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Children's tourism in Kazan

"A journey through the fairy tales of K. Chukovsky" + acquaintance with the museum

Kazan, which has the official status of the third capital of Russia, offers all fans of travel around their native country an exciting cultural program that can be interesting not only for adults, but also for young travelers.

A bit of history

Some historians claim that the name of this city comes from the word "kazan", which in translation from the Tatar language means "cauldron". Today, representatives of different nationalities and cultures have gathered and live here, as in a large cauldron. Children going on tours to Kazan can observe here the interweaving of a lot of customs, holidays and national cuisines. And therefore, this place becomes even more attractive not only for Russian tourists, but also for foreigners.

Once the place where the city of Kazan stands today was the center of the intersection of major trade routes. The most important trade and political center of the Golden Horde was located here, which contributed to powerful economic development. Kazan was a part of the Russian state after its conquest by Tsar Ivan the Terrible.

Tour duration: 2 days/1 night

Recommended age: from grade 1

Number of tourists: from 10

Tour Dates: Daily

Types of recreation in Kazan

Tours for schoolchildren in Kazan are quite diverse and can be suitable for lovers of various types of recreation. For little travelers, this city can offer a lot of excursions to its sights, of which there are a lot: the Syuyumbike Tower, the Kazan Kremlin, the Kul Sharif Mosque, the Transfiguration Monastery, the Peter and Paul Cathedral, the Holy Cross Church with the icon of the Kazan Mother of God, and so on. Together with a guide, children can go on a walk through the historical center of Kazan, where they will meet a monument to Chaliapin, many beautiful fountains, the Academy of Sciences and a copy of the carriage of Catherine II. Children can be taken to places visited by such famous personalities as Pushkin, Leo Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and others. Children can be taken to the Blue Lakes, which are surrounded by enchanting nature.

Excursions for schoolchildren in Kazan can serve not only to get acquainted with local sights, but also so that the child may want to become someone in his adult life. After all, Kazan is deservedly considered a very developed scientific center, in which a large number of universities and specialized factories are concentrated.

Tour operators told what prevents Morocco from stopping the decline in tourist flow from the Russian Federation

It's best to come to Tatarstan and get 1001 pleasure with your children. Fortunately, Kazan and the surrounding area has everything you need for this: fans of outdoor activities and entertainment can visit one of the best water parks in Europe, a popular amusement park based on Tatar fairy tales and an indoor amusement park with unlimited use of slot machines. At the same time, little researchers and fans of technology will find a place for themselves in specialized entertainment and educational clubs for children, and lovers of nature and animals will not remain indifferent from live contact with friendly animals. The most important thing is that visiting and enjoying almost all of the listed entertainments will be interesting not only for children and their parents, but also for anyone, regardless of age.

Kazan Riviera Water Park

One of the most popular attractions of Tatarstan among the entertainment segment for many years has been the Kazan water park "Riviera", located on the banks of the Kazanka River and a part of the Cultural and entertainment complex "Kazanskaya Riviera".

Kazan water park fascinates with its scale and diversity from the first minutes. More than 50 different rides have been created specifically for every child to find entertainment to their liking. Fans of extreme sports will be able to ride on high-speed slides, whirl in a "tornado" or make a "jump into the abyss", and adherents of a quiet rest - swim with the flow among the grottoes and rocks or dive into the surf of the pool-bay. For the little ones, there is a pirate base in the water park - here you can fall into the trap of robbers or become their invader yourself. Older children will be able to test themselves as a surfer on an attraction with an artificial wave, and parents will delight in the spa area with an aqua bar, jacuzzi and saunas.

A special feature of the water park is the presence of a summer area with children's slides, cascading pools and outdoor sun loungers. More recently, the complex has been supplemented by an all-season 65-meter-high Ferris wheel.


Once in the largest indoor amusement park in Tatarstan FUN24, more than one child will not want to leave. And adults do not have to worry about "merry ruin". After all, this is a unique amusement park with a one-time payment system - you pay once, you have fun all day!

On an area of ​​10 thousand square meters of a two-storey entertainment complex for children and adolescents, there are 30 attraction zones, including: bull rodeo, 5D cinema, laser paintball Q-Zar, roller rink, 22 bowling lanes and 2 areas with bumper electric cars.

While the children are having fun and having fun, parents can relax in the bar and cafe, where, by the way, you can celebrate birthday and other holidays. And the main thing is that FUN24 works without days off and without interruptions!

Kremlin Embankment

First-hand news

Planning a family trip is difficult because the interests of children and parents often differ. However, you don't have to worry about where to go with your child in Kazan. This city is full of entertainment and attractions that are interesting to people of any age.

Kazan attractions for children and adults

Kazan is an example of the fusion of different cultures; of course, this city has many unique attractions that a child will be interested in visiting.

Kazan Kremlin

One of the brightest and most famous sights of Kazan is the Kremlin.

