Holidays in Greece: where is better with children

How to choose a hotel and resort in Greece for a holiday with a child

You have most likely already heard about the amazing landscapes and mild climate of this fabulous country, about the hospitality of the inhabitants and the mysterious world of myths and legends that surrounds you here, and that is why you have chosen it as your place of rest. But which of the Greek resorts to choose for a vacation with toddlers or older children? Which hotel do you prefer?

First of all, you should define for yourself what you want to get from the resort. There are many questions that concern you, which, as a rule, arise when choosing a resort and hotel: it is especially important to have infrastructure for children, food, distance to the beach, the beach itself. It is worth paying attention to the territory of the hotel and the resort itself - is there where to walk, where to spend time besides the beach. Of course, when choosing a resort and hotel, one of the main factors is the age of the children: even if you travel to Greece every year, most likely, you will have to change your "place of residence" in this country almost every year - depending on their changing needs in rest.

If for the little ones you personally select a suitable resort and hotel, then it is better to consult with a teenager - maybe he has some preferences. It is unlikely that you will want to look at his displeased face during the whole vacation just because he would like, for example, that there was some sports club nearby or this or that attraction that he dreamed of seeing.

If the child is between years old

Select a Resort

For kids under 3 years old, it is probably the easiest way to find a resort: the main thing for them is that the beach has soft sand, the sea is warmer and a place for "walking". It will be better for you and your children if you choose a resort somewhere in the bay or bay - there it is more likely that during your vacation you will not have to sit out in your room with windy weather with waves.

Choosing a hotel should be taken seriously. It is best to choose a family hotel or bungalow, where you can be sure that you will be provided with everything you need: a cot in your room, a games room, babysitting services, and so on. For example, in Greece there are many hotels that take part in the “Mom and Baby” program, which means that they are trying to create the most comfortable conditions for such children.


Many young parents vacationing in Greece with babies up to three years old recommend choosing Crete or Rhodes.

One of the very first family hotels opened in Rhodes, and still one of the most demanded, is Esperides Beach 4 *, located in Faliraki. For toddlers there is a fresh water pool and a playground. Children are entertained by wonderful animators, including Russians. However, some consider the hotel somewhat noisy.

A small hotel Faliraki Beach 4 * is located at the same resort - it participates in the "Mom and Baby" project. The hotel is a luxurious sandy beach with a very shallow entrance to the sea, a cozy green area around, as well as everything that a baby may like and need: upon request, you will be provided with a baby cot, for an additional fee - babysitting services, high baby chairs are provided in the restaurant, children's menu, there is also a playground, animation programs are held. And parents will have something to do here: tennis courts, billiards, basketball and volleyball courts, a sauna, a fitness center - these are just a small part of the entertainment.

Aldemar hotels collect good reviews. They also have everything for little guests - from baby cots and an excellent menu to the cleanest sea and beautiful territory. True, the beaches in the town of Kallithea, where these hotels are located, are mixed - sand and pebbles. Among other things, they will be pleasantly surprised by the gifts for children that the hotel gives upon check-in.

How to choose a hotel and resort in Greece for a holiday with a child

More and more travelers planning to go on vacation with the whole family are wondering where is the best vacation with children in Greece. The popularity of the resorts of Southern Europe is fully justified. Clean beaches, as well as an abundance of entertainment and attractions, encourage guests of the country to come back here again. It only remains to decide where to go.

Benefits of Greek Resorts

The nature of Greece is known for its extraordinary beauty. In addition, vacation in this country has the following advantages:

in the heat, you can walk along shady paths covered with tree crowns;

hospitable Greeks professing the Orthodox religion;

no infectious diseases common among children;

it is easy to find a person among the hotel staff who speaks fluent Russian;

no criminal gangs;

a short flight that allows you to organize a vacation with children of any age;

you can choose a convenient meal option: breakfast, half board or all inclusive;

there are children's entertainment on the territory of hotels and beaches;

How to choose a hotel and resort in Greece for a vacation with a child About the amazing landscapes and mild climate of this fabulous country, about the hospitality of the inhabitants and the mysterious world of myths and legends,

Those parents who want to relax with their children at sea should go to Greece. It will be inexpensive, despite the fact that the conditions for a family vacation in this country are more than suitable. Now, it is only worth making out point by point what a vacation in Greece is: where is it better to relax in this country with children?

If the family is mainly focused on beach and sea holidays, then the Greek islands would be a good choice. Those who are attracted mainly by the cultural program should turn their eyes to the mainland of the country. As a rule, the island of Crete is the leader in terms of the number of tourists.

The best time to relax on this island is late summer and early autumn. The disadvantage of this period, however, will be high prices. Those wishing to save money should visit Crete in late spring and early summer. Prices at this time will be low, but the temperature of the coastal waters is not always comfortable. This can be partially compensated by staying at a hotel with its own water park.

Crete is quite interesting in April - prices, again, are very democratic, the air temperature is comfortable, but the whole island is covered with flowering trees, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

July is hot, but September attracts with wonderful weather, abundance of fruits, and calm warm sea. Roughly the same can be said about the first half of October, when the weather is still comfortable. But prices during this period are already noticeably lower than in August – September. The advantage of Crete is a wide selection of hotels and apartments for every taste and budget.

