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Most go to the Dominican Republic for the sun and warm sea of ​​which there is an abundance in this country, but there is also a dark side, which has cookies. that is, strawberry. Shocking fact - in the Dominican Republic, the number of brothels is double the number of schools and health facilities combined. Sex tourism is booming in this country. Please note that if you set such a trip as your goal, it will surely cost more than a seal vacation in all in. On average, a 14-day "break" with cuties will cost you at least two thousand American per person. But if the goal is outlined and you are a lover of vivid sensations, then this is guaranteed what you were looking for.

In general, Dominican C-tourism can be divided into two types - for men and for women. Let's consider both options.

For men

In the D. Republic, in addition to the national currency, USD is used for which local prostitutes are ready to help you realize everything, even the most daring and not modest desires and ideas. The Dominican Republic is a rather poor country, there is not a lot of official work, for this reason the local chikulis see prostitution as probably the best way to make money quickly, and also quite realistically consider the possibility of marrying a gringo with a thick bank account, which is very similar to the situation with the Taikas.

Since the Dominican Republic shares the island on which it is located, with the state of Haiti, where there is no work at all - among the local ladies, dark-skinned Haitian women predominate, and many of them have a rather unobtrusive appearance and they do not stand out in anything special besides that their skin is much darker than that of the Dominican women, but here it is not for everybody. As it was said earlier, in Haiti, the standard of living is critically low compared to the same Dominican Republic, and therefore girls go to a neighboring country for a good (there is nothing to compare with), in their opinion, salary. There are also local butterflies, their age, as a rule, varies from 15 to 34 years. It is worth noting that in the Dominican Republic it is not customary to marry legally because, firstly, the high cost of the event and its legal registration, and secondly, because the Dominicans and Dominican women are very loving and change on average 50 common-law wives and husbands in their lives, and this is considered normal ...

The choice of chicas (girls) is simply huge, but nevertheless, if you want the most-the-most, from the "super-sexy" series, then it is recommended to look for it either through local residents, which should not be difficult if you are sociable, or those who often come to the country (ask your friends :).

For ladies and couples

The Dominican Republic is keeping pace with the times, a secular state, for a long time oriented to the West and the United States, music, tastes, manners (patterns) of behavior, everything is very close, but at the same time with a slightly underestimated paid in the direction of debauchery. In this regard, girls looking for romantic adventures will be pleasantly delighted with a good variety of macho who are not averse to. But, according to the information, the prices for their services are quite high. Despite this, gigalo are in no less demand than local prostitutes. As mentioned earlier, local men never give up sex, especially when they are also willing to pay for it. Here are such an interesting people. By the way, most of these men have jobs, don't think.

About prices

Depending on the season, the part of the country (resort), the girl's appearance and her nationality (Haitian/Dominican), the price will be formed. If you are a super macho, or a girl has a good mood, the chikulya will generally get free or at a good discount.

For example, in probably the most popular resort among tourists - Punta Cana, stay in an entertainment house for a couple of hours with a beautiful girl for $ 45-65. If we compare, say, with clubs or pretentious bars, this is a rather low price, for example, the Mangu club, which can be called one of the top establishments for short-time, will have to unfasten at least $ 120, but it is worth noting that the choice here is really amazing, top place after all.

If you want to arrange a marathon and not go broke, then it is recommended to shoot a girl either on the street or in a disco bar. The algorithm is very simple - just look around, choose the one that you liked the most and invite her to take a walk, you can chat and have a drink beforehand, there will be no refusal. Such beauties charge about $ 30 for shorts, but everything is again individually, if you like it or she is in a very good mood - get a discount.

The main strawberry resorts of the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Tourism with Strawberries

Wikipedia says sex tourism is a journey to satisfy sexual needs. And a sex tourist is not only someone who is willing to pay for love, but also someone who just wants to find it and finds it, but no longer than for a vacation. Another distinguishing feature of sex tourism is that love-carrots revolve with the aborigines, that is, with the local population.

Source: medikforum. u

But here the question is brewing: why trudge to overseas countries in search of what you can get at home?

