in an inpatient or outpatient setting, as well as with the purchase of medicines.

Travel insurance may also include additional risks. Their inclusion in the contract is optional.

Medical insurance

An insurance product such as basic travel insurance can be purchased by a Russian citizen:

  • directly from the tour operator;
  • either independently on aggregators, websites of insurance companies or during a personal visit to the office, including on our website.

Basic Travel Medical Insurance covers expenses related to:

  • by an appointment with a doctor in a foreign country;
  • stay in a hospital;
  • transportation of the victim from the actual location in the host country to the nearest medical institution;
  • the purchase of medical drugs according to the indications of the attending physician;
  • medical repatriation to the homeland in the event of the death of the insured person;
  • making telephone calls with assistance.

Luggage Insurance

When buying a policy, a tourist should think about including such an option as "Baggage Insurance" in the basic tourist medical insurance.

If available, the insurer will compensate the price of baggage if its loss occurs through the fault of the carrier company.

When choosing the appropriate travel service, the traveler should indicate the sum insured, within which the insurer will be liable. You can usually insure your baggage for the duration of the flight for the following amounts:

Child insurance for traveling abroad is a must. Not only children, but also the adults accompanying them travel to warm (and not only) countries to relax. Lack of attention for 5-10 minutes and the baby can get hurt.

It is even more difficult to prevent diseases due to harmful bacteria. Stomach disorders, gastritis and enteritis, acute respiratory viral infections, and other pathologies may require urgent medical attention, for which you will have to pay a lot of money. To prevent these costs without saving on the child's health, you need to issue a policy in a timely manner.

What does insurance for children abroad include?

Young children are most susceptible to diseases. Every second child who is ill on a trip abroad has to seek help from an otolaryngologist. Pathologies associated with intestinal infections, gastritis and enteritis occur in 20-30% of cases. Injuries and skin diseases - burns, insect bites, allergies, wounds - account for up to 15% of complaints. For example, preschool children are most often injured near the pool due to their activity - at this age it is maximum.

Insurance for a child abroad must cover the following costs:

  • medical ;
  • transport ;
  • evacuation ;
  • at the dentist.

This policy is based on medical expenses. It is necessary to provide for a wide range of services aimed at providing medical care for the above pathologies and not only. The wider the list, the more protected the child and his parents' wallet.

For reference! The usual examination of children, which the parents decided on, because, as they think, foreign doctors are better, the insurance for traveling abroad does not cover children.

Treatment of chronic diseases and other pathologies, which were known before the policy was issued, is not compensated either. Exception - the child needs emergency help, without which there is a threat to his life.

The main list of medical services includes the following free services:

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