Several museums are open in the Kremlin. The Museum of Natural History of Tatarstan is fascinating. It should be visited with children first. In addition to exhibiting collections of meteorites and rare minerals, fossil remains and real skeletons of dinosaurs, the museum offers guests interactive programs. Here you can feed prehistoric fish, observe the cosmic world through a telescope.

In addition, the Kremlin regularly conducts educational programs for children and organizes creative workshops.

Tram Monument

An interesting attraction of Kazan, which is worth visiting with small children, is the monument to the tram. Some of the exhibits are open to the public. You can go into old trams and "touch" everything that is inside. This opportunity makes kids very happy.

Old Tatar settlement

Recommends ...

When going to Kazan, most tourists initially draw up a plan of the cultural program. There are a lot of places in the city where you can have a great rest with your family or with friends. Below I have compiled a list of the most popular objects.

Where to go in Kazan with children

There are a lot of places where you can go in the city with children. It all depends on age, preference and budget. In any case, it will not be difficult to find something to do to your liking.

Tiki Wiki - Children's Amusement Park

Children, of almost any age, like Tiki Viki amusement park madly. Many different entertainments: labyrinths, trampolines, tubing, exciting games of different themes. There is a family cafe. It is possible to organize any children's party. Some activities are aimed at the development and education of children.

  • Located on the street: Petersburg, 9;
  • Phone: ++ 7 843 5672130;
  • Prices: from 350 rubles; <
  • Site: tikiviki. u.

Entertainment center "Kyrlay"

The huge amusement park is conventionally divided into three thematic zones: "Extreme", "Family leisure", "Children's". Therefore, every vacationer will find something to his liking. The most popular entertainment in the Extreme zone is the Leaning Tower. Kids enjoy riding the train and various children's carousels.

  • Located on the street: One-sided Grivki, 1-A
  • Phone: +7 843 5624761
  • Website: kazanpark. u.

"Cobweb" - rope park

Website about tourism

At first I wanted to paint a simple walking route along Bauman Street in order to visually acquaint with the main attractions of this central pedestrian street in the capital of Tatarstan. But in the process, a separate article was born about children's entertainment and museums on Bauman Street in Kazan, because it turned out to be impossible to cover all the interesting places in one article. The fact is that not only will it be interesting for adults to walk along this atmospheric street, but also for a child. And if you consider that many, like me, travel with children, then information about which museum to choose in Kazan on Bauman, and what is better to visit with children, can become very relevant. This route includes not only a list of interesting places, but also different tasks. Go on a quest with children in Kazan!

Why go: one of the most beautiful and famous streets of Kazan. Distance of the route: 1.2 km How long will it take: the walk itself takes on average 35 minutes, if you go to different museums, then from 60 minutes. and more. how much it will cost: just a walk along Bauman Street with photographing in memorable places is free, but if you go to various museums and also dine with the whole family, then the price varies only depending on your desires and capabilities.

Fascinating quest for children on UlBaumana with a guide

Wonderful Zarema is an experienced guide. Since 2008, she has been organizing urban orientation and local history games in Kazan. These games allow residents and guests of the city to learn the history of Kazan in an interesting way, get to know its sights and love this city even more. For children, Zarema organizes exciting quests with riddles, puzzles and ancient secrets. Insanely interesting, and most importantly informative!

Self-guided tour of Kazan on the map

If for some reason a walk with a guide does not suit you, then I marked the children's route on the map on the street. auman in Kazan with orange marks. The blue line indicates the path itself, and the orange markers are interesting places for stops. In order to conveniently explore all the main attractions of Kazan with children, I advise you to choose a hotel in the city center. In this article following the link, I considered the most interesting options for hotels for families with children in Kazan in terms of price and quality of service.

Below I will describe each stop in more detail what is in this place and how it is more interesting to tell a child about this or that object.

Mark A Dragon Zilant

Zilant is a mythical dragon, the guardian of Kazan. You can find his image on many buildings in the city, but the main one is the monument to Zilant at the walls of the Kazan Kremlin.

Assignment for children: tell your child the ancient Kazan legend that a long time ago, on the hill where the Kazan Kremlin now stands, lived dangerous poisonous snakes. People, having decided to settle here, decided to get rid of the snakes. To do this, they collected straw and lit a huge fire in the spring, when all the snakes crawled out of the ground. Only one huge winged serpent survived, having flown away across the river, and took revenge on people for a long time. Over time, human fear grew into the worship of the serpent, which was named Zilant. It became a symbol of the city even before the conquest of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible. invite your child to count the dragons together during the next walk along Bauman (Hint: they are hidden both on the gates and on the walls of different buildings on Aumana street)

Address of the monument: Azan, st. aumana, 7; is located right at the walls of the Kremlin from the entrance to the Kremlin metro station. Mark on the map: Mark A. When it works around the clock. how much does it cost to enter: free.

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