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In order to draw up a business plan for a travel agency, you need to decide on the services provided. The decision of the founder to organize the company as an agent or operator is important. The main share of tourist enterprises in Russia are agents (intermediaries between the operator and the tourist) who provide a standard range of services.

Step-by-step instructions for opening a travel agency

How much does it cost to open a travel agency?

Services provided

The travel agency's business plan includes the definition of the following responsibilities of the agent:

  • informing clients about tours;
  • searching and booking optimal living conditions;
  • organizing transfer (travel) from the airport/station to the hotel and back;
  • preparation of accompanying documentation (insurance policy, visa);
  • connection of additional services (excursion, meals);
  • search and purchase of tickets, taking into account personal client's wishes (meals on board, aircraft class) and acceptable docking;
  • information support during the duration of the tour;
  • assistance with the involvement of an interpreter and/or guide.

Services can be supplemented depending on the direction chosen by the company. For example, when organizing a shopping tour, the manager must find and provide information about discounts and conditions of the stores. Including holidays and weekends.

The services provided may be related to the organization of international and domestic travel. Some firms provide assistance in inbound tourism when residents of other countries come to Russia on a tour. This increases the volume of services provided. Most tourists come to Russia from China.


The relevance of the organization of the chosen business is due to the constantly increasing flow of tourists. This is due to the improvement in the financial situation of people and the development of the tourism industry. Many airlines and hotels provide discounts and bonus programs, which pushes tourists to make a decision about a particular vacation. In addition, many people are willing to pay money to the agency to guarantee a comfortable stay. For example, so as not to face scammers or lack of affordable housing without prior booking.

Market description and analysis

Or leave a request on the website, after which our manager will contact you: The cost of a customized business plan starts from 50,000 rubles. The final cost is determined individually based on the initial project data. They trust us:

How to decide: weigh the pros and cons

The tourism business plan always contains information about the risks and disadvantages of such a solution as opening your own travel agency. First of all, do not forget that the competition in this type of activity is very high. You will have to make every effort to find and occupy your niche in the market for these services. Business school asks you to beware of situations where when a manager is fired, all of his clients leave with him. This state of affairs in the tourism business is not new. Based on this, it is necessary to make sure that all personnel are satisfied with working conditions, wages and the general atmosphere in the team. And this is already included in the tasks solved by a talented leader. The tourism business plan contains information on some of the merits of the idea of ​​starting a travel agency. This is a relatively small investment. Plus, you don't need a large office at first. You can gradually expand and subsequently rent or even buy a more spacious room, as well as make high-quality repairs in it.

Important nuances

Despite the small investment, the tourism business is a difficult area of ​​activity, especially for a budding entrepreneur. The tourism business plan should be written based on the concept of your agency. You must decide on a specific field of activity. In this case, there are several options. First, you can only offer travel agency services to your clients. This means that you will be a simple intermediary between the end consumer and the tour operator, whose packages you will sell. In this case, your income depends on the number of clients for whom you will be paid a commission. The option with the opening of a tour operator company is considered more costly. In such a situation, you will have to provide customers with a full cycle of services: negotiate with sanatoriums, excursion bureaus, hotels, hotels, organize transfers, cooperate with carriers, provide tourists with food and obtain visas as soon as possible, etc.

The tourism business plan should contain information about all the services that your travel agency will provide to clients. The types of recreation available today are very diverse: extreme sports, treatment, children's tours, cruises, youth trips, and so on. The most important thing is to offer quality services so that people will come to you again and again.

If you have decided to act as a travel agent, then it is important to find a good tour operator for further cooperation. They usually pay agencies like yours about 12-13 percent of each package that is sold. Thus, it becomes clear that the more people you manage to get interested in your services, the more income you will receive.

Business plan tourism contains information on finding a suitable office space. But first, you need to deal with the registration of all permits. Tourist activities in our country are not subject to licensing, so you just need to limit yourself to the registration of a private enterprise or LLC.

Regarding the premises, we can say that it should be located in such a way that it is convenient to get there not only by public transport, but also by the owners of their own cars. That is, it is better to locate your office in the city center or at least in crowded places. A travel agency on the second floor of an office building will not bring the desired profit. The phone numbers that customers will use to find you must be mobile. This is necessary in order not to face problems with a possible move, in which case you will simply lose your landline number.

A travel agency needs specialists for such positions: courier, accountant, managers and cleaner. Managers should be sociable, confident and creative people who can convince the client to use your services, because it is not easy.

Be sure to run a high-quality advertising campaign. In this case, all means are good: advertising on television, on the local radio station, banners on the streets, billboards, advertisements in newspapers, distribution of leaflets on the streets. Be sure to offer regular discounts on certain types of services.

