Features of sex tourism in Thailand (Pattaya)

Features of sex tourism in Thailand (Pattaya)

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Thailand is known for a lot of things, notably food, the islands and its crazy, hectic capital of Bangkok. But with some types of tourists, one more thing is also known - prostitution. Mentioned by the majority with a chuckle or joke accompanying the comment, there is no denying that it is extremely common in Thailand and available across the country. While this is not just a modern fad - it has been around for centuries and, despite attempts to crack it down, it doesn't seem like it will soon be over.

A century of tradition

Tragically, although it may be, the exploitation of women and forced sex slavery has been around for a very long time. During the Ayutthaya period of Thai history - from 1351 to 1767 - women were handed over among men as concubines, mere trophies of war given to men as a reward for their efforts on the battlefield. They were slaves, and therefore had to follow the orders of their masters or be punished. It remained that way for hundreds of years, until King Rama V sought a more Western approach to politics in the 20th century and abolished slavery. Unfortunately, this is not the end of their suffering.

Free name only

The abolition of slavery led to freedom from slavery, but freedom with no land, property, or money to support the family often left uneducated slaves with little choice but to turn to prostitution. Brothels began to grow and spread along the length and breadth of the nation. It was here that they competed with both Chinese migrants and young children that someone was looking for in the late 19th century.

The war also saw an explosion of prostitution as an industry. Thailand was occupied by Japanese forces during World War II and used Thai women as prostitutes throughout its occupation. Although the Vietnam War did not appeal to Thailand, it was a popular place for American soldiers to enjoy their R&R vacation. They flocked to areas such as Patpong in Bangkok and the coastal city of Pattaya, two areas that remain popular prostitutes to this day.

Economic Shift

As Thailand began to modernize, its economy did the same. Moving from a subsistence economy to a capitalist, the villagers needed cash to buy goods. Many simply could not afford to live and therefore turned to prostitution, migrating in large numbers to the big cities before returning home with more money than they could actually make elsewhere. This trend still exists today - for many, this is the only way they can provide for their families, and therefore will often send money home every month to do so.

Thailand began to see the potential in tourism, and so in the late 20th century they invested heavily in promoting Thailand as a tourist destination. The resulting boom in tourism has also seen a boom in sex tourism; it is estimated that over 4 million tourists in Thailand today head to their sex industry.

Exploitation and Trafficking in Human Beings

Centenary projects: tourism

Practicing journalist. Already 6 years in copywriting. Focus on sex and relationships.

The first association with Thailand that comes to mind is, of course, sex tourism. This is the place where you can completely relax and indulge in all the sweetest fantasies. Even natural modesty will not prevent the tourist from opening up here and feeling at ease. The services that are offered here are very diverse, so everyone will find what they like.

The city of Pattaya is worth highlighting in the whole of Thailand. It is here that a large number of tourists come every season to plunge into the forbidden and secret world of sexual fantasies and pleasures. And Russian tourists are no exception. Sex tourism in Pattaya has its own characteristics and it is better to find out some information even before arriving in this city of sin.

The resort city of Pattaya is the center of all sexual entertainment in Thailand, but sex and debauchery are not everywhere in the country. In general, this country is deeply religious and cultural, so if you go here solely for the sake of sex tourism, then you need to know the special areas.

But having arrived in Pattaya, you can safely look for sexual adventures. The city has an abundance of such services. From simple go-go dancers to "moths" themselves. Here, no one would think to condemn for depraved fantasies, because in fact sex tourism is a profitable business in Pattaya. Russian tourists and Europeans are especially loved here, because. they always pay the so-called "tax", which is not to say about some other nationalities.

Everything opens at night i

And of course, according to the law of the genre, the most interesting part of the adventure for a tourist begins at night. All the most attractive and depraved establishments open their doors. Bars and massage parlors are also opening. Interestingly, brothels are officially banned in this sex tourism paradise.

Therefore, to find a girl for the night, you need to look for a bar with a red lantern above the door. This would mean that they offer sex services. Massage parlors may offer similar services too, and they open at night. But "massage parlors" in the usual sense work during the day. There are also gay bars in Pattaya.

Barker girls stand in front of every bar on the famous Volkin Street (the most famous street for all sex tourists). In front of gay bars, there are also enough barker guys. To find yourself a companion for the night, you just need to walk along the street.

The tourist immediately receives a lot of offers from different representatives of sexual orientations, they can offer a special sex menu (if they see that the tourist is Russian-speaking, they will give a Russian menu). One of the names in such a menu is "A woman smokes a cigarette with her genitals." Judging by this, there is definitely enough entertainment in Pattaya.

Bars in Pattaya are usually spacious with lots of sofas and armchairs where you can sit comfortably to watch the girls dancing. After the stage show, the girls usually go down to the audience, approach the tourists. They can start dancing, attract attention, sit next to them, in general, do their usual work.

