Holidays with children in Turkey: where to go, what to watch, which beach to swim on

Personal experience: how I vacationed in Turkey during a pandemic

Turkey is currently the only foreign country where Russian tourists can have an inexpensive and high-quality vacation in the era of a pandemic. Entry conditions are constantly changing, but this does not create big problems for our travelers.

Today the borders of Turkey are open to tourists from Russia. But to enter the country, you will need to pass a PCR test and provide a certificate in English when boarding a plane.

There is no doubt that the summer season in 2021 will take place. The current restrictions were introduced only with the aim of reducing the incidence rates with minimal losses for the tourism business. Even the curfew introduced in the country in December did not apply to resort areas where foreign tourists rested. It is obvious that the country's leadership will not build unnecessary barriers for tourists from Russia, who are, by and large, severely limited in their choice.

Experts believe that in the 2021 season, one should not count on the opening of all hotels. But there will be much more of them, since everyone will have time to calmly prepare for the arrival of vacationers and prepare the territory. At the same time, prices for holidays in Turkey will rise by 10-15%.

Number of cases

Current COVID data in Turkey

Turkey experienced the peak of the second wave in mid-December. There is a positive trend now. The numbers are close to what they were in the spring of 2020. There is little doubt that by the start of the high season, the virus will be stopped, at least on paper and in statistics. The tourism sector of Turkey will not survive the second lockdown.

Turkey PCR Test Requirements

From January 1, 2021, to enter the country, you must present a certificate in English with a negative coronavirus test. Children under 6 years old do not need a certificate. It has already been officially announced that this procedure will be in effect until March 1, 2021, with the possibility of extending until April 1, when the tourist season will officially open in Turkey.

Due to the spread of the British strain, Turkey will not refuse to present a negative coronavirus test anytime soon.

The test must be submitted no later than 72 hours before entering Turkey. Passengers without a certificate will not be allowed on board the aircraft. There is no talk about "medical passports" with a stamp on vaccination, but such a scenario is possible by the summer.

As a matter of urgency, the PCR test can be passed in the following ways:

Coronavirus situation in Turkey

Turkey has long attracted family tourists with reasonable prices, high level of service and an all-inclusive system. But the choice of family resorts is not that rich, considering the age and interests of the child.

It's no secret that with children it is better to relax in resorts with wide sandy beaches and in hotels with a large territory, as well as a high level of service.

In Turkey, the following family resorts fall under this description:


  • almost all 5 * hotels in Belek offer:
    • children's restaurants
    • special meals
    • cots in the rooms; <
  • gentle entrance to the sea;
  • sandy beach;
  • short transfer (30 minutes) from Antalya airport;

  • high cost of tours

If finances permit, then feel free to choose any hotel in Belek from the ones listed below. Many of them are fully adapted even for babies. Special meals, restaurant chairs, blenders and food warmers await them

A special restaurant has been created in Papillon Belvil 5 *, where a child can pick his own food and watch cartoons while eating.

All beaches in Belek are sandy with a gentle entrance to the sea. They are so clean that in some fenced off areas, sea turtles lay their eggs. There are no hedgehogs or jellyfish here. A pine forest approaches the coastal zone, creating a unique healing microclimate.

The season in Belek lasts from late May to early October. Sea water warms up from 24 to 27 degrees Celsius, and the air temperature fluctuates between 30-38 degrees during the day and 20 degrees at night.

Statistics of cases at 16.2.021. Requirements for the PCR test. Restrictions in hotels. Forecast for summer 2021. Prices and recommendations for the purchase of tours.

Active holidays in Turkey is one of the most popular tourism destinations in this country. It can be perfectly combined with sightseeing and beach visits. Turkey offers many types of outdoor activities. For such a trip, you should choose certain resorts and hotels.

Activities in Turkey

Active holidays in Turkey are quite diverse. Depending on personal preference, you can conquer almost any element.

