Hiking or hiking is an active recreation that involves crossing a planned route over rough terrain with overcoming local obstacles.

Usually, when people go on their first hiking trip, they imagine an easy walk along the trail with a not heavy backpack. In fact, if we consider hiking as a sport, then it will be a rather difficult route, because for the simplest hike you will need to overcome at least 100 (one hundred) kilometers on foot, and even carry a backpack with supplies, personal belongings and tent. In this case, from time to time on your way you will come across "local obstacles".

Local obstacles - ravines, windbreak, river, mountain pass, thickets of trees. That is, your journey will take place not only along a torn path, but also along various unprepared relief. There is a whole science of how local obstacles are classified, and the fact that an ordinary tourist is green, a tourist-athlete is a joy. Since for each hiking difficulty a pedestrian tourist adds different points to the description of the route, and the more such points are scored, the more the route is appreciated among professionals.

All of the above applies to professional tourists who have chosen hiking not only as a form of recreation, but also as a sports career, since hiking is a sport. The hiking trails are categorized. They are divided by difficulty from 1 to 6, each category corresponds to a certain number of points and the length of the path.

Easy hiking routes

Hiking with a backpack and tents along the foothills of the Main Caucasian ridge. They take place on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea. They differ in easy routes. picturesque landscapes. Great for beginners. They require an average physical condition. Often the route passes through the territory of specially protected natural areas. During the trip, you visit natural parks, reserves or reserves.

But what about an ordinary person who just wants to go on a hike for the soul and relaxation. Stay in the lap of nature, listen to birdsong and walk along picturesque paths among tall grasses. Also run over local obstacles, dropping drops of sweat and longing for a halt.

No, of course, there is a whole line of routes, not difficult, long enough, which go along the path. And even if they are not particularly equipped, they do not have foreign comfortable huts or other benefits of civilization, but such routes are suitable for the first tourist experience, will make you fall in love with this charming, beautiful and romantic process - walking in the mountains. And if you choose a route that is not very long and difficult, then the backpack behind your shoulders will not be very heavy and you will comfortably go through the path, getting the most out of the trip.

By the way, hiking, if it is not sports, is usually called travel.

Hiking tourism is a type of sports tourism. The main goal is to overcome the route by a group on foot along slightly rugged terrain.

Trekking or trekking (from the English trekking) is a kind of hiking tourism, which means moving or crossing a mountainous, rough terrain. Typically, this is recreational and not sports tourism unless it is part of a mountain climbing activity. In the latter case, trekking is a transition to the base camp of climbers under the mountain. [1]

Hiking from the English "hike" (long walk, hike) is a modern phenomenon that is developed in many parts of the world. Often, hiking is a hike with recreational and educational purposes, which takes place along well-equipped and well-marked routes, which allows you to independently choose your own route, its length, complexity and content and does not require special training and escort of a guide. The greatest development in Russia, hiking as a type of tourism, received in Krasnoyarsk.


Classification of walking tours and grades [edit]

The difficulty category of the route is determined by the presence of local obstacles, the geographical indicator of the area, the autonomy of the route, the intensity of the route, etc. Depending on this, the hikes are subdivided into:

  • weekend hikes;
  • hikes of 1-3 degrees of difficulty - in youth tourism;
  • category hikes from 1 to 6 difficulty category (c. page). The first category is the simplest, requiring no special knowledge; the sixth category is the most difficult and requires special and physical training, appropriate equipment.
Classification of walking routes [2] and ranks [3] Difficulty of the route Length, not less than km Duration, not less days Category, number of trips 3 jun. young young time. time. time. MSMS (w) MS (m) 1 degree of difficulty503-412 degree of difficulty754-613 degree of difficulty1006-81I degree of difficulty13061II degree of difficulty16082III degree of difficulty190102IV degree of difficulty2201321V degree of difficulty25016111VI degree of difficulty2702024 Note:
  • tourists who have reached the age of 12 and participated in during the year in one or several hiking trips with a total duration of at least 5 days and a total length of at least 75 kilometers on foot, are awarded the "Tourist of Russia" badge;
  • jun. - youth category; time. - adult category; CCM - candidate for master of sports; MS - Master of Sports of Russia: w - women, m - men.
  • for the passage of the hike of each category of difficulty, participants must have experience of participation in hikes of the previous category of difficulty, and the leader must have experience of participation in this category, and experience in managing the hikes of the previous categories [4]. To participate in 1 room. you need to have experience of participating in weekend hikes (PVD).

Evaluation of the difficulty of the hike in terms of duration and length is indicative and not determinative. A more precise definition of the category of complexity of the route is given in "Appendix 1. Methods for categorizing the walking route" to the "Unified All-Russian Sports Classification of Tourist Routes (EVSKTM)" [5].

Interesting facts [edit]

There are thousands of kilometers of hiking trails in the world. For example, the length of the Appalachian Trail in the United States reaches 3500 km.

French travelers Alexandre & Sonia Poussin traveled through Africa without using transport, from south to north, 14,000 kilometers in 3 years and 3 months, passing South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Israel.

Equipment [edit]

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