The tourist has the right to choose the person he likes and spend "longtime" in one of the special rooms that are provided in such bars. Longtime is the local jargon for spending all night.

Karelia develops a systematic approach in the field of tourism. Creates tourist clusters, develops a new regulatory framework, builds infrastructure. The most ambitious projects are included in the federal target program for the development of the republic until 2020.

Sex tourism and the death route: how the Russians got to Guinea

"Feed. y ”continues the story of the adventures of the Russian Konstantin Kolotov, who went on a trip around the world on a bicycle with a wooden frame. In the last part, the traveler talked about the armed attack on his partner Alexander Smagin in Senegal. This time we will focus on the road to Guinea.

Farewell to Senegal

A week ago, there was an armed attack on my partner in Senegal. On the morning of the beach at a tourist destination, he was stabbed in the back with a blunt knife, not so much cutting him as crushing him with a blow. Sasha fell and already in the scuffle on the ground received two more knife blows. All the wounds turned out to be harmless, even not serious, but, as further developments showed, fatal. In Senegal, Guinea and even South Africa, I was told that the main weapon of robbers is just blunt knives.

To my logical question why they cannot be sharpened, I was told that the robbers simply do not know how to do it. Both funny and scary. There is an opinion that the monkey once took a stick and, little by little, through work and personal growth, came to the point that he came up with a wheel. Indigenous Africans, on the other hand, seem to be going in the opposite direction and, gradually abandoning labor, degrade and forget how to use a stone to sharpen a knife. What's next?

I will gladly tell you about this, because at the moment I am sinking deeper and deeper into the life of the African continent. Senegal and the city of Dakar are the center of West African civilization. It is the most advanced city for tens of thousands of kilometers around. Further our path lies in Guinea, and after us are waiting for Sierra Leone, Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, Togo, Benin and Nigeria. We are moving to Central Africa.

My traveling friends who went on industrial expeditions to these parts a few years ago assured me that cannibalism is still widespread in Central Africa. New friends from Morocco warned that people in the country of Niger are actually dying of hunger. And a very experienced traveler from France, whom I met in the Sahara Desert, said that it would be very difficult to travel through Nigeria and stay alive: pirates are in command on the coast, and terrorists are in command closer to the north of the country.

Official authorities in these areas have only nominal functions. By the way, it was the French who probably saved our lives. Having looked at the plan of our route after the Sahara, he categorically stated that it was dangerous to go to Mali, and in Burkina Faso it was generally suicide. And there, and there terrorists are in command. We then changed the route and drove through Mauritania and Senegal, and later learned that in Mali, on our original route, terrorists shot 120 local residents in a village. I think killing a Russian is a special holiday for these terrorists, because Russia is fighting in Syria.

Also, a little later, I learned that one of the bike travelers went to Burkina Faso and disappeared. This guy was on our European travelers chat in West Africa, which, by the way, has 105 members. After crossing the border with Burkina Faso, he stopped communicating, and no one saw him again. After some time, his relatives started looking for him and turned to our chat, but they never found him. Traveling in Africa is a dangerous business.

Well, we're on our way again. From the Senegalese city of Dakar, we had to drive about 1.5 thousand kilometers to the city of Conakry, the capital of Guinea. The start was not easy: Dakar is overloaded with traffic jams, the roads are bumpy and bad. Riding is dangerous. After being attacked and wounded, my partner began to fail. Physically, he practically did not suffer, but psychologically he was broken. At the exit from Dakar, we stopped to look at a map, he did not have time to unfasten his bike pedals and fell right under a truck flying from behind.

The driver steered with a sharp movement, a bottle of water burst under the wheels of the truck. The truck rushed on, its driver, I am sure, was the mother of a careless cyclist, and a puddle of a broken water bottle spread on the asphalt. My imagination immediately drew a picture: a pool of blood and a lifeless body on the road. God again spared Sasha.

Ours in the city

Author - Alexandra Nikitina

Linguist-translator by education. I have been working in the field of advertising journalism for over 9 years.

European customs have not shocked visiting tourists for a long time. Everyone knows that she is open to new things, and sex experiments are part of her culture. But not all cities expect such emancipation. It is generally accepted that a free attitude towards sex is more manifested in France or in Amsterdam. Meanwhile, many tourists go to the Czech Republic for free love, namely to a Czech brothel.

Sex tourism in the Czech Republic i

In the Czech Republic, sex is treated in exactly the same way as ordinary household things - going to the store, sleeping, working, meeting with friends. Moreover, there are dozens of scientific papers on the peculiarities of Czechoslovak sex.

Due to the fact that the country is so open in matters of sex, it is difficult to find any exceptional attractions in it. For example, like the Red Light District. Nevertheless, what is there is surprising and arouses interest.

