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Organizing leisure and entertainment for a child in a suburban area is not an easy task. Building a small slide and a compact swing is not a way out, since these structures will quickly get bored and the child will want to go in search of adventure. And the most suitable option is only the installation of a large playground. It is good if the child is also involved in the process of designing and organizing the play area. In this case, by joint efforts, it will be possible to create an excellent place for active leisure, and active outdoor recreation will become a useful and correct pastime for the child.

Children's Corner Requirements

A playground is a very important attribute for a child's entertainment. But in order for it not to harm the health and proper development of a growing organism, it is necessary to take into account several points when choosing a suitable playground. There are many basic requirements that a modern play area must meet. It is advisable to do all of them.

  • Strength and durability are perhaps the main requirements that a playground must meet.
  • The material and structure of attractions must be resistant to climate change, high humidity, precipitation and temperature extremes.
  • Most of the time, the play area is ignored - in this case, the dark time of day and winter are taken into account, so the design of the play area should not give possible plunderers of temptation.
  • The materials used in the construction of the playground must be environmentally friendly and safe for children.

Role in child development

With the opening of shopping centers, a large number of various entertainment clubs for children have appeared. Where a child can jump, swing on a swing, ride a slide and have fun with peers while parents are busy with their own business. The advantages of such play areas are many, but there is also an obvious drawback - the child spends most of the time indoors, and not outdoors.

We can talk for a long time about the importance of playgrounds in the full development of a child, but we can limit ourselves to only the main points:

  • at an early age, the foundation is laid, which will further serve as the basis for the full development of the child, and games on the playground contribute to mental and physical development in a fun format;
  • skills such as agility, coordination, balance and balance develop;
  • outdoor games allow the child to throw out the accumulated energy and spend time with benefit;
  • the child learns to get acquainted and build relationships with other children ;
  • outdoor games with peers contribute to the development of personality, children develop imagination and learn about the world;
  • an active and eventful day spent promotes good and sound sleep.

And it is very important that playgrounds bring the child not only joy, but also benefit. That is why it is necessary to choose the right sites based on the age and interests of the child.

Age preferences

It is important that the play area is calculated not only by the number of children, but also by age restrictions. In addition, the older the child is, the more play elements he needs on the playground. For children of different ages, it is necessary to choose playgrounds with a variety of designs. What preschoolers love will not be of interest to teenagers.

For preschool children

Under the age of 2, children usually play alone, they do not need the company of their peers. At this stage, a small sandbox in the yard and a small swing on a spring are enough for the baby. The sandbox is especially delightful for the youngest children. But when installing and positioning it, you should adhere to a few simple rules. The sandbox is in any case located at the lowest level, and it is important that the rest of the game zones are not located on top. Swings and slides should not block access to the sandbox.

Play corners for children are the key to the harmonious development of the child. What is a playground for? How to organize a play area for children? What kind of flooring should I use in the playground? The basic principles of designing playgrounds: modern projects and interesting ideas.

Sports are recommended at any age, especially for children. Active physical activity has a beneficial effect on the state of the growing body: it helps to strengthen the muscles, the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory and cardiac systems, contributes to the development of dexterity, willpower and character, and increases the child's immunity.

Therefore, caring parents should accustom their child to sports from an early age, and the best assistant in this will be a sports ground in the country or in the courtyard of a private house.

Types of street sports complexes

The sports ground is a whole complex of several sports elements: stairs, horizontal bar, rope, bars, rings and much more, depending on the interests and age of the child.

You can assemble a sports and game complex at the dacha or in the courtyard of a private house yourself. Parts can be purchased or made by hand. How to quickly install the complex, see the video below.

For the smallest: from one to -th years old

They are characterized by compact size and low height. Babies at this age do not need a large number of sports equipment: they only need a few elements (slide, horizontal bar, ladder, etc.).

For children from to years old

This is a period of high physical activity of the child, therefore, in addition to the listed equipment, sports grounds for children of this age group may include gymnastic rings, a rope ladder, a trampoline and much more.

For schoolchildren

It is best to use sports grounds that are quite impressive in size and have a large selection of equipment - basketball hoops, a tennis table, various exercise equipment, a punching bag, a climbing wall, a climbing wall and much more.

So that children in the country or near the house do not explore the beds or any other places where they should not be, they need an interesting corner for them. As a rule, parents come to the idea of ​​the need to create a playground or sports corner - it depends on the age and desires of the children. A playground made by yourself is good because during its construction it is possible to envisage the possibility of its gradual transformation. After all, what is suitable for 2-3 year old kids, 5-6 year olds no longer like it, and even more so for older children. And besides, a do-it-yourself playground is often built not so much for reasons of economy, as out of a desire to please the child: who knows better than the parents what your child likes ... Someone needs a pirate ship, but someone needs their own, real, house with a porch, door and all the necessary attributes.

Do-it-yourself Danish playground - a place for your favorite offspring to play in the country or in the yard

Choosing a location

It will be a difficult task to solve. Firstly, it is desirable that the playground be viewed from home, and from a room in which someone is most of the time. Ideal if the site is viewed from several rooms or points. Secondly, it should be located away from outbuildings with "flavors", if any. Thirdly, it is advisable to take into account the fertility of the soil: an infertile area or with a complex geology can be distinguished under the play complex: there is no need to bury yourself in the ground, maximum - to bury the pillars of the swing by 30-40 cm.

When choosing a place, it is a good idea to place a children's play corner near a wall or a main fence. These zones can sharply be fully utilized, and in this case they can be used for games. For example, make a mini-climbing wall on the wall, fix rope ladders, a slate board and other devices no less interesting for children. You probably know what your children like, and if you don’t know, you can find out: there are enough fences and walls, place different devices in different areas and observe where your child lingers longer. So find out which games he is more drawn to, you will know in which direction to move on.

It is also necessary to take into account the illumination. The place of children's play should not be constantly in the shade, but the sun is also not needed. Approximately 2/3 of the plot should be in the shade (sandpit, swing), and 1/3 - in the sun - the pool, if any, the zone of active games. If there is no shadow on the site, you will have to come up with a canopy or put up a large umbrella.

At the same time, please note that there is no constant draft in the area of ​​the proposed site. Children, of course, need to be tempered, but not in this way. Even when choosing a place for a children's play area, pay attention to the fact that electrical appliances or any shields, machines and other similar devices are not located nearby. Children are curious and resourceful, so it's best not to risk it.

How much space is needed

A little about the area that needs to be allocated for a children's playground. Small children don't need much space - a sandpit, a few very simple shells, a small pool, if you think it's possible. It's a good idea to have a lawn or a flat, smooth piece with some suitable covering to lie on for fun. That's all. For all this, there is enough space of 4-5 sq. meters.

Small children need a small playground

For small children, it is advisable to enclose the area. This will give you the opportunity not to be constantly nearby, but to do your own business nearby: children are in sight and safe. The fence can be any - it's a matter of your imagination, desire and capabilities. The main requirement is that it must be safe and durable or completely inaccessible to children. For example, like the netting that you see in the photo above. It comes with a plastic coating in bright colors and does not look as harsh as the usual one.

PVC-coated mesh netting is a good option for fencing playgrounds

If for some reason you don't like this option, you can put a picket fence that will be about the height of the children’s shoulders, the distance between adjacent slats should be such that the head doesn’t fit in there. Pickets can be painted with different colors.

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