Holidays with children: Russian North

Holidays with children: Russian North

Around Russia - by car: route and sights of Vologda

We offer a new family route from the traveling parents Yuri Podkopaev and Ekaterina Orlova. This time you won't have to fly anywhere, and the road from Moscow can, if desired, be laid in one day. The Russian north awaits us: Vologda, Belozersk, Kirillo-Belozersky and Ferapontov monasteries. A great opportunity to interest children in Russian history and show untouched nature.

Every traveler can find the meaning of a trip to the Russian north - treasures are collected here for every taste. The special northern nature with its lakes, dense forests, swamps and villages blackened from time to time - it is no coincidence that this is a favorite place for metropolitan artists, architects and writers. Well-preserved white-stone monasteries - partly chamber and secluded, partly massive, with vast territories and numerous buildings, like whole cities. Bright pages of Russian history, majesty and originality of architecture, original folk crafts. And, of course, the frescoes of Dionysius are a pearl not only of this northern region, but of all Russian art of the 15th-16th centuries.

You can go further, north of Vologda - to Arkhangelsk and Malye Karely, but this is a completely different story. Our main goal is the Russian North National Park, Kirillo-Belozersky and Ferapontov monasteries, Belozersk and Vologda itself.

All the named points of the route today are trying to develop their tourist potential - somewhere this leads, alas, to a loss of authenticity, but a large number of festivals, new museum spaces, historical reconstructions, etc. appear. You can follow the calendar and timed your trip to specific events.


It is convenient to get to Vologda by rail - the night train brings you early in the morning to a cozy station, from where you can either start walking around the city right away, or, crossing the square, go further by bus. Unfortunately, the bus service in the region has decreased significantly recently. It is much easier (more economical and with more degrees of freedom) to go on a road trip, if possible.

The way "there" and "back" can be built in completely different ways, and the road itself, if desired, can be extended for several days. The trip plan "there" may look like this: Moscow - Pereslavl-Zalessky - Rostov Veliky - Yaroslavl - Vologda - Kirillov (with an overnight stay, for example, in Rostov, if you stay in the named cities, each of which deserves a separate trip, or even without overnight stays). Return: Kirillov - Cherepovets - Rybinsk - Uglich - Kalyazin - Moscow (with an overnight stay in Uglich). The first option is somewhat faster and with better road surface, but it is abundantly seasoned with settlements and policemen. The road "back" is more intimate in all respects: much deserted, narrower, more beautiful and calmer - we really liked it!

When To Go

There are unconditional delights on a winter trip: the white-stone architecture of the north looks more expressive in the snow. However, in summer there are more exhibitions, holidays and other outdoor activities and, moreover, it is noticeably warmer. The off-season (October-November and April-May) is not suitable for a trip.


The ancient Russian northern city (founded in 1147, as in Moscow) is notable for the fact that it almost became our capital in the 16th century: Ivan the Terrible wanted to move his yard to Vologda - away from the hustle and bustle and the troubles of the European part of the country. But it did not work out: during another visit to the St. Sophia Cathedral, which is being built under his personal control, a stone fell on the Tsar's head, which became the trigger for the curtailment of the project of transferring the capital. This is what the popular rumor says. Historians are still arguing about the official version of those events: the deteriorating situation in Russia or an epidemic of "pestilence" in the North.

A walk in Vologda can be divided into two parts: "ceremonial" (the Kremlin and the Spaso-Prilutsky monastery) and "home" (acquaintance with old streets, small churches and famous two-story wooden houses).

Belarusian Poozerie - a water trip to; kayaks on; Ushachsky lakes before; Polotsk

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  • Summer and vacation is the ideal period to send your child to camp, thereby saturating his vacation with vivid emotions and an unforgettable pastime. But the camps before sending your child need to be studied in advance, otherwise, instead of pleasant days of rest, you will get disappointment for life. In our article, we will highlight the main nuances of a child's rest and introduce you to the rating of the best children's camps in the Vologda region.