Firstly, in some countries, epicenter of sex tourism, intimate services are available: it happens that it is cheaper only for nothing. Secondly, many are greedy for exotic things and go on a sex tour with the thought “I wouldn’t eat this fruit all the time, but I want to try it”. Thirdly, in order not to overgrow the house with not good fame, they go to realize erotic fantasies far away.

A holiday romance is an adventure, albeit a frivolous one. And it is precisely the absence of restrictions that attracts him, because both of its participants understand: there will be no continuation.

Of course they don't go with a soul mate. As with my mother, the blacksmith and close relatives.

Riding in a large company in the hope of a love adventure is fraught. After all, the more people know about what a vacationer was doing in an exotic country, the more, subsequently, even more people will be aware of his amorous adventures.

Therefore, for a holiday with an intimate bias, they travel in a close circle of same-sex familiar people and it is desirable that they be "on the same wavelength", that is, they went with the same purpose - to find a "strawberry".

Source: liveinternet. u

Those who have been on the sex tour rarely brag about and to whom. Therefore, one might get the impression that this phenomenon is rare. But in reality, its massiveness and scale will amaze any imagination: sex tourism has long become a separate type of tourism and attracts not only depraved boys and girls, but also law-abiding family men.

Everything you were shy to ask about sex tourism in the Dominican Republic


This state is the most developing of all third world countries. Brazil gained popularity due to its cultural peculiarity - the world-famous carnival. Also, this country is developing well in the field of science - in Brazil, cars that run on biofuels are used. A negative feature of this country is the high crime rate. Even during the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, a large number of robberies were committed, with which the authorities and the police could not do anything.

Rio de Janeiro is the most vicious city in Brazil. One of the clubs in the city, "Help", is the most depraved place where ceremonies and preliminary acquaintances are not tolerated. It is known to tourists as a sex dating site. For the same purpose, you can walk along the Copacabana beach, where people who love to have fun gather under the scorching sun. The next popular place in Brazil is the baths. They represent choboy baths, in which, in addition to standard bath services, customers are also offered additional - sexual ones. However, you need to be careful - there is a very high incidence of AIDS in Brazil.


Before arriving in Cuba, you need to know the weather forecast. From time to time, a cyclone comes to this island, which does not allow you to fully spend your vacation and feel the whole atmosphere of the "Island of Freedom". The political regime in this country provided residents with a large number of freedoms, in exchange for submission to the authorities. Namely the name "Island of Freedom" is very justified. Here you can find a wide variety of entertainment for sex tourism. For example, in the area near the Malecon embankment, dozens of girls who are waiting for acquaintances love to have fun. The easiest way to bond with one of them is by renting a car. You just need to drive up to a pretty woman, open the door, and she herself will sit in your car. The next place is the Varadero community, where sexual services are provided by professional Aboriginal women who have been in the field for a long time. Therefore, the night will be quite expensive. A more affordable option is the "extreme" type of sex tourism. Rent a car and travel around the country. You need to stay overnight in almost any home. His owner, with a high degree of probability, for an additional amount, will offer the option to spend the night with one of his family members.

Dominican Republic

The state located on the Caribbean coast is very popular among vacationers from the United States. This place was once discovered by the famous navigator Columbus. Further in the history of the Dominican Republic there were many wars, the cause of which was the intervention. The advantage of this country over the previous countries in this top is that there is not much crime here. This is perhaps the only benefit from "cooperation" with the United States.

There are great opportunities for sex tourists in this state and it is not at all necessary to go to the capital. In Santo Domingo, the rest will be quite cultural. But in Puerto Plata, the situation is different. You just need to walk along the beach, find a pretty Aboriginal woman and talk to her. You can also note the small town of Sosua with a vibrant nightlife. All bars here have sex rooms that can be rented.


We know this state from many American films that tell about it as a country of drug trafficking, tequila and the absence of the law. However, this is not entirely true - it is quite safe for tourists in Mexico. The country's government issues visas for as long as 10 years in order to attract a tourist flow.

