Guide to Karelia: preparation and routes

Where to rest in Karelia

Do you know that there are 63 thousand lakes in Karelia? The "lakes ratio" of this republic is even ahead of Finland and Canada! And most importantly, the largest of the lakes is Ladoga; it is the largest body of water in Europe, in which the Akiba lives - the Ladoga ringed seal.

An amazing Karelian birch grows in Karelia, the valuable wood of which does not have tree rings.

In general, sheer miracles! And we will not only get in touch with them, but also get an incredible charge of vivacity and positive emotions, having driven around Karelia on a bicycle and going out into the waters of Ladoga on kayaks. The highlight of the program will be rock climbing on the famous Big Rocks!

Please note that this route is more difficult than our "classic" multi-trip along the Karelian Isthmus. Here, the bike mileage is longer, and the road surface in some places is a grader, which requires some skill or at least sufficient cycling experience to get around. Also, elements of hiking are waiting for us: the road from the camp to the Big Rocks is about 4 km one way (and in the evening you will have to come back!). Think about how you will cover this distance if the child gets tired :)

  • The route involves the participation of children from 9 years old.
  • If you need to rent a bike, please tell the coordinator when submitting your application. We will centrally order bike rental for all participants who need it. Bicycles can be ordered for adults with a child bike seat or for children.
  • We will have an escort car that will carry our things to the bike section.
  • Parents with children under 5 years of age (younger siblings) are strongly advised to ride a bicycle with a bicycle seat. For older children (from 9 years old), the participation should be on their own bike.

  • There are 2-4 people in the kayaks, including children.
  • All participants must be provided with life jackets.
  • About rock climbing. There will be one day that we will devote to rock climbing. Climbing is climbing up rocks with a belay.

  • In our free time we will arrange games or interesting activities.
  • We will cook in turns (on duty), helping each other.
  • Arrangement of the camp (collecting firewood, hanging an awning, etc.), we will also do everything together.
  • There will be a bath for warm washing. It will be possible to put it on the day or on those days when we arrive at the parking lot not too late.
  • We will have the most usual camp food (what it is - camp), but taking into account the fact that we will have children, we will not take "soup" bags and other "harmful", but we will take more useful products (fruits, vegetables). If you have any allergies, you must inform the coordinator before the hike.
  • If you have children under 5 years of age (younger brothers (sisters) and you want to take them in a bicycle seat), we advise you to read this article when packing up.

Daily program


Arrival + by bike Bicycle trip Kuznechnoye - Yastrebinoye Lake (18 km)

We meet at the Finlyandsky railway station in the morning, get on the train and go! For three hours spent on the train, we have already managed to get to know each other, play and have a snack. After unloading in Kuznechnoe, we sit on our bicycles. We will also get acquainted with them and memorize the rules of communication. Instructions passed, helmets put on, "space maps are tucked into the tablets". Let's go!

Business tourism from Moscow

Main impressions

Karelia is the pearl of the Russian North, one of the most picturesque regions in Russia. And the level of service and relative proximity to St. Petersburg - makes it possible to comfortably cover its most striking sights in 5 days. So why not put aside all the obstacles and doubts and go with me on this unforgettable adventure!

I'm taking over the entire organization! These are transfer, accommodation and excursions. And you just have to be surprised by the emotions and enjoy the trip. Take your soul mate, family, friends or colleagues. And if no one supports your impulse of the soul - I promise to make an interesting company. And as practice shows in my travels, tourists are always very bright and positive people. On such trips, they often make new acquaintances and then make friends for many years.

Energize and feel the energy of adventure on this amazing trip!

What will we do on the tour

This tour was created specifically in order to cover the brightest sights of South Karelia in 5 days, eat delicious traditional cuisine and be filled with the powerful energy of the northern republic - Karelia.





Moscow is the largest conglomerate with a population of over 12 million. It is included in the 10 largest cities in the world and is considered one of the most expensive capitals.

Karelia amazes with its diversity and magical nature. There are, perhaps, all types of recreation: active, extreme, family, cultural, etc. If you are just thinking about the question of where it is better to relax in Karelia, this article will help you decide.

Sanatorium rest

Although Karelia is not a resort republic, there are good sanatoriums here where you can have quality rest and medical treatment. And here are the most popular ones, according to reviews:

White Keys

This is a multi-profile resort in Petrozavodsk, 700 meters from Lake Onega. The urban location of "White Keys" removes all questions about entertainment, food and housing. At the same time, the sanatorium is located not in a concrete jungle, but in a green area. It is surrounded by forest.

The rooms include both economy and luxury. Meals - 4 times, by order from the menu. The sanatorium has everything for a quiet rest and sports, children's and adult animation works, dances are organized. And if you suddenly get bored, you can always go to Petrozavodsk: see the sights, go to the theater, to the cinema, etc.

In "White Keys", among other methods of treatment, there is a visit to the shungite room. Shungite is a prehistoric and rare mineral with healing properties. By the way, the water in the pool is also cleaned with shungite.