Opening your own travel agency is a promising and profitable undertaking if you manage to organize everything correctly.

Rules for developing a business plan

Examples of business plans for tourism and travel is an opportunity to get acquainted with examples of how to formalize your business idea on paper and correctly present it to an investor, bank or government organizations.

The main goal of business planning in tourism is to demonstrate the level of profitability of the project and to carry out marketing, financial and production analysis of the future project.

Based on the research data, a final conclusion will be made about whether the business model will subsequently be profitable and whether it has the potential for development. It is better to identify all the shortcomings of a business idea at the planning stage, since right now it is possible to introduce the necessary corrections and adjustments into the idea and the process of its subsequent implementation without financial risks.

  • You can write a business plan for a large company or a small family business yourself from scratch or order its development in one of the specialized agencies; to save money, you can order certain studies of the market segment you are interested in.
  • The purpose of business planning is to develop a viable business model based on theoretical material and specific research.
  • Tasks to be solved in business planning in the segment of providing travel services:

Business plans provided by already operating companies demonstrate to the state their readiness for further development of the country's economy as a whole. Strategic and operational plans, which are provided by companies that have already occupied their niches in the tourism segment, allow planning the amount of the budget that will be spent on the implementation of social, scientific and technical programs.

  • The advantages of business planning in the fight against competitors allow you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company in time and outline the primary and secondary ones for solving the problem.
  • A business plan is a kind of objective assessment of the performance of an entrepreneur and his team.
  • On the other hand, a business plan is in the aggregate a search, research and project document, which is aimed both at regulating activities and at the possibility of obtaining additional, including financial support, from outside.

The main functions of a business plan in tourism

The main functions of a business plan in tourism:

  • Complete and clear formulation of a business idea, emotions of a future entrepreneur in a specific goal, while long-term and short-term goals are regulated and set out as succinctly and clearly as possible. Stages and terms of work on a future project are defined and distributed;
  • a description of the portrait of an "ideal client" and on the basis of this data a definition of the target audience is formed, as well as an analysis of the density of competitors and the payback period of this project in a particular region ;
  • calculation of investment risks and financial indicators (a very important section for potential investors).

Information must be presented truthfully, research - as close as possible to real conditions.

Or leave a request on the website, after which our manager will contact you: The cost of a customized business plan starts from 50,000 rubles. The final cost is determined individually based on the initial project data. They trust us:

Business Features

Many people do not even suspect that it is green tourism that makes money. They just have country houses, which they, if necessary, rent out to vacationers. However, hiking can also be attributed to green tourism. And if you want to provide your clients with such services, then you will need to purchase equipment and equipment that can be rented. It is not worth saving on this. If you buy really high quality things, then they will last longer. A green tourism business plan assumes that you decide on a concept: either you provide only housing, or both housing and excursions. The business school claims that the payback period for such an undertaking is minimal. Therefore, by investing a certain amount, which will mainly go towards creating comfortable conditions for clients, you will soon begin to receive a stable profit.

So, you have a country house. You will need to make repairs to it if really necessary. This business is, of course, seasonal. People mostly come on vacation in the summer. Although, of course, if you live in an area where the winters are quite snowy, you can receive clients at this time of the year, they will ski and do other active winter sports.

In addition, you must provide food for customers. And the costs of this are also taken into account by the green tourism business plan.

Please note

To do this business, you will need to register an individual entrepreneur. This organizational and legal form of doing business is optimal in this case. So, you need a house with several rooms for about four to five beds. In addition to the need to renovate the premises, there is also a need for you to think over an entertainment program for vacationers. When you have solved all the organizational issues, you can think about advertising. Try to spread the word first among your acquaintances and friends living in the city. However, you can also advertise in newspapers, on the Internet. In one season, by accommodating guests, organizing their meals, trips to attractions, you can earn at least 2.5 thousand dollars.

Unfortunately, currently green tourism as a business has almost no support from the state. And this despite the fact that it is recognized as developing. And some, so to speak, work in the shadows. Experts report that the success of such a business also largely depends on the geographical area in which it is organized.

Agritourism is compared by many to the hotel business. Your main concerns will be home cleaning, laundry, and cooking delicious meals. There are many ways to attract customers. Someone simply offers them homemade meals made from organic products, and someone is even able to organize an ethnographic exhibition or a master class of local folk craftsmen. All in your hands.

The green tourism business plan assumes that profitability in this case is estimated at about 20-30 percent. The most important thing is a well-located house. And if you do not even own such suburban real estate, you can always buy it. Now it is quite possible to buy an abandoned house in a relatively normal condition in order to make repairs in it and start receiving guests.

