Excursion from A to Z - where and what to see

Excursion from A to Z - where and what to see

From Angkor Wat to Yaroslavl and back from Java to Athens

A real "excursionist" is a special client. While ordinary vacationers lie under the scorching rays of exotic and not very suns or stretch their ligaments on steep and not very slopes, his tender soul soars in the sky-high heights of painting, sculpture and architecture, music and literature, in the vastness of national parks and ancient temple complexes ... There is a part of such a sublime being in everyone: while resting even in the most “beach” country, no, no - and you will get out on an excursion. So that later there was something to remember.

This article is about tours, the percentage of "excursions" in which reaches 50 percent or more. That is, options initially focused primarily on educational tourism.

Of course, this does not mean at all that in such trips there will be no time left for anything other than walking to museums, cathedrals and castles of varying degrees of dilapidation: the "excursion" can be successfully combined with shopping and beach vacation. Take Italy, for example. There, you can explore the many sights of Rome all day long (and never see even half), and then relax on the nearby Riviera of Lazio - in the bustling Ostia or secluded Anzio. The disadvantages of a completely "naked excursion" can be attributed only to an oversaturated "chache" of sights, from which a motley mess of facades, paintings, names and dates remains in my head: such a literal sense of the word "gallop across Europe" is best avoided.

North Caucasus - only experienced accompanying guides.

Europe is our everything

The pillar of the world "excursion" is, first of all, old Europe, whose lands are exceptionally rich in historical sights. The turbulent history of the region with all its bloody monarchs, geniuses-architects and self-willed clergy had the best effect on the number of monuments: cathedrals and squares, palaces and castles of the powerful, town halls, indispensable clock towers and a lot of interesting buildings of different architectural styles - from half-timbered houses to "flaming Gothic" - all of this is offered for inspection during sightseeing tours. The second thing that Europe is famous for is all kinds of "temples of art": art galleries, museum collections, temporary and permanent exhibitions, theaters and concert halls (many of them are also among the masterpieces of architecture) provide an opportunity to see famous canvases and sculptures, household items and interiors of different eras, get acquainted with the work of masters of fine arts. Last but not least, people come here for impressions: take a walk around Montmartre, order a glass of pure gin in an authentic English pub (and immediately regret your choice), look with your own eyes at the "combed" green fields of Bavaria and listen to the cooing of insolent pigeons on the Place San Marco.

The contingent of those who go on sightseeing tours across Europe is extremely diverse, which is explained, so to speak, by the "general interest" of the destination. If, say, the Kasbah at the foot of the Atlas Mountains may not seem attractive to everyone (red dust, heat, loud calls from the muezzin to prayer and architecture, striking from a modern point of view with its primitiveness), there are few originals who have the courage to assert that the Eiffel Tower - a pile of iron, and the canvases of Botticelli and Russo - so, nonsense in vegetable oil. Therefore, the European "excursion" attracts both students (as a rule, who choose bus tours such as "Five Capitals"), and frivolous girls, who are more attracted to Milan outlets than the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana (you will break your tongue!), And pensioners who want to see how they live there. “They have”, and simply intellectually oriented natures of any age and gender.

Popular routes of the European "excursion" are divided into programs "on the spot", within one country or even one city (for example, the same Paris, which you can see a lifetime) and tours with traveling, during which tourists are invited to embrace, if not the immense, then at least some of the sights of several European countries. For example, for those wishing to get acquainted with the quintessence of metropolitan France, a popular excursion tour "Paris - Versailles - Loire Castles" has been developed. During the trip, it is proposed not only to visit the interesting things of the most sophisticated city in the world, but also to get some air in its picturesque suburbs: marvel at the gold and stucco molding of one of the most brilliant palaces in Europe and feel like a major feudal lord and the owner of a five hundred-room medieval dwelling. Of course, similar programs are applicable to other European capitals: Berlin most often comes with Dresden and Potsdam, London - with Hampton Court, Greenwich and Oxbridge, Vienna - with the Vienna Woods and the castles of Styria. As for the combined tours, the most popular programs of the "X capitals of Europe", where the X can be any number from 2 to 8. As a rule, this list includes Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels (or Luxembourg) and Warsaw. Such tours can be recommended to those who want to get some "general impression of Europe": a certain confusion in impressions after such arrivals is guaranteed.

For a European "excursion" usually either "treshki" closer to attractions (typical for inexpensive "all-in-one" tours) are allocated, or a choice of three or four hotels in each category is offered. The duration of the programs is from a weekend for 3 days and 2 nights with a couple of basic city tours to 7-8 days of a rich excursion program. Accordingly, the cost also fluctuates: from 200 EUR when traveling by bus to 500-600 EUR for classic sightseeing tours in European capitals.

Great civilizations of the past

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