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Tourist statements

Nature has no bad weather! You still have to go hiking! Fyodor Shutilov (prepod2000) No bad weather, bad clothes Olya Shutilova (The Frog-Traveler) "- The plan may not be bad," someone said but you just need to know where we are now. "(C) Jerome K. Jerome. Three in a boat "That's what you need a navigator for" (C) prepod2000Travel only with those you love. rnest Hemingway. A holiday that is always with you Careful planning is the key to safe and fast travel. dissei (R. Asprin) Life, it goes on while we walk (hiker Andrei Rachkov). Travel to the best of your strength and free time, but first of all in your native country - we still don't know it properly. Onstantin Paustovsky What profit is there when someone knows what is going on in India and America, but he has so much understanding about his Fatherland that he hardly knows the place where he lives. ... ... Krasheninnikov Here you tell me all the time: “I want to see Paris so much! I want to see Paris with a peep and die!” And I answer you: “The ticket costs $ 1000! And if you want to die so much, It's cheaper to see Russia! "FROM. Lepaks How little in this life we ​​need, children - both you and me. Eat your heart to rejoice in joy and the smallest novelty. Find a speck of dust from distant countries - And the world will again appear strange, Wrapped in a colored fog Alexander Blok will not forgive you your body Your labor heroism! If you want mercy from nature, So you go hiking! than anything. Sometimes one day spent in other places gives more than ten years of life at home. ... FransA couple of days in any other place, better than a couple of days on your own couch. (Maria Sherstneva. Struggling with office melancholy or.) "How to make a dream come true?" Principle one: be born a traveler and make your childhood dream come true, travel the mountains and mountains. Principle two: find like-minded friends - the same travel lovers. Principle three: the initiative is in your hands, do not wait for travel offers, organize it yourself. Principle four: while traveling, be active and curious, try to get maximum geographical knowledge about the area in which you are traveling. Principle five: share your impressions of the trip with your friends, try to make a good presentation or write an essay. Principle six: do not stop there, plan a new journey. ... ... Efremov Hiking to beautiful places has a beneficial physical, emotional, anti-stress and healing effect on our body. The aging process slows down. Kaliki pedestrian - the ancient Russian messengers (analogue of the feldeger post) were preserved in the people's memory as venerable elders. Every day they covered 50 km or more (up to 100 km). Thanks to this, over the years, their endurance did not decrease, it grew. They lived for over 100 years and died not from old age, but from the hands of enemies. To summarize, we can say that every day spent in the hike prolongs the healing, anti-stress effect by another 4 days! 10 weeks a year spent on hikes prolong your active life by a year! If you go on a hike every day of the year, then old age recedes in general, like in the case of kalik passers-by. IN. . Kosolapov

It doesn't matter what exactly you do, it is important that everything you touch changes shape, becomes different from what it used to be, so that a particle of yourself remains in it. This is the difference between a person who simply shears the grass on the lawn and a real gardener. The first will pass, and it is gone, but the gardener will live for more than one generation.

You are a traveler. Do not say: I have such and such a city, but I have such and such. No one has a city; city ​​- woe (in heaven); and the present is the path. And we travel every day while nature moves.

I am not traveling in order to come somewhere, but in order to go. The main thing is movement.

When we strive to search for the unknown to us, we become better, more courageous and more active than those who believe that the unknown cannot be found and there is no need to search.

Travel, as the greatest science and serious science, helps us to rediscover ourselves.

If you pour the contents of the wallet into your head, no one will take it away from you.

You don't have to live. Traveling is a must.

Travel reveals not so much our curiosity about what we are going to watch, as the weariness of leaving.

Knowledge of the countries of the world is the decoration and food of human minds.

Now I understand that the surest way to find out whether you like a person or not is to travel with him.

We get to know a person not by what he knows, but by what he is happy with.

Tourist statements

Dear readers, continuing the soulful summer themes, today I would like to talk about travel. Each person puts his own meaning in this word. For some, travel is a wonderful opportunity to change the usual picture, get out of the comfort zone, try something unknown, maybe even extreme. And someone will prefer a comfortable philosophical journey, with a leisurely overview of the sights.

But one thing unites all these people: any journey is a mass of positive emotions, bright colors, it is a rest of the soul and liberation from the framework of routine everyday life. This is precisely what is said so beautifully and accurately in quotes and aphorisms about travel.

How travel changes people

Chinese folk wisdom says that no one returns from a trip the way it was before. And I absolutely agree with that. After all, getting into a world different from the everyday, we ourselves change. Everything is new and unusual around us, and we ourselves can throw off, along with boring office and city clothes, all the burden of everyday life. How wonderful it is in quotes and travel aphorisms!

"There is something magical about it: you leave as one person and return completely different."

"The true purpose of your journey is not a place on the map, but a new outlook on life."

“When traveling, do not concentrate on yourself, listen carefully to those around you and look around with curiosity. As long as a person feels that the most important and significant phenomenon in the world is his person, he will never be able to truly feel the world around him. Like a blinkered horse, he sees nothing in him but himself. "

Travel leaves you speechless and then turns you into a better storyteller.

"How I love feeling faceless in a city I've never been before."

"Waking up in an unfamiliar city one morning is the most pleasant feeling in the world."

"Don't tell me what you know, you better tell me how long you went through."

“First, we go on trips to lose ourselves, and then we go all the way and find ourselves. We go on trips to open our eyes and hearts, to learn something new, something that is not printed in newspapers and textbooks. We travel to bring that little into the world, but what we are capable of, what our knowledge allows us to do. And we travel to slow down time and fall in love like youth. "

Statements about tourists. Quotes and sayings about tourism. Proverbs and sayings about travel, road and tourism Nature does not have bad weather! You still have to go hiking! Fedor Shutilov

At all times, enlightened people were worried about raising children. How to do it correctly? What words to say? What actions to take? Until now, people turn to the knowledge of great teachers from different countries and different eras. Check out the parenting quotes in our selection. This is just a storehouse of wisdom for young parents, educators, teachers.

Parenting Short Quotes

Caress will almost always accomplish more than brute force. Aesop

Make sure first, and then convince. K. Stanislavsky

True parenting is less about rules than exercise. J. Russo

A good upbringing most reliably protects a person from those who are poorly brought up (F. Chesterfield) Of all creations, the most beautiful is a person who has received an excellent upbringing (Epictetus)

Education develops abilities, but does not create them. F. Voltaire

Education is the assimilation of good habits. Plato

An educator, like an artist, must be born. K. Weber

Good upbringing brings the best of them all. K. Rutkov

Don't make an idol out of your child: when he grows up, he will demand sacrifices. P. Buast

The teacher himself must be what he wants to make the pupil. IN. . Dahl

Nothing teaches like knowing your mistake. This is one of the main means of self-education. T. Carlyle

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