Drawing on the theme "Sports through the eyes of children" Grade 1-5 with a pencil, paints

Drawing on the theme

Sports are a great alternative to addictions. Health must be maintained from childhood. So that the child is not subjected to the temptation of bad habits, it is necessary to accustom him to physical education classes from an early age. This contributes to a healthy lifestyle in the future.

First, introduce your child to different sports. There are summer and winter varieties, equestrian and skiing, as well as some children's sports. Since it will not be possible to show everything on TV at once, we offer you pictures "Sport", which are easy to print from the site. This is great propaganda against unhealthy lifestyles.

What is the best way to tell children about sports?

Pictures on a sports theme

Especially for children studying various sports, I propose to print pictures and photos on the topic "Sports" with captions. They can be funny and serious, but in any case, they will be useful for children.

Your child will be introduced to sports such as tennis, basketball, football, horse riding, snowboarding, javelin throwing, rhythmic gymnastics, ice skating, athletics, skiing, cheerleading or cheerleading, American football , baseball, kayaking, fishing.

Here you can download free drawn cards for children with various sports, including funny ones. Children are drawn in the pictures, so that it will be easier for your child to remember the pictures. Some of them contain a hint by themselves. For example, horse riding or skiing can be easily recognized by their respective attributes, while summer or winter sports are easily recognized by the weather surrounding the athletes. Some kids say, "I love watching figure skating or horse riding." Use the interest of kids to instill in them a healthy lifestyle from childhood and get rid of bad habits. The image of an athlete is extremely important in raising children.

Drawn pictures and photos with inscriptions on the topic "Sports" for children:

Beautiful cards with images of different sports for children.

How to play?

Ecological and green tourism; what you need to know

Sports theme for drawing is not only interesting for children, but also benefits them. Sports through the eyes of children is just as interesting and exciting, and the drawings they create reflect all the best that is in sports. If a child is keen on drawing famous athletes, various sports exercises, shells, then this will certainly encourage him to go in for sports.

It is necessary to instill in children a love of sports from an early age. One way to do this is to get them interested in drawing lessons, as well as at home by drawing interesting drawings of a sports theme.

Pictures about sports

Drawings may vary in complexity depending on the sport and the corresponding sports equipment.

All drawings on a sports theme, intended for the lower grades of school, are distributed according to the principle from simple to complex.

- class

A drawing on the theme of sports through the eyes of primary school children usually contains simple sports equipment, simplified images of athletes and their actions.

The most common sports elements used in drawing lessons are shown in the following table:

AthleteSporting gear and equipmentPicture backdropFootball playerBall, gate, sneakersGess field, stadiumHockey playerPuck, hockey stick, skates, helmet, gateWinter skating rink, stadium, snowdriftsTennis playerRacket, tennis ball, tennis net, tennis table, tennis player , horizontal barSports hall

A set of colored pencils can be used to create this drawing.

Drawing a soccer ball consists of the following steps:

  • With a black pencil, draw an 8 × 8 cm circle.
  • In the center of the circle, draw a pentagon with sides of the same length.
  • Draw lines from the vertices of the pentagon towards the border of the circle. The length of the lines should be equal to the length of the sides of this pentagon.
  • From the end of each line, draw 2 lines, also directed to the border of the circle (the lines should be directed in different directions relative to each other).
  • From the end of the resulting new lines, draw lines connecting to the border of the circle, as well as to each other. The result is a honeycomb structure on the ball.
  • Paint the center cell (pentagon) black.
  • Color the cells near the edge of the circle also black.
  • Apply small strokes with a bold gray pencil inside the ball's outline, making the ball more realistic.

A drawing on the subject of sports through the eyes of children may reflect an athlete performing various exercises, for example, a weightlifter.

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