Farmsteads, rocks, wilderness: a weekend itinerary in the Lipetsk region

Farmsteads, rocks, wilderness: a weekend itinerary in the Lipetsk region

If you ask the average resident of our country what he knows about the Lipetsk region, the answer will most likely be predictable: for most Russians, the region is strongly associated with one of the country's iconic industrial giants - the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant. Someone will remember the miraculous mineral waters, the beauty of ancient Yelets and Russian Jerusalem - Zadonsk. That's probably all. Meanwhile, the list of sights and interesting places, which the residents of Lipetsk are rightfully proud of, is much more extensive.

There are 3144 cultural heritage sites on the territory of the region, of which 579 are under state protection. The Vvedenskaya Church and the Ascension Cathedral in Yelets, there is also the Assumption and Alexander-Mikhailovskaya (Grand Duke) churches, the Zadonsky Nativity-Theotokos Monastery, the House of the head of the Astapovo railway station Ozolin - the place of death of Leo Tolstoy, the Galichya Gora nature reserve - here is just a short list of tourist sites that are the historical and cultural heritage of the region.

The area is rich in impressions even for the sophisticated traveler. Not only the most valuable historical monuments, but also amazing landscapes, generous beauty of nature, unique composition of mineral water and therapeutic mud attract thousands of our compatriots to local resorts. And their number is growing steadily. According to official data, the number of tourists in the region over the past five years has increased to 150 thousand people a year.

These figures are far from the limit, and if the tourism potential of the region is properly promoted, they can be increased several times, the Lipetsk authorities are sure. That is why the tourism sector is given special attention here. The region is successfully implementing the federal target program "Development of domestic and inbound tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)", within the framework of which large-scale work is underway to develop tourism clusters, and the amount of funds spent from all sources amounted to 2.6 billion rubles.

At one of the meetings on supporting the regional tourism sector, Governor Oleg Korolev said that "tourism is not only a separate economic sector, but also an opportunity to develop the greatest cultural and historical layer." This was also discussed at the final investment conference in 2015, where the head of the region emphasized the need for further investments in the tourism sector, creating comfortable conditions for recreation, developing hotel and restaurant chains, and implementing new folklore and cultural-historical projects.

- The import substitution program implemented today in the country concerns not only food, consumer goods, cars, equipment, but also tourism. We have the opportunity to offer our own, domestic tourism product as an alternative to foreign rest, - said Oleg Korolev.

So what is this alternative? Not so long ago, three more were added to the already existing tourist and recreational cluster "Yelets" and the autotourist cluster "Zadonshchina": "Dobry", "Shukhovsky" and "Oranienburg". Over 40 tourist routes have been developed. To date, investors are implementing 40 projects for the construction of hotels, restaurants, sports and service facilities for a total amount of 4.5 billion rubles.

Event tourism is also gaining momentum. For example, more than 30 thousand spectators came to the Rusborg festival this year. A considerable number of guests annually gather the holidays "Antonovskie apples" and "Russian sourdough".

Such famous festivals as "Ranenburg Feast", "Lipetsk Settlement", the Tikhon Khrennikov Music Festival, "Strawberry Festival" and others are very popular among fans of ethnotourism. Thanks to them, at the end of last year, the Lipetsk region entered the top 5 regions of the country in terms of event tourism. In 2014, Lipetsk won the Russian Event Awards in the Central Federal District. The regional center received this award for the Lipetsk Settlement Festival. In 2015 the festival "Antonovskie apples" and "Russian sourdough" (St. Yelets), Chaplygin festival "Ranenburg feast", festival of choirs and vocal ensembles "Kazachya Zastava" (Yeletsky district). All these events were included in the National Calendar of Events.

According to the head of the department of culture and art of the region, Vadim Volkov, the possibility of making the event festivals held in the districts two-day is currently being considered. This will attract more guests and, accordingly, more money to the region. In the future, it is planned to "tie" many regions into one tourist ring - specially designed routes will allow tourists to visit the most interesting places in the region. In addition, the regions of the Central Federal District are moving towards active cooperation in the field of tourism and are working to create an interregional product. The first examples of such cooperation have already appeared - the interregional festival-marathon “We are standing on the Don! We glorify the Don! ”, In which, in addition to Lipetsk, the Tula, Ryazan, Voronezh, and Rostov regions participate.

