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The Ecological and Biological Center of KGAOU DO RMC invites you to participate in the regional environmental event "Amur Tiger Day", which will be held from September 21 to October 9, 2020. Students and teachers of educational organizations of all types and types are invited to participate in the event. Within the framework of this event, a competition is held in the following nominations:

for students: "Educational nature conservation video" The striped master of the taiga "; "Environmental poster"; "Poems about the tiger and for the tiger";

⠀ for teaching staff: “Report on the Environmental Action”.

From June 01 to July 24, 2020, the Ecological and Biological Center of the KGAOU DO RMC held the regional correspondence competition of educational organizations "Defenders of Nature". To participate in the competition, educational organizations had to submit a report on the activities carried out within the framework of the Days of Protection from Environmental Hazard. The reporting material was supposed to contain information on the environmental and environmental activities of the educational organization, on upcoming events in environmental and environmental protection areas, on summing up the results of thematic environmental and environmental competitions, quizzes, and Olympiads. In the context of a pandemic on the territory of the Khabarovsk Territory in 2020, restrictions were introduced on holding mass events, in connection with which, an additional nomination "Environmental Education" was introduced into the competition. To participate in this nomination, environmental education and environmental projects and actions, implemented in a remote format through the websites of educational organizations, official accounts on social networks, were accepted.

48 educational organizations from 17 municipalities of the region took part in the Competition: the urban district "City of Khabarovsk", the urban district "City of Komsomolsk-on-Amur", Amursky, Bikinsky, Vaninsky, Verkhnebureinsky, Vyazemsky, Komsomolsky, Nanaysky, Nikolaevsky, named after Lazo, named after Polina Osipenko, Sovetsko-Gavansky, Solnechny, Okhotsky, Ulchsky, Khabarovsk municipal districts. Due to the epidemiological situation this year, most of the activities aimed at drawing attention to environmental problems and their impact on the environment and human health were carried out in remote and correspondence formats. Teachers and students tested in practice many possibilities of electronic resources: environmental campaigns, competitions of creative works, flash mobs and challenges, master classes and environmental lessons were held. Virtual museums of educational organizations and exhibitions of creative works, online quizzes were designed.

With the gradual lifting of restrictive self-isolation measures in compliance with sanitary norms and rules, subbotniks, ecological raids, ecological actions "Victory Tree" and many other traditional events dedicated to such ecological dates as, for example: Earth Day, Water Day, Ecologist Day. It is worth noting that the variety and mass of events stood out: UIA DO DETS "Killer whale" in Khabarovsk, UIA DO "DEBTS" in Khabarovsk, MBU DO Quantorium in Komsomolsk-on-Amur. DEC "Killer whale" in Khabarovsk was organized and held in the correspondence format the scientific and practical conference "Let's keep the Earth green and blue", in the distance format: the city Olympiad "Love and know your native land", the city holiday "Earth Day - 2020", within the framework of which interactive quizzes, creative contests of drawings and posters, master classes and a virtual exhibition of works from TKO were held. Considerable attention was paid to the events dedicated to the Year of the Crane: in order to study and preserve this species of birds, eco-hours, drawing contests, and online quizzes were held.

UIA DO "DEBTs" in Khabarovsk hosted an annual traditional event "Children's EcoBattle" (in virtual format), an interactive quiz and a drawing competition dedicated to the Day of the Ecologist and the Day of Environmental Protection. Also, the Children's Ecological and Biological Center carried out a huge environmental and educational work in official accounts on social networks and on the center's website: there was a selection and placement of videos dedicated to ecological dates, Amur fish, "Feathered Crossword" - about the birds of the Khabarovsk Territory, "About the use of some computer programs in research activities ”and other useful materials; a flashmob “Take care of nature” was held. The participants of the competition also demonstrated that during the events of the Days of Protection from Environmental Hazard, there is a real opportunity to develop social partnership, strengthen interaction between executive and legislative authorities, educational institutions, public organizations and the population in order to preserve the environment and ecological well-being.

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