A street similar to the one in Amsterdam was originally planned. Local residents rebelled and did not allow the sculpture to be placed there, fearing that the glory of the dysfunctional region would finally gain a foothold behind Dvořák Street. Therefore, the artist temporarily placed it at the entrance to his studio, in a residential area. The official name is "The shop of vice". It consists of two figures - a man sitting on a bench, and a girl of easy virtue, pleasing him orally.

Another must-see for a sex tourist is the Sex Machines Museum located in Prague. By the way, this is the world's first exhibition dedicated to erotica. Here you can find both devices for sex, and not that are intended for abstinence. For example, an anti-masturbation machine or a chastity belt.

There are so many girls on the streets of Prague selling their bodies for money that some time ago the authorities seriously considered the issue of allocating a certain area on the outskirts for them. Prostitution in this country generally makes up a large part of the shadow economy. All this led to the formation of brothels, the fame of which flew around the world.

The most interesting Czech brothels

When visiting local brothels, you need to be sure that this is really a local flavor, and not clubs created by visiting entrepreneurs. Russian and Ukrainian brothels in the Czech Republic are more like sex slavery. The guys from the 90s run everything there, and the girls working there, for the opportunity to return the passport, refer to their work without much enthusiasm.

Cuba is famous not only for rum, cigars, salsa and Varadero resort. This is one of the most popular destinations for sex tourism, especially for women

Local macho are good-looking, hot and - a nice bonus - they know how to convince you that you are irresistible. And yes, they are great lovers. As an acquaintance lucidly explained to me: “Is this what it takes to become a good writer? Write a lot. To be a good dancer? Dance a lot. And we Cubans just have a lot of sex. "

Healthy person sex and Cuban sex

If in Europe the average couple makes love two or three times a week, in Cuba this figure is at least twice a day, before going to bed and after, without getting out of bed. And sometimes “on time”, because Cubans like to sleep, leaving “pescado metido” - “fish inside”. If the couple is young and without children, then a love session is added to the standard schedule immediately upon arrival from work. Well, the weekends, of course, are mainly devoted to this activity - with pauses for the obligatory telephone calls to relatives.

In Cuba, people still prefer to live in pairs rather than alone. Because an introverted Cuban is an oxymoron, like a living corpse. You need someone to "quarrel and make up in bed." Of course, we, who splashed our libido somewhere on the way from work, do not understand this.

Quantity grows into quality - it's no wonder that Cubans are known as the best lovers, along with tougher Brazilians and romantic French. Interest in sex here begins to show very early - the boys in the mayor's office (primary school, first-sixth grade) are already pinching girls by the buttocks with might and main - and end up being interested in the opposite sex only on their deathbed.

Take, for example, Pedrito Calvo, ex-lead singer of the famous salsa band Los Van Van. He has such a song - El negro esta cocinando, "The Negro prepares" - entirely a metaphor. It tells how neighbors come to Pedrito's “to taste bananas, yucca and malanga” (root vegetables, which taste very much like potatoes, but guess what in shape). In addition, “in the district” everyone knows that Pedro is an excellent “cook”, knows how to handle “meat” (this is what the female forms are called in jargon). So "do not knock on my door, please do not bother - negro" ready "." Pedrito is already 75, and the youngest of his 20 official children is only five years old - as you can see, the "Negro cooks" still.

For love

Or maybe you don't have to go that far - let's take Espe's story. We met her when we rented an apartment for six months in a quiet decent area of ​​Nuevo Vedado.

Esperanza has her own house there with a garden, a garage and the shaggy dogs Augustine and Chispita ("Sparkle"). Espe is under 60, but on her face, as the classic would say, "traces of former beauty are still visible." She is a white Cuban woman with blue eyes and hips to put mugs on. That is, by local standards, "tremenda sabrosura" is an incredible "delicious".

Both daughters have grown up long ago and left for Miami at the first opportunity, now they send money to their mother. At home, Espe has two air conditioners, in the garage - a beige Lada 1600, in the refrigerator - red Cheddar cheese from the Panamericana store for seven dollars a kilo. Espe is a local oligarch. And from the outside it is completely unclear what she is doing with Nyiko.

Nyiko is black, big, bald and shiny like a leather sofa. By profession he is a plumber, a plumber. In life, he is a chronic womanizer and, in general, a lover of all macho attributes: rum, cigars, dominoes with neighbors, Havana-Santiago baseball games, lottery on TV and a good female ass.

More than 20 years ago, Espe left for him from her legal husband, a respected doctor. Now Nyiko is over 70. He brings home 60 dollars in the month of money. The cistern cannot be repaired in any way, even if it is a plumber - it leaks as it does. Plus, the neighbors tell Espe with unenviable regularity that they saw Nyiko dragging behind another 40-year-old tormented woman somewhere in Regla, in an area far from home. Yes, "radio bEmba" - radio "lip", that is word of mouth - is the only thing that works in Cuba without interruption.

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