Found 285 vacancies

Found 37 vacancies

Leader, Animator, Club Leader, Sports Instructor, Choreo

additional information on the results from p.

Responsibilities Organization of recreation, leisure, accommodation and meals for a children's temporary team

Requirements Age 18+. Work experience at least 1 shift. Availability of a medical record, police clearance certificate and PCR analysis (not earlier than 3 days before arrival)

Working conditions Accommodation and meals at the employer's expense. Payment at the end of the contract, or within the time frame established by law.

Salary additional information based on interview results

Change from 10.0 to 30.0 0 from 02.1.0 to 22.1.0 from 24.1.0 to 14.2.0

Counselor, Photographer, Animator, CHOREOGRAPH, Host, Leaders

salary for counselors - 14t/month, for sports and cu.

Responsibilities Leader, Photographer, Animator, CHOREOGRAPH, Host, Head of Hand made studio; Sport. instructor in the following areas: Football, Basketball, Table Tennis

Requirements Compliance with the requirements set by the camp administration, interaction with children during the shift. Lack of tattoos, bad habits, experience with children, the ability to build communication with children and charge with positive energy!

Active And Passive Rest


6000 rub. per shift. Bonus based on the result.

Responsibilities - Supervising and caring for children, - conducting master classes, detachment events and games, - participating in a camp program

Requirements - Experience in working with children, - Certificate of the school of counselors or diploma of ped. education

Working conditions Full time.

Salary 6000 rub. per shift. Bonuses based on work results

Senior counselor (Leader)

Salary - 16,000 rubles./change (10 days)

Responsibilities Leadership of counselors and masters Drawing up a daily schedule Scheduling classes, according to a pre-prepared plan-grid Control of all aspects of the life of the detachments

Requirements Higher education Experience in a similar position is required

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Leader, Kruzhkod, DJ, Fizruk

Responsibilities Working with Children

Requirements Responsibility, sociability, attention to children, experience with children

Working conditions Official employment, social. package

Salary from 3,000 rubles/week

DJ, Sound Engineer

RUB 10,000 per shift 21 days

Responsibilities Sounding of camp events, holding discos

Requirements work experience is required, ear for music.

Working conditions Official employment, meals and accommodation provided, 1 day off per week, plus shift


from 1000 rubles. payments by agreement (by.

Responsibilities Accompanying children on the train to the camp and back

Requirements - Over 18 years old; - Certificate of no criminal record; - Honey. book.

Working conditions - accommodation at the expense of the organization - transfer to the camp and back at the expense of the organization - 3 meals a day at the expense of the organization

Salary from 1000 rubles. payments by agreement (specify details)

Leader, Kruzhkovod

Responsibilities - Working with children as a counselor

Requirements - Responsibility, - Sociability, - Attentive attitude to children, - Experience with children

Working conditions - accommodation at the expense of the organization - transfer to the camp and back at the expense of the organization - 5 meals a day at the expense of the organization


Responsibilities - Caring for and supervising the children of the squad while they are in the camp, as well as outside during hikes and competitions; - Organization of free collective and creative activities of the detachment; - Organization of preparation for camp activities. - Timely identification and resolution of conflict situations in the detachment; - Control and observance in the unit of sanitary and hygienic requirements and the current daily routine.

Requirements Work experience from 2 shifts in children's camps.

Working conditions Accommodation in the camp in rooms with private facilities. Meals - buffet.

Salary 16000 per shift 12 days

Shift from 31.5. 0 to 14.6 0 from 16.6.0 to 29.6. 0


Interview Responsibilities

Requirements From 18 to 30 years old, citizens of the Russian Federation, no criminal record, no bad habits, ready to study at the School of Leaders at the camp, experience of working with children is encouraged

Working conditions based on interview results


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