Enrollment in sports sections for children of Togliatti for the 2020-2021 academic year

Togliatti children's tourism center

Sports activities develop, temper and raise children. Children who play sports are much more collected than their peers and more purposeful. Dear moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers, in this review we will publish up-to-date information on recruiting for sports sections in Togliatti for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Attention, this section is constantly updated. Follow the news.

For organizations: if you did not find yourself in the list, or found an error in the description, please write to us: info @ gorodok-tlt. u

* The information is presented on the basis of information obtained from open sources of organizations. We recommend that you clarify all the information on the specified contact information, changes are possible.


The State Budgetary Institution "Sports Technical School" once a year (November-December) recruits boys at the age of 9 for initial training groups.

In addition to the fact that education at the school is free, it takes place on the only children's track in Russia. The young athlete will have to increase the level of physical fitness in the gym and trampoline halls, as well as take it in off-site motocross training. In addition to physical activities, children are taught the theoretical foundations of a motorcycle.

If there is a desire and perseverance, then in the near future, perhaps, your name will appear in the first line of the tournament tables.

Contact phones: 8 (8482) 48-23-99; 28-02-87

The Murzin Children's and Youth Driving School in Togliatti The Auto Club of the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity announces the recruitment of boys and girls aged 14-18 for a training course that includes traffic theory, practical driving, knowledge of technical equipment, maintenance and car repair. Pupils of the auto club, demonstrating convincing successes, represent the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity at city competitions and regional stages of the All-Russian championships in youth motor racing.

The term of study is 2 years. Tuition is paid. The car club teachers are Valery Viktorovich Tatarenko, Elena Nikolaevna Kudryavtseva, Zinaida Petrovna Vasilyukova.

Preliminary registration to the association is carried out in the lobby of the 1st floor of DYuT. The parents' meeting will take place on August 26 at 19:00 in the building of the auto club (gathering at the central entrance of DYuT at 18.5). You should have the passport data of one of the parents, a copy of the birth certificate (or passport data) of the child.

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The caretakers have a lot to do!

25. 2. 021 at 15. 0 MKOU DPO RC in an online format conducts a seminar on the topic "Maintenance and maintenance of the roof, blind area, basement, basements of buildings educational institutions of all types.

The webinar will address the issues of correct inspection of roofs, blind areas, plinths, attics and basements of buildings, compliance with temperature and humidity conditions in the attic and basement of OS buildings, cleaning the blind area, roofs from debris, snow and ice.

To participate in the webinar, you need to pre-register.

Good news of the week (February)

We've upgraded flexible competencies!

From 01. 2. 021 to 12. 2. 021 at MKOU DPO RC 25 teachers of educational institutions of all types were trained under the additional professional program "Formation of flexible competencies of a teacher as a condition for the development of a child's personality."

The refresher courses were organized by the methodologist T. Abramova. in a part-time format using distance educational technologies on the moodle platform. gl. et. u.

Students of the advanced training program got acquainted with the theoretical content of the model of flexible competences of teachers, practiced in the use of technological tools to improve their "soft skills" in professional activities.

Based on the results of the meetings, the program participants came to the conclusion that in the modern educational space, raising the future generation, the teacher should focus on revealing the potential of the individual, his creative base, necessary for the effective implementation of pedagogical activities. The positive feedback received has shown an increase in the motivation of teachers in professional growth.

We wish our listeners to further improve their flexible competencies in practice!

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