Education in hiking

Education in hiking

Camping Education

Almost all people raise someone their whole life: someone - themselves, someone - relatives, and someone - neighbors or subordinates. In fact, upbringing is just a bombastic term that means the banal adaptation of people to specific social rules. Most of all, in terms of upbringing, goes to children who simply cannot stand up for themselves. But adults also continue to educate each other, especially young couples who have just healed under one roof and are building a common life. If you are reading this article, then, dear reader, someone is raising you, and you yourself are slowly adapting those around you to your rules.

But what does hiking give a person in terms of education? Oh, in campaigns, education moves by leaps and bounds! In this article, we would like, albeit slightly caricatured, to show what education in hikes is, and what benefits it can bring to family life.

The main qualities that a man who decides to start a family should cultivate are patience and ingenuity. If you are looking for a gift for your future husband, then sending him on a hike in the mountains in order to develop patience and ingenuity is ideal. For example, let's take a classic husband who loves to lie on the couch, smokes and loves to eat deliciously.

Experience shows that only people with very strong lungs manage to smoke while climbing a mountain. The bulk of tourists are forced to endure to the top. Sometimes it is very funny to see how a man, trailing behind the group for the entire trip, rushes ahead of everyone to the top just because he is already beginning to gag from the desire to smoke. And what a real lazy person is capable of on a campaign is hard to imagine. Not wanting to go fetch firewood once again, the man just brings giant armfuls of brushwood, settles himself on the cushion so that he recalls the sofa at home without longing and is always near the kitchen, waiting for the addition to appear.

As for the passion for delicious food, it is quite useful to send a man on a hike with the "Unknown World" Club, where all the instructors who prepare food are entirely men. Returning home, such a man simply cannot demand a variety of delicacies from his wife. Moreover, he will increasingly appear in the kitchen, but not as an eater, but in attempts to cook outdoor meals.

The main thing that is required to educate a woman who has decided to marry is the ability not to cycle on the family, finding time for a hobby. After all, when a wife is completely immersed in family life, she very quickly gets tired of it and becomes disappointed. Hiking with the Unexplored World Club will help your wife do yoga and open the doors to the spiritual world for her. This will help you, as a husband, spend more time on important things like playing solitaire, watching the news, and doing crosswords.

Hiking helps children understand that no one in this world will create greenhouse conditions for them. A child on a hike overcomes the same difficulties as an adult, goes the same mileage and rises to the same heights, except that his backpack is lighter, but it also weighs much less than an adult. In addition, the trip teaches the child that the whims from the series "Mom, I'm tired of everything, I want to go home!" they do not always work, because when it is a whole day's journey to the nearest settlement, it is quite difficult to be at home at the first request of the child. Many children are very picky about food, but hiking in the mountains comes to the rescue here too. It is enough to involve the child in collecting firewood, doing kitchen work, and the prepared dish will become the most delicious in the world for him.

We all know about the fortitude of body and spirit, praised by the bards, the romance, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness that hiking in the mountains develops in people. However, there are a couple of very valuable qualities that develop in a person who loves to walk in the mountains.

The first is the ability not to take extra cargo on the road. Those who are accustomed to bags on wheels often take a lot of unnecessary things with them on their travels. A person who walks the mountains with a backpack knows that every thing is extra grams that are very well felt on the rise.

The second is the ability to contemplate nature and enjoy this process. Modern man is accustomed to the constant hustle and bustle of large companies and has learned to enjoy music and cinema. On hikes, a person returns to nature and realizes that the rustle of leaves and the crackle of fire are better than any music, and a sunset in the mountains is much more interesting than cinematic novelties.

The third is the value of communicating with like-minded people. It is clear that it is much more interesting and pleasant to communicate with a person who thinks in the same categories as you. But on hikes you meet not just like-minded people, but those who are really close to you in spirit.

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