Forum "Living Inclusive Practices"

What Happens in Disabled Tourism

On September 22-24, Samara hosted the Federal Forum "Living Inclusive Practices", organized by the Youth Interregional Public Organization "Inclusive Resource Center". The Forum was attended by 1000 people from 60 regions of Russia.

What did the participants manage in three days?

And it all took place online! This format is unique in that people with even the most severe disabilities will be able to participate in the Federal event.

Interestingly, the Forum was originally planned to be held in an offline format, in the historical part of the city of Samara with various excursions, participants' trips, exhibitions and networking sites. However, due to the current sanitary and epidemiological situation in the country and the Samara region in particular, the Forum acquired a remote character.

The Federal Forum "Living Inclusive Practices" has become a key event of the project "Center for the Development of Inclusion of Russian Regions", which is being implemented with the funds of a presidential grant. The co-organizer of the Forum is the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, which included the leading inclusive platform Wings of Opportunity in the Forum program.

At the start of the forum, the head of the city district of Samara Elena Vladimirovna Lapushkina and the general director of the Presidential Grants Fund Ilya Chukalin addressed the participants. In their messages, they emphasized the importance of such events and the importance of the work of activists of the inclusive movement, who are not afraid of difficulties and devote all their efforts to caring for those who need support.

All participants were divided into five thematic areas: INC: ACTIVE, INC: TOURISM, INC: DANCES, INC: THEATER, INC: MEDIA. Each direction is unique in its educational program.

head of the inclusive resource center "No_Borders", program director of the All-Russian project "Wings of Opportunities".

The work was carried out in two directions:

author of the "Journey in the Dark" project, member of the Council on Youth Policy under the Presidential Envoy to the Russian Federation in the Ural Federal District, certified coach and trainer on personal effectiveness

head of the Broadway-Inclusive dance studio, winner of many international and all-Russian inclusive competitions.

curator of inclusive projects of the SamArt Theater


At the All-Russian Conference on the Development of Affordable Tourism, organized by Rostourism in Moscow on December 4, the main problems and interesting practical cases of inclusive tourism were discussed. It became clear that there are still many problems, but at the same time, there are also more cases than 2-3 years ago, including those developed by large Russian tour operators, which have not yet been involved in the development of such a complex and non-mass product.


Lusine Matosyan, Head of the Department of State Tourism Projects and Tourism Safety in Rosturizm, noted in her welcoming speech, “In Russia, inclusive tourism is just beginning to develop, facing infrastructural, legislative and other restrictions. Our task is to build a systematic work that will create a competitive tourism product in the country for people with disabilities, which will be in demand among our citizens and foreign tourists. "

Actually, the last conference can be considered the next beginning of building a systematic work.

Ms Matosyan also stressed that there are very few companies on the tourism market that provide such services, and there is practically no competition in inclusive tourism, therefore, in addition to stimulating the industry, special attention should be paid to promoting specialized tourism products for persons with disabilities.

Igor Fomin, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, shared some encouraging news. “The working group on social tourism under the Coordinating Council for Tourism Development has developed its proposals to be included in the Action Plan for the Tourism Development Strategy until 2035, and they have already been sent to the Ministry of Economic Development,” he said.

ATOR Executive Director Maya Lomidze said that “The Association of Tour Operators has dealt with this topic to one degree or another. Participation in the conference is a confirmation that we intend to closely tackle the problems in the field of inclusive tourism and support those market participants who develop a product for people with disabilities. "

Moderator of the event, First Deputy Chairman of the All-Russian Public Organization "All-Russian Society of Disabled People" Flyur Nurlygayanov, focused the attention of those present on the fact that now amendments to the law on tourism are being prepared, which will allow the federal center to spread the principles of accessibility of services for people with limited opportunities (federal program "Accessible Environment") and the tourism industry.

“Already now we need model tourism products, as a priority - for domestic tourism, which could then be scaled up within the entire industry,” said Mr. Nurlygayanov.


One of the most unexpected was the speech of the administrative director of the tour operator ANEX Tour Alexandra Dmitrieva, who presented the new ANEX Tour project "Rest without Borders", which provides for special programs and prices for travel in Russia and abroad for persons with disabilities ... Within the framework of the project, the company conducts a full survey of hotels by the specialists of the receiving offices and compiles a list of hotels that are truly adapted to receive tourists with disabilities in 10-12 popular holiday destinations, such as Turkey, Greece, Spain, the Dominican Republic, etc.

Ms. Dmitrieva analyzed in detail the whole range of problems that tour operators face when preparing tours designed for people with disabilities.

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