The minimum prices for accommodation with treatment in this sanatorium start from 2400 rubles per person per day for adults and 1900 for children. Children from 4 years of age are treated at White Klyuchi.


This sanatorium is far from Petrozavodsk: 54 km. But next to it there are as many as beautiful 2 lakes. According to visitors' reviews, "Palaces" is one of the top places where you can relax in Karelia. Its level is confident European 3 stars.

"Palaces" is a small and compact sanatorium, so you don't have to make marches from building to building. This is important for seniors and families with children. And in general, "Palaces" are designed for a quiet and family vacation, without noisy entertainment.

The sanatorium has a rather narrow profile of treatment. They treat the kidneys, genitourinary and nervous systems, as well as the heart. In your free time from recovery, you can sit in a restaurant or herbal bar, take a steam bath, rent sports equipment or play board games. On the territory of "Palaces" there is a shop with souvenirs, a children's corner, a large aquazone. Excursions are organized regularly.

I've always liked the northern nature. I am perhaps the biggest fan of Scandinavia and everything connected with it. And which region in Russia is closest to our northern neighbors? Karelia! Magic, enchanted, reserved. There is everything that I like so much: forests, lakes, swamps, rivers, waterfalls, rocks, ancient Russian architecture and Nordic severity. For my trip, I chose the winter holidays, but I will definitely return there in the summer - to look at the white nights, pick cloudberries and swim in the Ladoga and Onega lakes.

You can go to Karelia on your own. Best of all by car - you can easily get to all the main attractions and rent a house somewhere in the wilderness so that other tourists do not interfere. If you don't want to plan anything yourself, you can buy a tour or a separate excursion from a tour operator.

The only thing is that in all variants the tourist will be offered to get to Petrozavodsk or St. Petersburg himself. A standard excursion tour with food, accommodation and a transfer from Petrozavodsk for five days costs around 16,900 rubles, one-day excursions - from 4,000 rubles, an active tour (rafting with accommodation in tents and food) - four days from 8,000 rubles.

How to get there

You can start a trip across Karelia from St. Petersburg or Petrozavodsk, the capital of the republic. It will not be difficult to get to St. Petersburg from Moscow (713 km). By plane (UTair, Aeroflot, Pobeda or Ural Airlines, from 1800 rubles, 45 minutes on the way), by train (reserved seat - from 800 rubles, 7-9 hours on the way; Sapsan - from 2000 rubles, 4 hours on the way), by car along the M-10 highway (9-10 hours) or by bus (from 1200 rubles, 10-12 hours).

Traveling in Karelia most often starts in Petrozavodsk.

You can get to Petrozavodsk from Moscow (1000 km) in one day by car, by train (reserved seat from 2500 rubles, compartment from 4000 rubles, 12-14 hours on the way) or by direct flight S7 and "Victory" (from 1500 rubles, 1.5 hours on the way). There are no direct buses. Keep in mind that planes and trains leave only a few times a day, so you need to buy tickets at least two months in advance.

From St. Petersburg to Petrozavodsk you can take the Lastochka train (from 1100 rubles, 5 hours) or by bus (from 1000 rubles, 8.5 hours). It is more convenient, of course, to get there by car (430 km). You can rent a car in the Northern capital (from 1200 rubles/day, deposit - 7000 rubles), and in Petrozavodsk (from 2200 rubles/day, deposit - 10,000 rubles).

A car is suitable for a trip around Karelia, although an SUV is a more pleasant option. An asphalt road is laid mainly only near settlements and attractions - and even then in pits and potholes, if these are not federal highways.

Where to stay

Karelia is one of the most beautiful regions of Russia. The land of lakes. A country of calm northern nature. The land of masters. One large nature reserve.

Valaam is located here - a unique monastery dating back to the 15th century. On the island of Kizhi, tourists will find a unique ensemble of wooden architecture. Here the second largest flat waterfall in Europe - Kivach - carries its waters. A marble canyon and boat trips along the Ladoga skerries will add brightness to your vacation.

Rest in Karelia in 2021 is good in any season: in summer, music festivals are held here, and in winter we advise you to ride snowmobiles and go ice fishing. In short, there is where to go and what to see. And if you decide to visit these places in June-July, you will be able to observe the white nights.

The Republic of Karelia borders on Finland, this place has a rich history. Finland still has two provinces - North and South Karelia. And on the Russian side, many settlements with Finnish names have survived: Lahdenpohja, Tupega and others.

When choosing where to stay, many are considering the option of camp sites. All of them are located in stunningly beautiful locations. The nature of Karelia is amazing. Rooms - with everything you need, on the territory, as a rule, there is a bath. You will be offered excursions and various activities: fishing, hiking, rafting.

We will tell you how interesting and useful it is to organize a vacation in Karelia in 2021, so that you can see all the most important.

What to see in Karelia

reasons to go on vacation to Karelia

Take a walk in the capital of Karelia - Petrozavodsk

Visit Valaam Monastery Island

See the "eighth wonder of the world" - Kizhi

Ride a boat along the Ruskeala marble cliffs

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