Family holidays in winter: where to go

Family holidays in winter: where to go

Winter is not a reason to give up outdoor recreation with entertainment and hot food. Prepared correctly, the hike will be fun, magical and unforgettable. Photos of the family against the background of winter fabulous landscapes, a cheerful mood and a desire to relax in this way again will be remembered.

So that the hike with the children in cold weather does not end sadly, you should prepare in advance. Think about where and when to go, what to take with you, how to dress and how to have fun.

Where and when to go

With the younger ones, a place of rest is chosen near residential buildings or summer cottages. Even if you plan to travel by car, you should not go far - unforeseen circumstances also happen to the car.

For a fire and lunch, a reliable option is a clearing where the wind does not blow. If the wind is strong, it is advisable to stay indoors if there is no frost.

When to leave. Winter days are short, and at 10 am the air is chilly. This means that the beginning of the hike is at 9:00 or after 10. 0.

Thinking of entertainment at a picnic with children

Even minus 5 will not let you stand and sit even for 20 minutes, so the script is thought out the day before and the paraphernalia is being prepared. Fun, simple and addicting games are selected. For example:

1). Make feeders in the evening and hang them out, put food for birds and squirrels.

2). Organize a competition for funny snow figures by dressing up in caps and decorating with brought old scarves or collars. A difficult version of sculpting - building a fortress or a house, sculpting animals on trees.

3). A coniferous tree growing nearby begs to be smartened up. It is not necessary to hang Christmas balls and tinsel. You can decorate with fruits, buns, which will later be eaten by forest dwellers.

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So winter has come, ahead of holidays, weekends and school holidays. It's time for exciting trips! If you are planning to travel with children, this article on winter vacations will help you decide.

In winter, there are two options: to escape from the cold to warm countries, or to enjoy the frost and snow. In the second case, you can:

  • go to a winter resort, where everything is intended for relaxation in the cold;
  • go to a sanatorium, where everything is within walking distance;
  • see another city/country. But in this case, you need to think over your rest so as not to be in the cold for too long. After all, you are with children!

Going with children to winter resorts

Not only Europe is famous for its winter resorts, but also Russia. In addition, prices in Russia are more democratic. But we will look at different options that are popular for a winter family vacation.

Krasnaya Polyana

The oldest ski resort in Russia. It is located in the Caucasus mountains, and even hosted the Olympic Games (in 2014). Accordingly, there is complete order with the living conditions and infrastructure. This makes it possible to relax even with very young children, without needing anything.

It is also easy to get to Krasnaya Polyana, no change is required. This is also a big plus for a family trip. You can come here in any winter month: the season opens in December. Daytime temperatures rarely drop below 2 degrees, frequent snowfalls are typical. All conditions for playing snowballs and making snowmen!

A lot of fun entertainment awaits children in Krasnaya Polyana:

  • Sledding ;
  • Snow tubing (downhill on an inflatable ring);
  • Skating rink;
  • Hockey;
  • Children's clubs with games and educational activities. Adults can enjoy skiing while the children are supervised;
  • Children's entertainment centers and indoor amusement parks.

You can also try to instill in your child a love of skiing. The resort has schools where children of all ages are taught to ride. There are training tracks. In short, not a single child will get bored in Krasnaya Polyana!


Located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. This popular resort also has all the facilities for a family holiday. Here you can not only have a good time, but also improve your health: in winter it is especially important.

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