How to choose a baby bed: an overview of models for children from 3 years old

How to choose a baby bed: an overview of models for children from 3 years old

How to choose a baby bed? The answer is actually very simple - choose a model by age. We will show you some suitable options where your little one will feel comfortable and hopefully sleep peacefully through the night. But first things first. So, what should you pay attention to.

At what age should the child change the bed

There are no hard and fast rules, every child is different. But usually this moment occurs at the age of 2 to 3 years. There are a few clear signs indicating it's time for an update.

  • The baby has outgrown his crib;
  • Tries to get out of it;
  • Asks for a potty at night;
  • Asks buy him a new bed;
  • Finally, you will soon have another baby who needs a crib for newborns.

What are the sizes of cribs

Various, from 120 cm in length, and further, with a step of 10 cm. It is the length that is the most important parameter here, since children are constantly growing. Consider this point when planning your budget. Below are approximate figures.

  • For children under 2 years old - 120 x 60 cm;
  • under 3 years old - 140 x 70 cm;
  • up to 5 years old - 150 x 70 cm;
  • up to 7 years old - 160 x 80 cm;
  • up to 10 years old - 170 x 80 cm.

Consider current height to determine which size is right for your child. Add 40 cm to this figure if you plan to change your bed in 2-3 years. If you want to take the model "for growth" - add 70 cm. It will already be possible to use it for 5-7 years.

Which material is best for a baby bed

These days, bed frames are made from a wide variety of materials, from MDF to solid wood, modern metal and even plastic. Each material offers something different, from greater durability to unique designs. But kids need furniture that will stand the test of time. Parts should be easy to clean and withstand heavy use. Natural wood is by far the best option. It is the most recommended material for making children's furniture. Here are its main benefits.

  • Natural wood - strength, durability and environmental friendliness.


How to choose a baby bed: an overview of models for children from 3 years old

Some pieces of furniture are indispensable in a limited living space. For example, a rollaway bed can become a permanent bed or an extra bed if guests arrive. The folding bed can be easily hidden in a secluded place, easily transported to the dacha. This is a practical solution for comfortable outdoor recreation.

Product Features and Benefits

A folding bed was formerly called a folding bed. Standard classics did not provide a comfortable stay. Modern designs are more perfect, they have special fasteners, although the mechanism of the folding bed has practically not changed. This is a frame made of various materials with a base in the form of stretched fabric or wooden slats. The rollaway beds are available with or without mattress.

The main advantages of such products:

  • space saving;
  • lamellas provide comfortable rest;
  • additional full sleeping place;
  • orthopedic effect;
  • functionality ;
  • mobility ;
  • good ventilation provided by lattice support;
  • ease of use;
  • the ability to install in any room;
  • affordable price.

Folding beds with castors are easy to move. The compactness of the product allows you to transport it yourself without the help of loaders. The disadvantages of folding models should be highlighted:

  • have to spend time assembling and unfolding;
  • after frequent use, springs and fabric sag;
  • quick wear of low-quality textiles;
  • legs of structures can damage the floor covering;
  • if the permissible load is exceeded, careless handling, the product may break.

In terms of their characteristics and comfort, folding beds are not inferior to conventional stationary beds and will be a good purchase.

Base varieties

By the type of base, folding modern beds differ significantly from their Soviet ancestors. Today the following types can be distinguished:

  • A bed with an orthopedic mattress and wooden slats is a very durable product, perfect as a permanent bed. Lamellas are wooden slabs of birch or beech that are transversely attached to the frame. Elastic strong slats in the amount of 12-14 pieces can have different thicknesses and widths, are able to bend and support the body during rest, without harming the spine. If broken, they can be replaced. This design folds together with the mattress.
  • Beds with a base in the form of a metal armor mesh are purchased for frequent use in office and security rooms. The solid base can withstand frequent cleaning with aggressive cleaning agents and can last a long time.
  • Spring snake beds are a structure of curved metal rods held together by springs. This is a solid quality foundation.
  • Small classic economy class models with a metal frame covered with fabric, well suited for going out into the countryside, but not suitable for constant use.
  • Folding beds with a headrest and a mattress are comfortable and comfortable for a good rest. At the head of such a folding bed there is a wooden roller for additional support of the head.
  • Convertible folding beds that combine the functions of several items are very popular. For example, bedside tables for one or two berths allow you to save space as much as possible in a small room. Such a structure can be expanded or simply rolled out. They are supplemented with storage boxes. This is a great option for a small bedroom. The folded bed becomes a complete drawer unit. Manufacturers of modern models pay enough attention to the design of these products.
  • Folding designs in the form of a sofa bed are very comfortable. When folded, they are compact, they can be installed in different places in the room. With the well-functioning "American clamshell" sliding mechanism, they are quickly disassembled and assembled. Modern sofas come in all shapes and sizes. One of the varieties designed for children is a folding pouf bed and an armchair bed. You can choose comfortable orthopedic mattresses for them.
  • The camp bed is a real find for those who like to have a good night's sleep on a camping trip. It provides psychological comfort for novice tourists. Modern lightweight versions of products for tourism are easy to fold, have minimal weight, and take up little space.

A folding bed with steel slats is less comfortable, but is a good budget option. A fold-out bed with a mattress and high-quality filler allows you to use it regularly without harm to your health.

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