Guide for parents: developmental centers for children in Sterlitamak

Guide for parents: developmental centers for children in Sterlitamak

Museum of History and Local Lore

What sights of Sterlitamak should tourists start from? The local history museum will tell about the history of this region. It is located in a solid, beautiful, solid building. About a hundred years ago, it belonged to one of the branches of the Siberian Merchant Bank. The two-storey red building with large, almost close to each other, windows framed with white molding, looks just fabulously beautiful. The museum contains several tens of thousands of rare exhibits.

The geological exposition is especially impressive for visitors. And this is not surprising, since the Ural land is a kind of jewelry box. Jasper, rock crystal, agate and many other types of semi-precious stones are presented here. The exposition also includes the famous Sterlitamak meteorite. Also interesting are exhibitions devoted to the culture, history and life of the local population, as well as the years of the Second World War.

Historic Sites and Museums

Sterlitamak Museum of History and Local Lore

Address: st. Karl Marx, 100 Phone :, Website: www. useum. u/m1175 Opening hours: Tue-Sat 10: 00-14: 00 Cost: 30-70 rubles.

The City Museum of Local Lore is located in a building of the early 20th century that once belonged to the Siberian Merchant Bank. The museum has already celebrated its centenary - it was opened in 1918.

The first exhibits of the museum were archaeological finds discovered in the vicinity of the city by Petrograd professor Alexei Petrovich Smirnov. Today in the history section you can see:

  • more than 200 items from the Levashov burial ground of the 9th century,
  • a collection of edged weapons of the early Iron Age,
  • a numismatic collection.

The samples of the region's mineralogical wealth are presented quite extensively. There is an ethnographic hall. The second floor of the museum is dedicated to the events of the Great Patriotic War.

The museum pleases with interesting photo exhibitions. One of them shows a selection of photographs of May Day demonstrations starting in 1917.

Monument to Discord

How to captivate the child, what do the Sterlitamak development centers offer, where the child's talent will be revealed and developed? The answer to these questions can be given by our selection. Read the cityopen guide. u on developmental centers, interesting sections and exciting activities in Sterlitamak.

Big Ben Language School

Address: st. Artem 70, office 3. Working hours: Mon-Fri 12: 00-20: 00 Phone: 8-917-36-33-166 VK: vk. om/club74353170 Insta: @bigben. tr

We invite children and adults to the BIG BEN language school, where you can take a free test to determine the level of English language proficiency, consultation, interview and sign up for the new academic year! Start your new school year with BIG BEN Language School!

Excellence Early Childhood Development Center

Address: 35 Ktyabrya Ave. (City Palace of Culture) Working hours: Mon-Fri 17: 00-20: 00, Sun 10: 00-13: 00. Phone: 8-917-47-16-270 VK: vk. om/club57835460 Insta: @sovershenstvo. terlitamak

The Center for Early Childhood Development "Perfection" invites children from 3 to 10 years old to take classes. We have a friendly professional team of teachers.

"Baby" - a group for the development of children from 3 years old (mini-groups of 7-10 people). An individual approach to each child.

The program is focused on the integrated development of the child and includes the expansion of concepts about the world around them, logo rhythmics, the development of fine motor skills (modeling, early drawing).

"Filippok" - the complex development of children from 4 years old (the basics of grammar ("ABVGDeyka"), "Cheerful mathematics", the basics of the world around and the visual arts). Group "Ray" for children from 5 years old (subject areas: reading and writing, mathematics, logic, English).

Where to go with your child on weekends in Sterlitamak

In Sterlitamak, the sights keep the memory of the history of imperial Russia, the civil war and, of course, the Soviet period. Founded in 1766 along the banks of the Sterli River, the city has managed to visit both the capital of Bashkiria and an “ordinary provincial town” in its history. Today it is a city of republican significance in Bashkortostan. Here tourists will find natural beauty and a variety of entertainment.

Sterlitamak: what to see this day

Once in Sterlitamak for a short time, travelers often think about what to see first. And although this city is relatively small, there are some of the most interesting places in it.

Museum of History and Local Lore

  • Address: st. Karl Marx, 100.

Those wishing to get acquainted with the ornate and difficult historical fate of Sterlitamak and its environs should first go to the local history museum. It is the oldest in the Republic of Bashkortostan - it has existed for over a century.

The exhibition contains artifacts and documents from different eras. Visitors are offered archaeological finds, coins, photographs and written documents; it is also worth paying attention to the geological collection, consisting of stones intended for handicrafts and specimens of semiprecious rocks.

National clothes and household items of the Bashkir people are demonstrated in the permanent exposition of the Museum of Local Lore. Part of the attraction is dedicated to a significant period for the whole country - the Great Patriotic War.

Sterlitamak Madrasah Nur-Al-Iman

  • Address: st. Bohdan Khmelnitsky, 73.

Discover new horizons


The School of Initial Tourism Training begins its work

Results of "Falling Leaves"

Congratulations to the teams that took the podium in the Open Championship of Sterlitamak "Listopad-2017" dedicated to the Day of Tourism and the Year of Ecology within the framework of the Open Republican Competitions in Sports Tourism:

1st place - team "Globus-1", Sterlitamak, consisting of: Mudrik Yuri, Ivanov Denis O., Smirnov Anton, Nasretdinova Zilya

2nd place - the team "Olymp-2", Sterlitamak, consisting of: Mirzagalieva Luiza, Fedorov Sergey, Nigmatullina Lilia, Valeev Ilmir

3rd place - team "Rescuer" Lyceum No. 1, Sterlitamak, consisting of: Yakupova Inna, Mulyukov Alexander, Pavlov Lev, Ivanov Denis V.

The prize-winning teams received certificates of the "Sport and Tourism" store, respectively, for 3000, 2000 and 1000 rubles, provided by the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of the Republic of Belarus and the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Republic of Belarus, medals, cups and certificates.

The organizers of the competition were the Federation of Sports Tourism of Sterlitamak (Chairman Yu. Kozlov), the Committee on Physical Culture and Sports of the Administration of Sterlitamak RB (Chairman D. Ilyov), the Regional Department for Sterlitamak and Sterlitamak district of the Federation of sports tourism of the Republic of Belarus (Chairperson S. Yamshchikova), tourist and sports club "Globus".

The protocols can be found here

The Cup of the Republic of Bashkortostan in sports tourism was held

On the first weekend of September, Sterlitamak hosted the Cup of the Republic of Bashkortostan in sports tourism in the discipline "distance-water". The strongest athletes of the republic took part in the competition. At the opening of the competition, the chairman of the Committee for Physical Culture and Sports of the city administration D. liev, leading expert-expert of the Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports of the Republic of Bashkortostan E. ymanova, the chief judge of the competition S. iven, Chairman of the Federation of Sports Tourism, Sterlitamak Yu. Kozlov. The competition took place over two days: on the first day, the participants competed in the catamaran-4, catamaran-2 and kayak classes, on the second day there was a team race. As a result of a stubborn struggle, the first place was taken by the team "DYUSSH 28-Dervish" from Ufa, the second place was taken by the team "Globus-1" in Sterlitamak, the third place was taken by the team "Globus-2" in Sterlitamak. Participants of the competition fulfilled the standards of candidates for master of sports and 1-3 sports categories. Congratulations to the winners and prize-winners of the competition!

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