Europe tour - how to travel cheap

Where can we relax in 2021 without looking at the coronavirus

It is difficult to find a person who would not like to travel. A change of scenery, new meetings, new places, new experiences.

This increases the pleasure of life and charges for new achievements.

The easiest way to travel around Europe is to contact a travel agency for a trip to one of the countries.

You will be offered a choice of an excursion program to any country, they will take care of visa support, transport, accommodation, and sometimes even food. It's comfortable.

Disadvantages of Travel Agencies

But this choice has many disadvantages. Your time will be strictly regulated, you will not have the opportunity to see what you want to see.

To linger in order to admire your favorite temple, unusual building or landscape, a certain amount of time will be allotted to inspect each "object".

Besides, all the excursions offered by the agencies are quite the same:

  • Major attractions
  • Major museums
  • Popular restaurants

And all this in the company of 30-40 of your compatriots.

America Today - US News in Russian

"Eh, if I had a million, I would travel all over the world ..." - for sure, you have repeatedly heard such vague sayings from your friends, colleagues or just acquaintances. Unfortunately, in the post-Soviet space, there is still a misconception that travel is an unaffordable luxury for the average person. Most ordinary workers believe that it will take years to save up for a well-deserved vacation. And traveling alone is not safe at all. but in fact, all these are groundless, empty fears imposed by society. Today we will show you how to tour Europe while saving money.

I want to introduce you to various budget travel options. However, this article is not at all about how to save money on yourself. On the contrary, I will tell you how to squeeze out the maximum impressions and unforgettable emotions at a minimum cost. And also, based on personal experience, I will share what mistakes should not be made.

Germany, Frankfurt

A land of skyscrapers, flea markets, countless banks (the European Central Bank and the Federal Bank of Germany), immigrants flooding entire neighborhoods and luxurious architecture painstakingly rebuilt in the post-war period.

An alpha giant city, rightfully called European Manhattan. The famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born here, by the way, the house in which he lived has survived to this day. There is now a free-to-visit museum. And the Rhine-Main airport ranks first in terms of cargo transportation and fourth in Europe in terms of the number of passengers. Located 12 km from the city.

We rented the hotel through booking. om. I have acquired a custom - to monitor promotional offers several times a week. In this case, you must always have several backup sources of profitable options. We got the room bright, tidy, well equipped, in the station area.

Plane tickets were booked through my favorite site tripmydream. om 68 $ - in both directions, just a minute!

Budget travel cannot be imagined without flights by low-cost airlines, which in recent years have become a part of the lives of thousands of inveterate adventurers. One of the main skills that I have acquired during my many flights and transfers is the skill of compact baggage packaging. However, I will tell you about the delights of carrying hand luggage and its varieties, depending on the rules of the airline, in another article.

Peculiarities of the national ... or how important it is to take into account the details

Our greatest mistake was indiscretion. We booked tickets for October 3rd without looking at the calendar first. What a surprise our faces lit up when, having arrived in Frankfurt, we discovered that apart from the world famous Starbucks coffee shop and a number of fashionable restaurants, not a single establishment was open.

Day of German Unity, no matter how. Europeans carefully respect traditions and are always ready to take the side of human rights protection. Therefore, it is extremely important to remember about the mentality and peculiarities of the area: for example, on Sundays, supermarkets and boutiques are closed to the public.

How to save money while touring Europe - don't be afraid to experiment!

“Life begins outside your comfort zone” - I mutter under my breath and reluctantly try. Each time you visit a new place, try to learn a lesson for yourself, acquire a skill, or simply replenish your arsenal of feelings.

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Vacation planning always depends on many factors. In today's realities, the key one is the pandemic, which has closed dozens of popular tourist destinations. Which countries will be open to Russians in the coming year? Where can you rest without taking a PCR test for coronavirus? And what conditions will need to be met in order to go on a long-awaited vacation?

The tourist market quickly adjusts to realities, so it is now much easier to get the necessary insurance and insure yourself against not leaving in case of illness or closure of a destination. It is enough to go to specialized services and carefully read the rules of cancellation or transfer of the tour.

The Federal Agency regularly updates the list of countries where you can officially fly from the Russian Federation. In fact, there are a little more opportunities due to exotic countries, which can be reached with transfers in other countries. In our review, we will highlight those that will be popular and affordable in terms of vacation planning for 2021.

By the end of February, Russian tourists are received:

  • Abkhazia
  • Egypt
  • Jordan
  • Maldives
  • Mexico
  • Cuba
  • Dominican Republic
  • UAE
  • Serbia
  • Tanzania
  • Turkey
  • Switzerland

Borders should be opened by spring:


  • When to arrive: all year round
  • Peak season: July-September
  • Insurance: Needed (compare prices)
  • PCR test: required from January 1, 2021
  • Prices: from 35,255 rubles (7 days, Apart-hotel)

Turkish resorts were the first to open after the first wave of coronavirus and welcomed tourists even during the tightening of measures. In 2021, Turkey will definitely hold the first position among foreign destinations. Tours sell well throughout the year. Outside the summer season, tourists go for the high level of service in 5 * hotels and incredibly attractive prices. A large number of charters allows you to plan both short-term trips of 3-4 days and long trips.


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