Ski holidays

Unlike Europe, skiing in Turkey is much cheaper. Here you can find slopes for various skill levels, but for the most part, this kind of vacation is aimed at amateurs.


This is one of the most popular types of active tourism. Turkey has the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts for diving. The water here is quite transparent, and the absence of corals is compensated by other marine life and flora, the ruins of ancient cities, sunken ships and even military planes.

The price of a dive often includes a boat trip and lunch. Equipment can be rented or purchased.

An international level certificate is required for diving. You can get it after training at the diving center.

Rafting, Yachting and Fishing

Rafting is called rafting on mountain rivers. In Turkey, such a sport is quite developed, and for a long time - back in 1993, the World Rafting Championship was held here. You can raft by canoe, raft, inflatable boat.

Yacht trips are available in almost all Turkish resorts. Yachting allows you to explore a lot of sights, swim in the open sea or go fishing. You can rent a yacht of any class or order a whole yacht tour - it can last as long as several hours or days.

Fishing in Turkey is a special entertainment. It should be dealt with not from the shore, but in the open sea. You can get into it not only on a yacht, but also on a motor boat. For the best catch from land, you should retire a few kilometers. The caught fish can be cooked on the spot - on your own or with the help of a specialist.

Masks, revamped buffet and no foam parties.

Travels a lot and writes about this on the Howtrip website. u.

At the beginning of September I flew to Turkey - to the city of Side. I am telling you how you relax at the sea in difficult times, when holidaymakers apply to disinfectants more often than to the bar, and do not breathe in each other's backs at the buffet.


You can fly to Turkey on your own or by tour from six cities of the Russian Federation: from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan, Kaliningrad and Novosibirsk. Turkey does not require any certificates and tests from arrivals.

Photo: Irina Salamakhina

In the very process of the flight (I went on an AZUR air charter), there is little that is new. At the entrance to the salon you will receive a disinfectant napkin.

Of the gastronomic component, one has to be content with only tea, coffee or water - they do not feed on charters to Turkey now.

Before you arrive, fill out the Passenger Information Form (bring a pen with you), where the host country's ministry of health asks for your plane seat number, hotel address, and cold symptoms.

The entire crew on board wears masks, passengers at their discretion. On the speakerphone they remind: "Do not take off the mask during the whole flight!" But after the words about the need to maintain a social distance of 1.5 meters in a Boeing packed to overflowing with 500 people, this only causes a grin.

Holidays in Turkey with children is one of the most common options for a budget vacation. In this country there is entertainment for both young people and families with babies.

The main thing is to study the resort and hotel where you are going in advance, so that there are no noisy discos and clubs nearby, and beaches and water parks are within easy reach.

Benefits of a holiday in Turkey

When choosing a place to relax with a family, many prefer the part of the country that is located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

The advantages of going here are as follows:

  • Cheap and fast flight.
  • Simplified visa processing.
  • Developed tourist infrastructure.
  • Large number of direct charter flights.
  • Warm and clean sea.
  • Resorts are close to airports.
  • Many beaches have a blue flag.
  • The hotels have an all-inclusive system.
  • A lot of hotels that are focused on organizing family vacations with small children.
  • The staff communicates with tourists in Russian.
  • Many exciting excursions.

In the minds of our compatriots, this country has been strongly associated with family vacations for many years. For "all inclusive" a child is always not a problem to feed, and local animators, who are even in the cheapest hotel, are able to organize the leisure of any company.

It is interesting to go here with older children to visit huge Istanbul, feeling the spirit of an eastern city. Go to the excavations of ancient cities. Go to national parks where you can go down mountain rivers by kayak.

In terms of family recreation, this country attracts with a large number of water parks, dolphinariums, entertainment shows, children's performances.


Among the best places to stay in this country, little ones are attracted by the hotels in Turkey with a water park.

Rixos Premium Tekirova Hotel

5 star hotel in Kemer. The hotel's residential buildings are located at the foot of the Taurus Mountains.

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