Attractions of Crete

The best place to enjoy a seaside holiday is Elafonisi Beach, glorious with its pink sand. After splashing in the water and basking in the sun, you can go to the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion. You should definitely visit the city of Knossos, dating back to the era of the Trojan War - the impressions will be the strongest.


This place will be of interest mainly to fans of leisurely secluded relaxation. The abundance of coniferous forests makes the air very fresh and fragrant. The landscapes are extraordinarily picturesque and the service is very high.

The landscapes here are some of the best in the whole country, which is greatly facilitated by the abundance of various bays and coves surrounded by thickets of olive and pine trees.

As for the beaches, they correspond to the service and are clean. The size of hotels varies widely, ranging from small cozy hotels to whole complexes.

Perhaps the best hotel in Sithonia is the Blue Dolphin, focused specifically on family vacations. In addition to the corresponding rooms, breakfasts and dinners are offered here, and for children there are playgrounds and entertainment programs.

Children's camps in Greece are considered one of the best in Southern Europe. This is due to the favorable Mediterranean climate, gentle sea and the unique atmosphere of antiquity that reigns here and gives the Greek resorts a special appeal. For children who did not have time to properly bask in the sun before the onset of cold weather and whose parents are already planning where to go in the summer in 2019, we offer a selection of the best vacation options in Greece.

Children's camps in Greece: features and benefits

Greece - the cradle of ancient civilization - has a unique geographical location and relief. The main part of the state's territory is located on the Balkan Peninsula. It is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by warm and humid winters, as well as hot and dry summers with an average temperature of + 27 ° C.

Greece is a popular tourist destination, so the level of service and resort infrastructure are well developed here. The country has a large selection of children's camps with different bias, which allows parents to choose the best option for the price and services provided. Their main advantages:

  • healthy and balanced meals;
  • exciting excursions;
  • accommodation in comfortable conditions;
  • additional developmental programs (master classes, language courses, circles, etc.);
  • active entertainment;
  • sports;
  • daily activities;
  • guarding the camp territory;
  • professional teachers with many years of experience.

But the biggest plus of resting in children's camps in Greece is the warm sea, clean beach and new friends from all over the world!

Types of Greek camps

Greece has a large selection of theme camps for children, teenagers and families. Each of them has its own characteristics and advantages. They can be conditionally divided into categories according to the type of activity, programs and areas. Depending on the interests and wishes of the child, you can purchase a ticket to the camp:

  • creative ;
  • language ;
  • sports ;
  • wellness.

In Greece there is an opportunity not only to swim and make new friends, but also to improve or improve English, prepare for competitions or develop creativity.

Best Children's Camps in Greece

If you want your little one not only to bask in the sun, but also to spend the holidays with benefit, we have prepared for you a selection, which presents the best children's camps in Greece for the summer of 2019.

Greece is a great option for families with children at affordable prices. that country is distinguished by a mild climate, an abundance of parks and attractions, and a flight to Greece will not tire even a restless child.

How to get to Greece with children?

The best way to get to Greece is to buy a plane ticket. Several planes fly to Athens every day from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Aegean Airlines, Ellinair, Aeroflot offer their services. Flight time is 3.5-4 hours from the capital. You can choose a flight for the morning time - 05:20 and be in Greece by 07:30, lunchtime and also in the evening - until 19:15.

The cost of an economy class ticket is from 3,400 rubles, in low season tickets are cheaper. From St. Petersburg the flight to Greece takes 3 hours 45 minutes from Pulkovo. Tickets will cost 6,300 rubles. There are flights not only to Athens, but also directly to the islands - it will be more expensive, but an order of magnitude more convenient and faster than travel with a transfer.

When is the best time to go to Greece with a child?

Having made a decision to travel to Greece with children, you should be especially careful when choosing the time for travel. It is difficult for a child to endure the heat, which in summer is a habitual phenomenon for the Greek islands. Reviews of tourists indicate that the best months to visit the local resorts are:

  • September is ideal to have a rest from its beginning to the middle of the month, when the stuffiness has already subsided, but the sea remains fabulously warm;
  • June - it is better to go in the middle of the month, when the water in the sea warms up, however, at this time a large number of tourists come to the resorts - it becomes crowded;
  • October - the beginning of the month is often suitable for a comfortable stay, but you need to look at the weather forecast for the current year - sometimes there are rains, and the thermometer drops below normal.

You can go to Greece in the summer, but it will be quite hot, for a small child such a vacation is definitely not suitable, but teenagers will be satisfied, because it is during the high season that all the attractions and entertainment of the country work. But consider the end of May for a trip - the sea has not yet had time to warm up enough.

The best places in Greece for families with children

Greece with children is a lot of entertainment, comfortable hotels, beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea, a friendly attitude towards kids and excellent service. The child will not be bored: this country is in demand among our compatriots, so many children of all ages rest in hotels. You can travel with your child to one of the fabulous resorts in Greece:

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