    Camp classification

    The current camps cannot be compared with those in which we once rested, although the "followers of the Soviet system" have also survived. The main classification of modern camps is as follows:

    • Institutions functioning at the expense of government orders. That is, most often vouchers there are free or offered for a minimum amount.
    • "Departmental" children's institutions. They belong to some enterprise and they are also financed. The program of such camps is offered by the enterprise, and most often depends on its concept, which means that children can be brought up in the so-called "corporate spirit".
    • Author's camps (they are also programmatic). Of course, any ordinary DOL can be made up under this name, but in fact these institutions have a direction to develop certain qualities in their pupils. There is a goal and everyone strives for it. This is a whole system and each participant is a cog in it, and not an outside observer.
    • Entertainment. This is a new type of camps, where the main emphasis is on fun, laughter and creative entertainment. In such places, the organizers can promise to create a super star out of your child, develop a personality through youth cultures, turn into a character of your favorite movie, etc. As the saying goes, "any whim for your money."
    • Scout and travel. Tent establishments are a useful school for any person, as you can learn important skills in behavior in the natural environment. Also, important human qualities appear that temper character.

    What to do to make the trip a joy, not a stress

    Purchase vouchers in advance, allowing your child to get used to the idea of ​​the place where he is going. It is better, of course, to give the little man a choice, giving him the opportunity to choose from several establishments which he likes best.

    There are times when children are stubborn and do not feel like leaving. Here you should not press, not push, but gently conduct conversations, constantly finding advantages and advantages in the upcoming vacation. Maybe the child has some kind of hobby, and in the camp there will be an opportunity to gain even more knowledge about him, find like-minded people and hone his skills to perfection.

    Rating of the best children's camps in the Vologda region

    The Forest Fairy Tale children's camp, located 100 km from Cherepovets, is very popular. This place has already been repeatedly awarded with diplomas of the commission that organizes recreation. The "Forest Fairy Tale" is located in a beautiful pine forest, next to which the Mologa River stretches. There is no hustle and bustle of the city, and the wonderful climate helps to increase health.

    Children are accepted from 6.5 years old to 16 years old. There are special profile shifts for ages 16 and 18. The total capacity of the camp reaches 600 people per shift. Accommodation is provided in 2 and 3-storey comfortable buildings, equipped rooms are designed for 4-6 beds. The entire territory is strictly guarded.

    Ushachskaya group of lakes is the most fascinating and most beautiful of the lake groups of Poozerie. These lakes are not inferior in their beauty, and possibly prevail over such well-known lake groups as Braslav Lakes and Blue Lakes. We propose to go through almost all the lakes, which are connected by channels, rivers, and end the trip in the famous Belarusian city of Polotsk.

    "We are residents of Vologda!" - in this short phrase, pride and strength, beauty and greatness sound. How to become a real Vologda citizen? Carefully study the city, get acquainted with its history and architecture, find answers to important questions. Only those who complete this difficult path will receive the honorary title "Young Vologda".

    duration: 4 hours age: grades 1-4 subjects: the world around, origins.

    We invite schoolchildren on a tour of the extraordinarily beautiful city of Vologda, where history and modernity are tightly intertwined with the magic lace of local craftsmen. The children will get acquainted with world-famous folk crafts, solve the tasks of the "lace" quest and take part in fascinating master classes.

    duration: 5 hours age: 5-9 grades subjects: world around, origins, history, fine arts, technology, career guidance

    During the excursion, schoolchildren will learn a lot of new and interesting things from the life of Vologda in the pre-revolutionary era, get acquainted with the rich heritage of wooden urban architecture and touch the world of the northern village, the traditions of their ancestors, the origins of the culture and mentality of the Russian people

    duration: 6 hours age: 7-11 grades subjects: the world around, literary reading, literature

    Vologda If you have a dream, it will warm your heart, support and give strength on the way to the goal. A dream always fills a person's life with meaning, inspires him and gives him lightness. It's good to dream! After all, only inspired people are capable of doing great things!

    duration: 4 hours age: grades 2-7 subjects: world around, history, origins, technology

    Flights not in a dream, but in reality, sea travel, space - these topics have haunted travelers and romantics for many years. We invite you to a thematic excursion about the talented aircraft designers and heroic pilots for whom the Vologda region is famous.

    duration: 7 hours age: 1-11 grades subjects: the world around, history, astronomy, physical education, career guidance

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