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Organization and conduct of tourist trips as a business. How to organize your own travel club.

In recent years, tourism has begun to actively develop in our country, no one can be surprised by the sunny beaches of Turkey and Egypt with "All inclusive", now more and more people tired of the city bustle and the modern pace of life are striving to conquer the mountain peaks, live in the wild in the forest or raft along the river.

As they say, demand generates supply, such services are now offered by various tourist clubs, if earlier under the Soviet Union such organizations were created on a voluntary basis without commercial interest, now it is a full-fledged business, in some cases quite profitable.

Judge for yourself, if a beginner without preparation and equipment wants to conquer, say, the mountain peak of the Caucasus Elbrus, he does not have to buy a bunch of professional equipment, undergo training, draw up a route, he can simply use the services of a tourist club, where he will provide equipment for rent, organize climbing in a group with an experienced instructor, and ensure safety. Such an ascent for a beginner will cost about $ 500 - $ 700, and even more will be required for self-preparation and the purchase of equipment.

If you have good experience and a high category in hiking, you can still make good money on this, just find like-minded people and open a tourist club.

But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, then you need to decide what kind of tourism you will provide to clients.

Types of hiking trails

  • Overcoming rugged terrain.
  • Trekking - moving through mountainous terrain, climbing to the top.
  • Hiking is a long journey along marked routes.

Hiking can also include water trips - rafting or kayaking down the river, overcoming water obstacles.

Classification of tourist walking tours

Walking routes are classified by difficulty level: route tension, autonomy, obstacles, geographic indicators.

  • Weekend hike.
  • Hike from 1 to 3 difficulty levels.
  • Hiking with a category of difficulty (1 - 6 cat.).

Purpose of the camping trip

Hiking business

Travel and exotic tours have become increasingly popular in recent years, and rural tourism is no exception. Many city dwellers get tired of the frantic rhythm of large cities and prefer to relax away from civilization and city bustle.

That is why rural tourism is considered a promising business area. A significant plus is that to start such a project, you do not need huge investments and a large number of documents. At the same time, the usual renting of a house in any village will not bring very high profits. To increase earnings, you can create a guest estate and offer tourists turnkey services - accommodation, service, entertainment. How to properly organize the whole process, what nuances you need to know and what to expect from rural tourism, we will analyze in the article.

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  • 1 What you need to know about rural tourism
  • 2 How to start organizing
    • 2. Seat selection
    • 2. Premises and its filling
    • 2. Staff
  • 3 The legal side
  • 4 What to consider when drawing up a tourism business plan
  • 5 How to promote green tourism
  • 6 How profitable is rural business

What you need to know about rural tourism

Agricultural tourism in our country appeared not so long ago, but has already begun to gain momentum. The main idea of ​​this business is to give city dwellers an opportunity to relax in the countryside, far from the frantic pace of megalopolises and to plunge into village life, to experience the peculiarities of rural life and a healthy lifestyle in the bosom of nature.

The number of tourists in this niche is growing every year. And this is not surprising, because many of those who from birth live in the city and are accustomed to the comfort of the urban jungle have never seen how carrots grow or how cows are milked. What is common for a rural dweller may be exotic and even extreme for a city dweller.

At the same time, for most tourists, one of the main criteria for choosing a place to stay is comfortable living conditions. This should be taken into account when starting the arrangement of housing for future guests. An authentic atmosphere with water from a well, a hayloft, lack of electricity and other benefits of civilization can attract lovers of such a variety, but most will not want to experience an overly harsh living environment. Therefore, you need to think in advance how to properly equip your guest house.

Ideally, if the guest estate will be located in a separate building. If this is not possible, then take care of at least a separate entrance for tourists. The same goes for the amenities. Few people want to live in a house where there is no hot shower and the toilet is outside. Plumbing, sewerage and electricity are required.

In addition to communications, the house must also be furnished with all the necessary furniture, tools and kitchen appliances. It is not necessary to purchase the entire range of kitchen utensils, but the presence of a kettle, refrigerator, stove and microwave is a mandatory minimum. The same goes for the washing machine. If your tourists are staying for more than a couple of days, you will definitely need it.

A business with children as its clients will bring a lot of positive emotions. But this is also a very promising direction, because in order to meet the needs of the child, parents are often ready to deny themselves the essentials.

