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A long and beautiful summer falls once a year, not just for cats to twist their tails. You will not allow your offspring to spend such a significant part of their lives ineptly !? Now we will tell you in detail about the options for exciting and cognitive leisure that our city prepares for children free from school and parents who are constrained by work.

Science shows from Smart Sochi

The Planet Earth Program is the fruit of the joint work of chemists, geographers and geologists. In one of the laboratories, children will be engaged in the construction of a volcano and arrange its controlled (hopefully) eruption. In two other laboratories, they will find out why mountains grow and rivers flow and try to surpass forecasters in forecast accuracy (this, it turns out, is not difficult). And where without oil - young scientists will explore, drill and pump, and then distill it, getting real gasoline! And the children will make a model of the geological section with their own hands and (hurray!) Take it home. So that parents do not want to relax, they will have a serious conversation with them about global warming, ecology and how a person is changing the planet and what surprises the Earth is preparing for us in the near future.

In the scientific program "General Medicine" children will find a "scientific buffet". Make your choice, my friend, at your discretion: placing a filling, treating a fracture, diagnosing glaucoma, working with X-rays, making drugs? The pharmaceutical laboratory will make prescription drugs and learn to distinguish real drugs from counterfeits. The laboratory of the theory of medicine will provide an opportunity to try yourself in the role of a doctor and make a diagnosis based on images, analyzes and complaints. In the “Pharmacy” laboratory, children will learn how to assemble a first-aid kit for different occasions and make analogues of modern active medicines. And, finally, in the laboratory, medical practitioners will drill teeth, put fillings, apply splints and bandages, do (horror!) Injections and even laparoscopic operations.

The cost of a ticket for one program is 1,490 rubles. Admission is free for parents.

May 25, 26, 27 - scientific show "Planet Earth" for children from 7 to 14 years old.

June 17, 18, 24, 25 - scientific show "General Medicine" for children from 9 to 15 years old.

Summer Art School

Academic drawing and painting, graphics and sculpture, MHC in an easy playful way, plein airs and necessarily exhibitions. The approach to teaching is rather classical, the teachers of the course are members of the Union of Artists and the Union of Designers. For children (from 6.5 years old) classes are held in the morning and afternoon, for adults (up to 95.5 years old) - in the evening. The cost of one month of training is 3,700 rubles (three lessons per week for three academic hours).

The school will start working on June 1. You can join at any time if there is a place for you in the group.

We examined all the sights of Sochi and chose the best places for families with children! See photos and a short description of excursions in our rating

Since Soviet times, the summer capital of the country has been firmly in the first ranks in the list of domestic resorts in popularity. Subtropical heat, warm sea, snow-capped slopes of the Caucasus, attracting skiers ...

Sochi received even more attention after hosting the 2014 Olympics.

The sports heritage remained in the use of tourists, as well as the richest infrastructure prepared for the Games. Relaxing here is comfortable, convenient both in summer and winter.

Reserved nature and a kaleidoscope of entertainment for every taste and opportunity - the holidays promise to be hot. Every year you can discover something new and interesting at the resort.

Marine Station

Where should you go with your child first when you are at a resort? Start small. For example, you can start your acquaintance with Sochi from the seaport, because this city is the largest seaport. The construction of the station building was approached seriously, it was supposed to become the face of the resort, however, the authors got the idea one hundred percent. It is made in the Stalinist Empire style and is an architectural monument of federal significance.

The architectural ensemble consists of a main two-story building and a gallery. In the middle there is a tower with a stainless steel spire over 70 m high. It is decorated with sculptures representing the cardinal points and seasons. And the goddess of navigation, standing in the center of the fountain, greets visitors.

The Maritime Station managed to appear in films several times. So, we know him from Gaidai's imperishable comedy "The Diamond Arm".

It's nice to walk along the embankment in the evening, admire the huge cruise liners with the children and admire the snow-white yachts, or maybe even go on a boat trip to the open sea.

What to see and where to go in Sochi with children? If you are in a hot tropical resort, in Sochi or Adler, if in the first few days you are already tired of the southern heat and going to the beach, if you don’t know what to do with yourself and your children ... Check out our rating of family places where you can go with your children usefully spend time, have fun and actively relax. Top 10 locations worth visiting in Sochi with children, from the Olympic Park and the Rosa Khutor resort to the Nikola Tesla and Leonardo museums!

Where to go with children in Sochi

So, we share the rating of family places in Sochi, where you should definitely go with your children. The list of places and objects is already ordered, the higher the position in the rating - the higher our rating and recommendation. Both adults and children took part in the assessment, so the rating takes into account the interests of all groups of the population as much as possible ?

Olympic Park and Singing Fountain

In the summer of 2018, we set off as a large family company - two adults and three children (8 years old, 4 years old and 2 years old) - to Sochi, Adler, to the Olympic Park area to get acquainted with the "legacy" of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games .

Of course, the objects of the Olympic Park were a must in our tourist program. We managed to visit the Olympic Park at the "Singing Fountain" several times, taking a walk before going to bed. The atmosphere is amazing!

Age: 0+ Time: evening, preferably from 19:00 to 21:00 Cost: free Rating: 10 out of 10

Olympic Park gets maximum marks. Great space for evening family walks, recommended for everyone!

Sochi Park Amusement Park

Sochi Park is one of the best amusement parks in Russia. 20 attractions of the European level, a dolphinarium, an aquatic theater, a huge children's center, a petting zoo, themed playgrounds, a mega-sandbox - all this was created by the world's best manufacturers especially for Sochi Park.

The warm climate of Sochi is very conducive to walking. You can walk along the trail with picturesque views, enjoying the unity with nature, here all year round.

This is exactly what many local residents (including us) are doing, as well as guests of the city. Now I will not write about the benefits of walking in the fresh air - this is understandable to any sane person.

The good news is that there are different routes for walking in Sochi: both very simple and more difficult. Not very good: you will have to pay to enter most of the routes. But it will still be cheaper than walking around the mall ;-)

In this article I have collected for you the most interesting options for one-day hiking routes in Sochi. Photos are attached.

One-day hiking trails in Sochi: list, description, photo

In this article I will describe routes for you, starting with the simplest ones and ending with those. which may seem daunting. The key word is “may seem”, because, as practice shows, the level of physical activity is different for all of us. Someone walks 5-7 km a day as a norm, and for someone even 500 meters on foot is already a load out of the ordinary ...

And one more thing: you need to get to the beginning of all routes by transport or by car. If you don't have your own car, take a taxi or car sharing. Or contact private guides who organize day trips in Sochi.

If this is a problem for you, or you need a flat path, without steps, to walk with your child in a stroller, then you can skip reading the article further - there are no such options here. Then just walk along the embankments and city parks:

Agur Falls

Everything is simple here: you get to the Sputnik stop by minibus and follow the signs.

The route passes through 3 waterfalls, for the entrance to it, the Sochi National Park charges 300 rubles.

Pros: Easy but inspiring route. Cons: in July-August, the waterfalls dry up.

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