How to choose a summer camp for a child

Summer children's camps 2020 in Russia, will they take place or not? What requirements will be introduced for visiting children's camps this summer

How are modern summer camps different from pioneer camps? Which children's camp to choose for a child - advice for parents

“. But the girl drove that woman away and did not help her. And at night a black-black hand stuck out of the wall and dragged the girl away. »This terrible story, as well as no less ominous about a white piano, a sofa-vampire and the living dead, is now being ecstatically recited by the third grade of my daughter.

The stories make me nostalgic - for the pioneer camp, where, wildly afraid, exactly the same thing we told each other in the darkness of the chamber. Summer life in the camp was good in that it did not resemble school life, in it you could meet new friends, learn how to burn wood, play volleyball and burn fires, hide bread under a mattress and smear boys with pasta. True, she also had unpleasant sides, such as wooden toilets on the street, cold water in the washstands, longing for her parents and dull table food. But there was no choice, and those who did not have grandmothers in their dachas were invariably sent by their parents to a free trade union camp.

The happy Soviet childhood, sunk into oblivion, seemed to take with it not just pioneer camps, but the very idea of ​​this kind of recreation for children. A new generation of parents began to travel to all corners of the world, and if they send their child somewhere in the summer, then learn languages ​​abroad. And the camps fell into desolation, unable to withstand the excommunication from the budgets of the trade union organizations of enterprises. Many of them were privatized at lightning speed and turned into pretty cottage villages or just private estates.

And only now, for the first time in the last 20 years, a new trend has emerged - according to the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare, the number of summer health camps for children has been increasing for the second year. And if in the USSR 10 million children rested in camps a year, then today it is already 6 million, despite the fact that the population of our country has decreased by half during the same time.

However, the camps are now completely different. First of all, many types of them have appeared, they differ in orientation, in the level of comfort, in the country of location and even in the gender of children adopted (there are separate camps for girls and for boys). Only buildings (more or less renovated), the system of counselors and some participation of the employer in paying parental expenses (some of the children's travels go through the social insurance system, and rich organizations also often pay for the holidays of the children of their employees) remain from Soviet times.

The surviving Soviet pioneer camps are now called health camps, and their parents receive vouchers at the expense of the Social Insurance Fund. But the main market for children's recreation is now commercial camps, which exist on the money received from the sale of vouchers. Therefore, the level of comfort and the number of services is growing, new types of children's camps appear, which no one has heard of before.

Adventure Camp for Children

Suitable for: children from 9-10 years old who do not suffer from serious chronic diseases.

"The Lost Ship", "Children of Spies", "Secrets of the Rock City", "Robinsonade" - even from the names it becomes clear that the main thing in this kind of recreation is the program. Children love games, they are always eager to look into the unknown and strive for independence. All this is provided to them in such camps. Adventure camps are divided into stationary (taking place on the basis of a boarding house, holiday home or camping) and hiking. Firms specializing in this kind of recreation are developing several programs. Each of them is devoted to a topic: for example, "The Emerald City", or "Border outpost", or "The Secrets of Hogwarts." And then a big game is built, in which the children are included throughout the shift.

If the program is camping, then the children live in tents. As a rule, campsites are located in specially equipped places, the safety of which has been checked in advance. For example, the Robinsonada company, which has been engaged in this kind of recreation for many years, brings children every year to the same place, to the banks of Valdai, where a tent camp grows up and the Valdai Robinsonada program takes place. Children learn to navigate in the forest,

kayaking, getting to the "uninhabited island", etc. At the same time they eat in an organized way - there is also a kitchen where cooks cook. Among the proposed programs there are many ecological ones, when children study the local nature: caves, mountains, rocks, the sea, there are ethnographic, archaeological, etc.

