Director of individual tours

Director of individual tours

More and more people living in a constant and intense work rhythm, dreaming of an exciting journey and carefully thought-out vacation during their vacation, do not have a free minute to organize it, but are ready to pay the “magician” who will be able to make their dreams come true. <

The director of individual tours is the magician. Professionally mastering the craft, he will help to realize any "vacation" desires: to see different countries, visit the famous museums and art galleries of the world, take a trip around the world on a yacht, and conquer snowy peaks. It seems that a lifetime is not enough to see the whole world. But in the age of technology, this is quite possible, although this will require a lot of knowledge and skills.

That is why the profession of a personal guide or tour guide is becoming a thing of the past, and it has been replaced in the Atlas of New Professions with a worthy alternative, so far unusual, but very promising. Today we will try to tell you about all the features of the profession of director of individual tours.

Who is a Custom Tour Director?

The director of individual tours is a specialist who develops and is responsible for organizing unique tours that meet the needs of clients. This profession has no historical background. It is only a little like the work of a personal guide or tour guide, and in the more distant past - a guide.

According to recent research, travel agencies (and with them, personal guides and tour guides) will soon disappear completely. They will not be swallowed up by the global crisis or sanctions, not by the danger of rest in countries with unstable political situation, and Oculus Rift helmets and digital programs that can take a traveler anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. By the way, virtual reality has already entered our life in the form of films in 3D and 4D format. All that remains is to apply this technology to the tourism industry.

At the same time, the client, thanks to the abilities and imagination of his personal travel director, can even become a participant in historical events of the past or be transported into the future. It can be assumed that travel companies will be able to reorganize by this time: for example, superimpose virtual events of the past on the modern map of the world or supplement the existing reality with the participation of the client in his favorite show, with the participation of stars.

The reality is that the second, parallel life takes place in the virtual world and people are increasingly immersed in it to satisfy their ordinary needs. Tourism lovers are less and less interested in standard group tours or excursions. This is not surprising, since the tastes of travel agency clients are individual, and a personal guide must meet the needs of each customer. Therefore, the duties of the director of virtual tours include:

  • compilation of a real and virtual itinerary, tour;
  • selection of a program for a client who wants to see the place chosen on the map, in the past or in the future;
  • selection of a city (country) for visiting and excursions according to the interests of clients;
  • buying tickets;
  • catering; booking hotels;
  • discussing and agreeing on the graphics;
  • other organizational matters.

During travel, virtual and real, a specialist must personally accompany the client at any time of the day and always be ready to fulfill any requirements of his customer.

What personal qualities should a director of individual tours have?

The organization of individual tours presupposes the presence of at least minimal creative abilities that will allow us to form a creative proposal for the needs of clients. Organizational skills are of great importance, because the responsibility of a specialist is not only in drawing up the route, but also in the ability to negotiate with all the parties involved.

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