During periods of crisis, purchasing power is significantly reduced and the level of sales falls. It is easier to understand these phenomena by the example of one family. With a decrease in the level of income, needs are revised, and the money earned is spent only on the most necessary things. But there is a very interesting deviation from this rule - in all circumstances, parents do not skimp on the needs of their children. They make unthinkable sacrifices, limit themselves in everything for the sake of being able to provide the child with quality products and things, toys that bring joy, education and entertainment to the kids.

A business selling goods for children or providing services to young clients is doomed to success, because meeting the needs of the child is the top priority for parents. It doesn't matter how things are in the economic situation, in which settlement you live, what is the situation with competition in your chosen field. The demand for any goods and services related to children is very high and will grow. Even in a small town with low customer demand and high competition among children's stores, you can succeed by creating another one.

In practice, there are very few worthy competitors in the market of children's goods and services. Here a widespread stereotype is triggered: "There are already 2 children's stores in our city, I will not be able to entice customers." But in this situation, it is worth not counting potential competitors, but studying the needs of potential customers. You will be amazed at how poorly the services are provided in this area and how acutely there is a shortage of quality goods for children. Parents' complaints about the lack of the most necessary things for the child or the terrible service in the provision of services or their banal absence are heard literally at every step. This is a free niche, and you can start to master it without the slightest hesitation.

It is worth paying close attention to the parents as well. They are also consumers in the children's business category. Now there is a huge demand for "Courses for young parents", any services in the direction of helping mothers. When starting your search for an idea, study the needs of your immediate environment. You will see that even in the circle of your acquaintances, you can create a business that will become a gold mine, because these services or goods are really needed.

We bring to your attention a few ideas that have not been implemented at all in our country at the moment, but have great potential.

Tourism for children

Now there is a clear shortage of children's camps, tourist routes for various age groups and companies that organize children's trips, trips to interesting sights, and entertainment complexes. Children spend their holidays either with their grandparents, or go to resorts with their parents. But communication with peers, the opportunity to try an independent life and relax in accordance with the interests characteristic of a certain age is very important.

Create an organization specializing in children's tourism. It's a big responsibility, but you can start small. For example, you can offer partnerships to sports clubs that train children. Come up with interesting hiking routes to local attractions or beautiful natural parks.

Children's car rental

So, I present a cool business idea: opening a commercial tourist club.

The first thing to do is to hire professional ex-tourists. It will not be difficult, since in every city there are several dozen, and sometimes even thousands of such nature and travel lovers. Secondly, having coordinated the routes and equipment with them, we prepare the material base. We buy tents, sleeping bags, bowlers and everything that you might need on a hike.

We obtain the necessary permits from foresters and gamekeepers. Of course, we legalize ourselves at the tax authorities and all the necessary authorities. Forgive me, I did not study in detail all the necessary permits, but for some reason I am sure that there should not be any insoluble difficulties.

We create an advertising site on which we describe the beauty of life on a camping trip. We describe in detail our services and routes. We post on the site photos of places where groups gather, and photos of all equipment. In general, we try to spark the interest of our future clients. In addition to the Internet, of course, you can resort to other advertising methods if we expect to receive tourists from our city.

We recruit groups from 5 to 12 people. These can be only adults, or mixed, and can only be children's groups. It is compulsory to send two guides to children's groups. Usually one experienced tourist guide comes with each group.

During the hike, do not drink alcoholic beverages (to use a liquid antidepressant, it is better to go to a quiet boarding house).

Each tourist is obliged to follow the group's daily routine. It contains a schedule of shifts in the kitchen, collecting firewood and cleaning the dishes after meals.

Every tourist is obliged to carry a backpack behind his back, no matter how much money he has. The purpose of the travel club is to give clients the opportunity to experience all the hardships and joys of a hiking trip. The recommended routes in Ukraine are the Crimean Mountains and the evergreen Carpathians.


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Before creating a business plan for a travel agency, it is necessary to clearly identify the direction of activity. Tourism services can be as follows: mass with a full list of services; specialized (children's, extreme or ecotourism), local. Information - the cream of knowledge and experience of the travel industry - will help to take its rightful place in the market.

Content of the article:

The tourist business is tempting for businessmen for the following reasons:

  • low initial investment;
  • increasing demand for travel agency services;
  • high profitability;
  • small payback period.

A significant flaw in such a business is a lot of market competition. By developing a competitive edge, you will be able to bypass the existing players.

Travel agency services

The main activities of your travel agency:

  • international tourism;
  • travel in Russia;
  • out-of-town trips.

The main directions of human travel are presented in the following graph:

Your company can offer clients all kinds of services in the field of tourism and recreation:

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