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Children's tourism in Krasnodar

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Travel and excursions for schoolchildren are of great developmental benefit. Visiting new places and sights of our Motherland and foreign countries, children learn a lot of new things, have a fruitful time. Traditionally, most of the travel takes place during school holidays. Travel company "Altair" offers exciting tours of cities and regions of the Russian Federation with a rich excursion program.

What is a school tour

An exciting school tour is a great opportunity to have fun and usefully. But this is not its main value - with the help of such trips, children find new friends, stock up on unforgettable impressions for a lifetime. Children's excursion tourism has been practiced since the times of the USSR, only then it was possible to travel only through the territory of one's own country, which at that time had a large area, and today the whole world is available. But even now, trips to Russia form the basis of school travel. And not only because it is much cheaper and easier in terms of paperwork, not at all.

School trip to Yekaterinburg and Kazan

Children will remember for a long time the school trip to the city of Yekaterinburg during spring break. This is one of the largest cities in the Asian part of Russia, where the glorious past has something in common with the present. Also, children will be happy to visit the sights of the Belgorod region, which include a visit to the Goose Museum, the Cossack village of Sosnovoye, famous for its ethnological complexes. The city of Belgorod is a modern metropolis where you can visit many interesting places.

The capital of Tatarstan, Kazan invites adults and children to sightseeing at any time of the year. Kazan is especially good in spring, at the beginning of the awakening of nature, however, there is something to look at all year round. Children on comfortable buses are brought to the Old Tatar settlement, where you can admire several beautiful mosques at once - Al-Marjani and Apanai. Especially for schoolchildren, the Kamal Drama Theater shows children's performances during the holidays.

Schoolchildren's holidays excursions around the edge

Krasnodar Territory is also rich in sights, where you can go on weekends with school-age children. Goryachy Klyuch is an unusual place, here mountains and rivers, caves and forest landscapes create a unique combination. You can go from Krasnodar to Goryachy Klyuch for one day, without spending the night. If parents want to send their children to a health camp, pay attention to the coast of the Azov Sea, for example, Temryuk district.

You can also go to Temryuk on weekends, the Altair travel company organizes bus trips for the whole class, as well as individual excursions to the cities of Krasnodar Territory: Novorossiysk, Anapa, Sochi and other places. Guests of the regional center will surely have interesting excursions around the city of Krasnodar, here you can also have a great weekend in numerous parks, go to a theater or a circus. Kuban is a place where all types of recreation are combined with a wonderful climate and many attractions.

Types and directions of tourism in Armenia

Krasnodar was founded in 1793 by the Black Sea Cossacks, initially as a military camp, and later as a fortress. Its historical name, Ekatrinodar, the city received in honor of the gift of the Kuban land to the Cossacks by Empress Catherine II. It was necessary to note such an impressive fact of history with something more than a fireworks or a festive table.

Today Krasnodar is a large modern city, where you can still immerse yourself in the 19th century in the area of ​​Kommunarov Street. Charming trams run along it, and a trip on which will bring a lot of pleasure. On weekends in summer, Krasnaya Street turns into a pedestrian paradise: lovers walk here, mothers with children and grandmothers meet to share extremely important and fresh news. They are accompanied by street musicians, cafes, bars, karaoke stands and clothing shops, waiting for their customers - Krasnodar youth.

But to be more serious, Krasnodar is one of the most important historical and cultural centers of the South of Russia and the North Caucasus region. This city defended the borders of our homeland from foreign invaders from the sea; bloody battles between white generals and the Red Guard took place in its district at the beginning of the 20th century. Here, to this day, the spheres of influence are divided by the peoples of the Caucasus, the Cossacks and everyone who is not too lazy to compete for power in one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Russia.

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