Summer is the time of vacations and trips to the sea, bronze tanning and delicious gifts of nature, unforgettable impressions and invariably good mood. And for children, summer is also a vacation. For 3 months not to hear the school bell, not to study the lessons and not to get up early. Yes, this is real happiness! But a week or two passes, and the very happiness that only recently seemed so tempting is already becoming somehow insipid, boring. After all, the younger generation is a rather restless and energetic people. Give them movement, dynamics, development. And more than once a week, on weekends - park, ice cream, cinema. And every day to be, like a whole life, full of all sorts of "interesting things" and "unknowns." So what was the matter for? Send your active and inquisitive child to the summer camp. And there they will make sure that your jet teenager does not get bored. But how to choose a camp for your child, so that you are calm for him, and the time spent there will bring undoubted benefits and a lot of the most unforgettable impressions?

Types of children's summer camps

First, decide how you imagine the summer vacation of your beloved offspring. And do not forget to ask his opinion on this matter. Today you will find plenty of offers. Among them, look for the camp that, in its profile, corresponds to the interests and inclinations of your child, or one in which you can not only entertain, but also improve the health of a young fidget.

    Thematic. Such a camp is also called a story-based role-playing camp. Here, each shift is dedicated to a specific topic. This can be the plot of a popular children's film or book, or it can play its own scenario (the events take place on a desert island, in an unknown galaxy, in the kingdom of Neptune, or, for example, in the distant, distant past, when dinosaurs reigned on the planet). In such camps, children build the plot themselves, every day participating in new competitions, relay races, and entertainment. Usually, for the entire shift, the detachments have some kind of big goal, which is not so easy to achieve, but very honorable. And of course, in the end, this goal is achieved, and each child leaves the camp with a whole heap of the best impressions.

    In the theme camp, the child will not be bored, especially if he has a well-developed imagination and artistic talent

    The profile camp is suitable for the motivated and curious

    For those guys who prefer to spend time actively, do some kind of sport, like hiking and competitions, a sports and recreation camp is more suitable

    And you can strengthen your immunity and gain strength before the new academic year in a sanatorium-type camp

    Summer camps are also organized at schools, art houses and other children's educational and entertainment institutions. But they are not permanent residents. Children are in them during the day, and in the evening they go home

    In addition to the focus, the camps also differ from each other in the time the children stay in them. For example, at schools, houses of creativity and other children's organizations, summer camps are opened, which provide for the presence of children in them during the daytime (from 8-00 to 16-00 or from 9-00 to 17-00). And there are camps for permanent residence, where the duration of the shift varies from 1 to 3-4 weeks.


    Where will the camp you send your child to rest will depend on him and your preferences. Someone wants to relax on the sea, swim and sunbathe as much as they can, while others like mountains, rivers and forests.

    The main thing is a change of scenery, new impressions and meeting new friends.

    Today, many parents are concerned about the pressing issue of summer holidays in 2020 in children's health camps. Due to the complex sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country, a lot is now in a suspended and unstable state, including, this also applies to the sphere of children's recreation services, namely children's camps.

    So, how do you know if there will be shifts in children's and health camps this year or not? Let's try to analyze this issue in detail in this article.


    The main thing that needs to be understood now is that in each region the sanitary and epidemiological situation is now quite different.

    ?? If you look at the statistics on the official website of stopcoronavirus. f, then you can see that many regions are quite successfully experiencing this problem.

    ?? Also, all regions have been instructed to independently make decisions on reducing quarantine measures, which means that the situation will be different everywhere.

    ?? Released from 28. 4. 020 Decree of the Mayor of Moscow No. 51-UM dated 28. 4. 020 and Resolution of the Governor of the Moscow Region No. 214-PG dated 28. 4. 020 concerned the cancellation of school day camps in Moscow and the Moscow region on the basis of educational institutions until July 31, inclusive.

    ?? These decrees do not apply to out-of-town health camps that are located in other regions. Therefore, we can safely say that in the regions, children's rest has the opportunity to take place in full or in part.

    ?? The only thing that can be assumed for sure is that many children's summer recreation organizations, excluding Moscow and Moscow Region, will start the season this year on July 1, and not June 1, as it was planned by the early summer health company. Since June, it will be aimed at passing checks for the opening of camp bases, as well as for the introduction of new sanitary measures.


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