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New tours, government support and growing demand for ecotourism - what was domestic tourism in Samara this year

December 30, 2020, 17:00 830

The coronavirus pandemic this year hit the tourism industry in the Samara region, as well as in other regions of the country: some travel agencies were closed, some were forced to reduce staff and reorient to work in domestic directions as soon as they became available ; accommodation facilities and entertainment complexes were idle and supported by government support. But there is also good news - after the abolition of self-isolation, more guests began to come to the region, and more often from outside the Volga Federal District, new formats of recreation were announced, and local residents were finally able to actively show their love for the beauty surrounding their home.

Where were guests invited

- We finally made an author's tour - “We are going deliciously in Samara style”. This is a weekend tour, where we introduce tourists to local cuisine, cook crayfish and taste beer, in the summer they cooked fish soup on a fire from Volga fish. It was in demand among guests from Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, for example, - says the general director of Samaraintur Serafima Segal, recalling how the difficult 2020 went for the agency.

As part of this tour, the guests were taken around the historical center of Samara, shown a panorama of the Volga and the Zhigulevsky mountains, treated to the Volga pike perch and sturgeon, cherry pie and local sweets.

“I travel often and am amazed at the beauty of our land. But Samara amazed with its splendor. A wonderful walk along the Volga, along the magnificent embankment. The sunset amazed with its beauty. Indeed, here he is special. The glorious city of Samara, and the main thing in it - the people, is the soul of the city. I would like to return to this city ”, - such a review was written by one of the tour participants, Natalia from Moscow.

Despite the fact that the new tour became a sales hit, this year was not easy for Samaraintour, which had been developing domestic tourism before the pandemic, as for many.

- After the abolition of the self-isolation regime, no special tourist "boom" it was because people are still afraid of a worsening epidemiological situation. On the one hand, we were actively selling Sochi and Crimea, on the other, we completely "sagged" school curricula, ”notes Serafima Segal. - The staff had to be cut by about 10-15% - in April-May there were still unclear prospects, and people themselves were looking for another job, because they had to feed their families here and now. But in general, the team rallied, realized that we need to go through the situation together.

According to Segal, the regional tourism department, the Kuibyshev branch of FPK JSC and Russian Railways Tour LLC are now actively promoting the reception in Samara, helping agencies - in particular, they hold online exhibitions where you can tell , what you can do in the region, why you need to go here. But the recovery of the industry will be very long due to the fear of people and the decline in income - recreation will not be included in the number of priority spending. In addition, the traditionally low season is on the nose, and what awaits everyone next March, what the epidemiological situation will be, is still unknown.

The Samara agency "Non-standard excursions", focused only on its native region, did not have to cut its staff. On the contrary, after the self-isolation regime was lifted, the company hired three more guides, because the flow of clients increased by 1.5 times.

- We were allowed to conduct excursions in early June, and we had a big boom. Summer is a high season with an extensive schedule, which included both hiking and out-of-town trips. There was such a flow of applications that, for example, in addition to the main group of 20 people, two more additional ones had to be put on a walking tour, - says the project manager Ekaterina Revinskaya.

There was a great demand for trips to the Garibaldi Castle and Strelnaya Gora. In addition, one more direction has been added - Podval Terraces, a specially protected geological object in the Shigonsky District. It quickly became very popular.

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