You can advertise your business not only through the usual methods. Many owners of such mini-hotels prefer to hire special agents to find clients. These people bring people who want to stay on vacation, for which you pay them a small commission, usually they are equal to 10 percent of the amount that you will eventually receive from guests for the entire period of stay.

So, in order to organize your business in the field of green tourism, little is required from you: the presence of a village house in a village with good infrastructure (for several rooms), the desire to earn money, the presence of a small farm (chickens, pigs, cow) to provide guests with organic products (meat, milk, eggs). Of course, when working with people, you need to love them, be a hospitable and friendly person. Without this, success in green tourism cannot be achieved. The most important thing is that in a fairly short period of time (for example, the summer season), you can make good money. And this business is easy to expand if the land area allows.

Or leave a request on the website, after which our manager will contact you: The cost of a customized business plan starts from 50,000 rubles. The final cost is determined individually based on the initial project data. They trust us:

Or leave a request on the website, after which our manager will contact you: The cost of a customized business plan starts from 50,000 rubles. The final cost is determined individually based on the initial project data. They trust us:

Where to start

First of all, you must determine the location where your business will be located. The minimum you need is a house in the village. And it's good if there is a river nearby, a forest. Keep in mind that people who are attracted to ecotourism are not looking in the forest for an opportunity to connect with friends on social networks. Usually their goal is complete detachment from civilization. And you must provide such conditions. Let the house be electrified, but at the same time it is quite possible to do without running water and gas. Although this is at the discretion of a novice businessman. So, you have to start looking for a suitable home in a suitable location.

Eco-tourism business plan also solves the problem of transport. You have to deliver tourists to the holiday destination. And in general, the ideal option is to do part of the way in an unexpected way, for example, in a horse-drawn cart or in a sleigh. The issue of food is solved simply - you can negotiate with the locals. If it works out, then your responsibilities will only include the purchase of products. There is usually not too much work in the villages, so you will quickly find people willing to make money by cooking delicious lunches and breakfasts.

What else to consider

An eco-tourism business plan assumes that you carefully consider your options for tourist attractions. Of course, messing around on vacation is boring. Therefore, you can offer customers purely rural work: driving cows to pasture, kindling a stove, chopping wood. People living in metropolitan areas get an unforgettable experience from the banal milking of a cow. You should design your entertainment program based on what the locals have to offer. It can be sleigh rides in winter, horseback riding in summer, and joint evenings with an accordion player and singing songs will definitely amaze those who are accustomed only to nightclubs. You cannot do without traditional types of recreation, such as fishing, swimming, picking mushrooms and berries, and a Russian bath.

It is necessary to look for clients, first of all, among the inhabitants of megalopolises. Such a vacation is very popular abroad. In our country, it has only recently begun to develop and is gradually gaining momentum. But you can also count on the attention of foreigners. You just need to place ads with a photo gallery on thematic forums. Another option is to look for corporate clients. First of all, originality is important for them. There is one more way for promotion - cooperation with travel agencies. You must offer such terms of partnership that you might be interested in.

On the benefits of eco-tourism business

If you consider all the advantages that such an undertaking has, then it is quite obvious that you need to draw up a business plan for ecological tourism and try to implement it. So, practically no financial investments are required from you, payment can be made on the spot from the funds provided by the client as an advance payment. In addition, such a business idea is a great opportunity for villagers who can earn money right at home. There will be no special expenses for advertising or rental of premises. Almost any person can engage in ecotourism, regardless of the availability of any knowledge. You only need desire. The competition in this area is not too great, so you definitely have the opportunity to take your place in this area of ​​activity. You will not have to go through the licensing procedure, so there is no need to register a legal entity. It will be enough to register an individual entrepreneur in order to use the most simplified taxation system.

What determines whether such an undertaking will be crowned with success? Undoubtedly, from the location you choose to host your business It would be better to look near large cities, but it is desirable that the place be as detached from civilization as possible. You will not need to pay special attention to the furnishings of the rooms. It is enough to keep it clean and tidy. A comfortable bed, bedside table, table and chair are enough for one person. The main thing is entertainment and leisure unusual for a city dweller, as well as fresh air, peace and quiet.

The School of Business informs that ecological tourism in our country is developing, and in order for this to happen at a faster pace, it is possible and necessary to show oneself in this area.

Or leave a request on the website, after which our manager will contact you: The cost of a customized business plan starts from 50,000 rubles. The final cost is determined individually based on the initial project data. They trust us:

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