Excursions for parents with children

Excursions for parents with children

Our excursions for children in St. Petersburg are our "know-how". We have developed them for our children, the children have grown up - but the excursions remain. Every year we supplemented them, refined, changed, improved them. Every winter we hold master classes for our guides especially for children's excursions. We take into account the experience of each guide. And for 10 years we have developed interesting, completely unusual children's excursions around St. Petersburg, the city where we were born, where our children were born and raised.

Perhaps the most popular of children's excursions. Excursion for children around the Peter and Paul Fortress "THE MYSTERIES OF PETERSBURG". During the excursion, younger children will find a real treasure, older children - an old map of the fortress.

A children's excursion to the Hermitage "Magic Palace" is no less popular. During the excursion, the most ordinary boys and girls turn into real princes and princesses, and our guide takes them not through the museum, no, but through a magical palace full of wonders.

Sightseeing tour for children in St. Petersburg "Stone Zoo". Here the name speaks for itself. Which of the children does not like different animals? Everybody loves. Here are the animals living in St. Petersburg, we will consider. Only among them there will be very difficult "animals" - the guys will see both griffins and sphinxes, but you never know who can be found in St. Petersburg, if you walk through it carefully.

No suburb of St. Petersburg, no palace will give the boys more joy and delight than the Kronstadt Fortress. The journey around the city and the island will remain in their memory for a lifetime.

Only emotions, joy, delight, surprise and admiration from what he saw!

Our excursions are exactly family excursions around St. Petersburg, designed for parents with children. One or two families, from one to five children - this is the optimal format in which all children are involved in the excursion and everyone is interested. By the way, experience has shown that these excursions are interesting not only for children, but also for parents.

The age of the children for which we can adapt our children's excursions is from 5 to 12 years old. This does not mean that the tour for children 12 years old will be the same as the tour for children 5 years old. Of course not. But the idea itself will remain - it is a game, it is interactive. That is why such excursions are also called game excursions.

Our children's excursions in St. Petersburg have no analogues. No other travel company in St. Petersburg does anything like this.

I came to St. Petersburg with two grandchildren. I was preparing for the trip in advance. I needed to show Petersburg to children so that they would like the city. I was surprised to find that only a few companies, and even 1-2 private guides, conduct excursions for children in St. Petersburg. I chose it very carefully and, I must say, I was not mistaken. We have booked 3 excursions with BestGuides - Secrets of St. Petersburg, the Hermitage and a quest excursion around Peterhof. I liked all 3 very much and, first of all, thanks to our wonderful guide Irina. I'm not afraid of this word, she is a very talented girl. The children did not want to let her go! The grandchildren especially liked the Peterhof quest. Thank you very much Irina. I will gladly recommend this company to all my acquaintances.

We came to St. Petersburg in a small company - 2 families. In total, 4 adults and 5 children from 6 to 13 years old. I organized the trip. In order not to overload the children, we decided not to book many excursions and choose only one. So, I was faced with the difficult task of choosing an excursion for children and adults in St. Petersburg, and such that everyone would be interested. I approached very responsibly - I called travel agencies all day. As a result, we ordered an excursion - a quest around Peterhof with the Best Guides company. The excursion went off with a bang. Apparently the guide tried her best and picked up questions and tasks for all of us - both for 6 years and for 13. The children were delighted with the prizes, and we - from what kind of children we have, unexpectedly for us, turned out to be smart. Most memorable was the operating model of the fountain, which was assembled and launched to everyone's joy in 5 minutes.

I have worked as a tour guide for many years and I perfectly understand that it is not easy to show Petersburg to children on excursions. Especially so that the story is informative, and the children liked and remembered. This is a task for a professional. I must say that our guide Daria B. coped with the task perfectly. The excursion was easy, cheerful and perky. Great excursion and wonderful guide. I recommend this company, especially if you want to go on an excursion with the whole family.

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