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Top 10 resorts for families with children

In this review, we collect information about ecological trails and trails for the disabled. The most important center of German and world tourism Heidelberg (Heidelberg) has the richest experience (technical, transport and architectural planning). We recommend you just go there to see everything on the spot. One of the largest and most successful PEA centers in the world is located in Heidelberg, where people with disabilities receive professions and full social adaptation. The system of urban transport in German cities has not just "places for the disabled", but special elevators at the doors of buses, signal buttons, the whole city and suburbs are saturated with ramps, all tourist facilities are available for people with disabilities. Even those who are almost completely paralyzed (for example, with the mobility of only one hand) on the streets of Heidelberg often travel independently, taking photographs and developing their knowledge. It is possible to list for a long time, but it is better to study the experience of this leader of the tourism, excursion and exhibition industry on a special trip through one of the German or international foundations.

Of the resorts of the post-Soviet space, tourism and sports for the disabled are best organized in the cities of Yevpatoria and Saki, both for children and adults.

a group of completely blind Crimeans on a winter walk along the military training ground, before sledding and snowboarding

Dolphin therapy and hippotherapy (therapeutic use of horse riding) developed in the Crimea are a good addition. Crimea has a variety of conditions and good and long-standing, sometimes century-old traditions of outdoor activities and mountain tourism for the blind, hard of hearing, wheelchair users and other categories of disabled people. For example, here is a video on teaching people completely deprived of their organs of vision, sledding with voice control.

Next, we invite everyone to share information in the comments. We will build up materials for our countries as well.

A specially equipped trail for people with disabilities has been opened in the natural reserve "Vorobyovy Gory" in the west of Moscow, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Moscow Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection.

“A wheelchair track with brightly colored handrails has been laid, ramps to gazebos have been arranged. A stand with animal footprints and an exposition "Trunks of trees" are supplied with Braille, a special toilet cubicle for disabled people has been installed, and information signs that the ecological trail is a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities have been installed, "the message says.

This trail was equipped on the basis of the ecological trail "On the terraces of the Sparrow Hills", which appeared in the park back in 2007.

This year, excursions along the new eco-trail will be visited by about 1.5 thousand people from city centers of social services for the population, orphanages, centers for social assistance to families and children, centers of social rehabilitation for disabled children.

Braille. f "was established on the basis of a production holding, founded in 2004. Since 2005, we have been successfully specializing in the development, production, installation of tactile information signs of adaptation for people with limited mobility.

In 2008, the company developed and manufactured the entrance door marking, which is used today by all state. institutions, shops, enterprises, cultural objects and social. everyday life. These markings include the so-called neon circle on the door and a strip of fluorescent film for the stairs, which allows them to be seen even in the dark.

At the moment, Braille. f "acquired the latest equipment and expanded the range of products, which makes it possible to deal with the complex design of various objects for the adaptation of visually impaired and blind people under the" Accessible Environment "program in accordance with the decree of the government of the Russian Federation of 17. 3. 011 No. 175" On the state program of the Russian Federation "Accessible Wednesday "for 2011-2015".

Green Way


Greek island with clean sea, beautiful nature and hospitable people. The best time for families with children is the end of August and the beginning of September. The sea at this time is the warmest, the heat subsides and a lot of fruits ripen.

In Corfu, many hotels are family-oriented. They offer a children's menu, children's rooms, playrooms, playgrounds, swimming pools, animators. Accommodation in the hotel will cost from 20 euros for budget rooms, in a good 4 and 5-star hotel - from 80 euros per day.

The beaches on the island are clean, well-groomed, marked with the Blue Flag for their cleanliness, there are sandy and pebbly ones. Everywhere there is a convenient entrance to the sea and a gentle bottom, there is the necessary beach infrastructure and water activities.

Of the entertainment for children, we can mention the largest water park on the island of Aqualand, the Hydropolis complex, and the Sidari water park. There are such entertainments as go-karting, bowling, paintball. You can ride a boat with a transparent bottom and observe the underwater world, go to the seashell museum.

The disadvantage of resting on the island is the presence of mosquitoes in the warm season.


Bulgarian resort on the Black Sea. This is an ideal resort for a low-cost holiday with children. There are many hotels here from 25 euros per day, in a five-star hotel the cost will be from 45 euros.

The beach of Nessebar is clean, free, comfortable. There are volleyball courts, water sports. All hotels have family rooms, childcare facilities, playgrounds and rooms.

The city has built the Aqua Paradise water park with numerous attractions, playgrounds and gardens, for the little ones there is a children's castle with corners of interest, a puppet theater, a swimming pool and animators.

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