One of the places for entertainment in Mexico is the Cancun resort on the Yucatan Peninsula. Beaches with clean white sand, bright blue sea, a large number of bars and clubs where you can easily find a partner. One of the attractions is the hotel for swingers. Visitors to this hotel walk around completely naked and do not hesitate to suddenly visit any guest they like.

Proofreader, editor, journalist. I have been doing my favorite thing for more than six years.

Have you ever been to Japan? If not, then you just have to go there at least once. Delicious food, beautiful architecture, and ... prostitutes. We will dwell on the latter in more detail today. One of the caring reddit users who decided to tell us what it was like to rent a prostitute in the land of the rising sun will help us with this.

Further, the article will go in the first person.

How I spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes in Japan. All the questions you wanted to ask and a guide for the curious.

I regularly visit various "interesting places", and the quotes here are not accidental. Not that I have become an expert, but I can tell you something interesting. Yes, I understand that you will find something in my text racist. And, yes, I know that I judge nationalities based only on a single experience of communication with their representatives. But come to terms with it.

My biggest tip for you is: Learn Japanese. I have great doubts that you will be able to find at least one pimp or even a prostitute who would speak your language. There are, of course, places like Roppongi where this is not a problem. But there you will be stripped of three skins. The same is true for the Kabukicho area, although it is a very popular place.

Second most important tip: avoid African barkers. Don't talk, don't shake hands, don't even look them in the eye. This is my racist comment, but the only time I had problems in Japan was in Kabukicho. And it was the African who caused these problems.

Now let's remember that Japan is a specific country with rather strange and unusual traditions for us. This also applies to the sphere of nightlife. There is a lot of things that seem incomprehensible savagery to our people. I will try to explain to you the difference between Japanese nightlife establishments, I will tell you how much money will be charged from you and how to behave there correctly.

Where to go in Japan if you're bored i

Usually you chat about some nonsense and about all the "interesting" things that happened to you lately, and the girl listens graciously and admires you on duty. When your hour ends, you are prompted to pay and leave, or extend for another hour. Some cheap whiskey or beer is given for free. Again, you pay for the conversation. Nothing else can be done with the girl. I say, a harmless place;

Some acquaintances say that they managed to sleep with girls from kyabakura and snack bars. Maybe I just didn't go to the right places (read more expensive), or maybe they just lie, because usually there is not even a hint of sex there. It’s just fun, and it also helps men who are not able to get to know a girl on the street on their own or, for some reason, don’t have such a close relationship with their wife to talk about any topic.

These bars often employ women who are far from model looking, who are well over forty. Usually it's just a stream of blatant adulation with interruptions at karaoke. And in cheaper bars, they don't even exchange for flattery, they just speak with a bored look a standard set of phrases and ask symbolic questions.

Many girls who tried to work in such institutions said that the hardest thing is to try to portray an interest in a person who is not at all interesting to you. However, you can always try to captivate the girl with a conversation. Note that these places are very popular. And this is not just a difference of cultures, the Japanese work so hard that they do not have enough time for simple human communication and friends.

Thailand is known for a lot of things, notably food, islands and its crazy, hectic capital, Bangkok.

But with some types of tourists, it is also known for another thing - prostitution.

Mentioned by the majority with a chuckle or joke accompanying the comment, there is no denying that it is extremely common in Thailand and available across the country.

While this isn't just a modern fad - it has been around for centuries and despite efforts to combat it, it doesn't look like it will go anywhere anytime soon.

A century of tradition

Prostitution was widespread during the Ayutthaya period of Thailand.

As tragic as it is, the exploitation of women and forced sex slavery have been around for a very long time.

During the Ayutthaya period of Thailand's history - from 1351 to 1767 - women were passed between men as concubines, simple trophies of war, received by humans as a reward for their efforts on the battlefield.

They were slaves, and therefore had to obey the orders of their masters or be punished.

This went on for hundreds of years until, in the 20th century, King Rama V found a more Western approach to politics and abolished slavery.

Unfortunately, their suffering did not end there.

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