- The tourist potential of our places is enormous, - says the head of the region, Oleg Korolev. - Today our tourist areas have changed a lot. They create a powerful service infrastructure, increase the throughput of highways.

In many ways, this became possible due to the competent policy of promoting the region in the domestic tourism market. To unleash the potential of the region for future guests and investors, the region takes part in international tourism exhibitions and forums. So, in October 2015, Lipetsk residents took part in the Festival of the Russian Geographical Society “Discovering Russia anew! Together ”, in the first quarter of 2016 - visited the international tourism exhibitions“ Intourmarket ”, MITT, declared themselves in the framework of the All-Russian tourism award“ Route of the Year ”. The investment attractiveness of the region's tourist and recreational clusters was presented by the Lipetsk Region and at the V Russian Investment and Construction Forum on February 17-18 in Moscow.

By the way, at the Intourmarket-2016 held at the end of March, the main emphasis was placed on event festivals and tourist routes. The exhibition presented folk crafts, including the famous "Yelets lace" and "Romanovskaya toy", the reconstruction festivals "Rusborg", "Strelets" and "Ladynoye Pole" were presented, as well as the possibilities of gastronomic tourism. Gastronomy, by the way, enjoyed great success - guests were offered to taste Russian liqueur of the 19th century from the Skornyakovo-Arkhangelskoye estate and French cheeses from the village of Maslovka, Dankovsky district. Gourmets were delighted.

Domestic tourism as an alternative to overseas recreation

From Moscow to the abnormally rich sights of the Lipetsk region - about 4 hours by car along the high-speed and comfortable M4 (there are paid sections on the highway). You can also get to Lipetsk by train, and rent a car on the spot. Continue along our route and get ready to experience the culture shock.

Anastasia Klepova

Semyonov-Tyan-Shansky Estate

Photo from the site of the P. Emyonov-Tyan-Shanskiy

The first point of the route is one of the most little-known estates in Russia. At the same time, it is also one of the most authentic and surprisingly preserved. Ryazanka is the small homeland of the great diplomat, traveler, researcher and author of the peasant reform of 1861 Peter Semyonov Tyan-Shansky. The estate is located near the half-forgotten railway station Urusovo of the ancient town of the same name - an outpost of Russia during the Tatar raids.

The Tyan-Shansky Manor is a touching wooden building of terracotta color with a large collection of genuine artifacts of the life of a person who, in the 19th century, invented and conducted the first general census of the population of Russia. Today the estate is kept by another great man in his own way - San Sanych Bogdanov. Lucky is the one who gets to him on a tour of the interiors of Ryazanka!

By the way, on August 8, 2020, the "Secrets of the Estate" festival will be held here with immersion in pre-revolutionary traditions, themed food court and, of course, excursions from the legendary San Sanych.

The world's first Shukhov tower

Photo: Artem Nedoluzhko/Shutterstock

The ruin of a noble manor in the Palladian style, the floors of which you can wander unhindered, is already good. True, you need to act carefully and look at your step so as not to literally leave a mark on the history of the estate. Inside, artifacts of different eras are mixed in a heap of rubbish: from an elegant pre-revolutionary staircase in the Art Nouveau style, wooden floors and lining of stoves to the Soviet stage in the former ballroom (under the USSR there was a House of Culture).

But even better is that the first hyperboloid tower on the planet, designed by the legendary architect Vladimir Shukhov for the Novgorod exhibition of 1896, flaunts on the territory of the estate. The then owner of the estate, Yuri Nechaev-Maltsov, bought it for beauty and watering the garden, and Shukhov personally reassembled his creation at this place. The structure is still reliable enough to climb to the very top and survey the surroundings (if you are not afraid of heights, of course). Again: be careful!

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