Everything will come down to computers and virtual travel "

Everything will come down to computers and virtual travel

The Governor of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov signed a decree on the reorganization of popular institutions of additional education - the Republican Ecological and Biological Center and the Republican Center for Children and Youth Tourism. The Ministry of Education believes that this will benefit everyone. Experts and educators are convinced of the opposite. Details in the material "FederalPress".

The Last of the Mohicans

The first to sound the alarm were employees of the Republican Center for Children and Youth Tourism, who learned about the upcoming reorganization from media reports. At the moment, more than 200 young residents of Karelia study at the center - 13 teachers are engaged in their training in seven educational programs of tourism and local lore. According to them, in the new conditions, it will become almost impossible to develop mass, affordable and safe children's tourism.

“We bring up moral and moral qualities in children, we teach to communicate with each other, to love their native land, to serve ourselves, to provide first aid, we teach mutual assistance and the ability to navigate in the forest, the basics of rescue on water, and so on. ... These skills will always come in handy, - said Anna Filimonova, teacher of the children's tourism center. - The reorganization will lead to the fact that children and youth tourism in Karelia will come to naught. Not a single children's tourist association is left in the regions of Karelia. Our center is the last of the Mohicans. And we want to keep it. If there is no center, everything will be reduced to computers, gadgets and virtual travel. "

"There will be reductions I promise you that"

The Ministry of Education of Karelia told FederalPress that they do not see any problems. As a result of the reorganization measures, only one organization of additional education will function, and the children's tourist center will become one of its structural divisions. Otherwise, everything will remain the same.

“Based on the results of the reorganization measures, all areas of activity of the reorganized institutions of additional education, including the implementation of tourism and local history activities, will be preserved and will be further developed,” the department promised. And they stressed that all teachers will remain in their places. Nevertheless, the pedagogical team has already been warned that it is high time to look for a new job.

"The future director, whom they want to appoint to optimize our institution, was asked a direct question:" Should we expect redundancies? " She said: “There will be reductions. I promise you that. " Apparently, certain financial goals are being set, towards which you need to move, - said the teacher-organizer Yuri Timchenko. - In addition, the new leader is unlikely to agree to let the children out into the forest, to take on such a responsibility. We will learn to make fires in the study using sticks and in every possible way reduce the practical component of our activities. Although tourism is more practice than theory. "

"This will hit tourism"

Experts assess the prospects of the reorganization negatively. According to the famous Karelian traveler, the tourism advisor to the Head of the Republic of Kazakhstan Viktor Simonov, there will be more harm than good. Similar processes have already taken place in Kostomuksha, Kondopoga and other regions of the republic - the result was disastrous: the once well-known children's tourist centers ceased to exist.

“The Republican Center for Children and Youth Tourism is not just a center where many children study. This is the only tourism center in the republic where the unification of forces takes place. There, future personnel for the tourism sector are being prepared. And now all this will not happen, ”the expert complained. - If earlier the leader came up to me and said that he was going on a hike from the center of youth tourism - this is one thing. I understand the qualifications of this person, I understand that the children are prepared, that there were training. Now this will not happen. I, as a member of the route qualification commission, simply will not sign this minibus. Because I don't know who prepared these children for the hike. I will not take on such responsibility. And so it will be everywhere. This will be a very strong blow to tourism. I don't know why this is done, but this is definitely not a budget saving. We are a tourist region, we have to train personnel, and we take and reduce all this. This is complete nonsense. "

Syamozero? No, you haven't heard

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