Development of tourism in the Chuvash Republic

Development of tourism in the Chuvash Republic

The republic attracts tourists for a comfortable stay. There are amazing places to spend wonderful time with your family. For lovers of different pastimes there is also a choice. You can choose what you like. So let's get started.

Health tourism in the republic

This is one of the types of medical tourism. This type of tourism is considered the most popular and demanded among tourists. He promotes more a healthy lifestyle and everything connected with it.

This is a kind of spa treatment or just a vacation with your family. In the Republic of Chuvashia, there are many different sanatoriums and health resorts. Here are some of them:

This sanatorium is located on a fairly high bank of the Volga River. It is located just 10 km from the capital of Chuvashia itself.

The sanatorium has the status of a dispensary. Located 22 km from Cheboksary. Located in a very clean area. Works throughout the year without interruption. Tourists can use the services provided by the sanatorium. In summer you can spend your time on the beach.

Volzhanka is a health resort complex. It is located in an ecologically clean area. It is 17 km. from Cheboksary. It operates all year round. There are all conditions for a comfortable rest of a tourist.

Located practically on the banks of the Volga. It can only mean one thing. Tourists can go fishing. Various fish are found here and you can even catch it.

There are some places where tourists can spend their leisure time. In the sanatorium there is a rest of an entertaining nature. In addition, you can rent sports equipment here.

Sanatorium Chuvashiyakurort

Development of tourism in the Chuvash Republic

Rest with children in the sanatorium of Chuvashia, an occupation not only beneficial to the health of the younger generation, but also a rather responsible event. As soon as a child reaches a certain age, it is very useful for him (and in some cases, for example, for the treatment of certain chronic diseases, it is simply vital) to periodically visit rest homes, and such sanatoriums as, for example, the Chuvashia sanatorium. If the voucher is optimally timed, that is, vacationers buy exactly so many days so as not to get bored and have a good rest. Moreover, in the sanatorium of Chuvashia, the entertainment program and the treatment program are so densely saturated that there is simply no time for boredom. So, what recommendations can you give to vacationers with children?

Firstly, it is that the child should not be sick with contagious skin diseases. This is a prerequisite. And in general, before sending a child to a sanatorium in Chuvashia, it is necessary to make an appointment with the attending physician. The doctor will conduct a complete clinical and laboratory examination of the child, depending on the nature of his illness. If necessary, the rehabilitation of chronic foci of infection is carried out, as well as antihelminthic treatment.

When referring to a sanatorium in Chuvashia and the subsequent treatment of a child, you must have the following list of documents: a voucher, an analysis for enterobiasis, a health resort card for children, a certificate from a pediatrician or epidemiologist about the absence of contact of a child with infectious sick at the place of residence or in kindergarten and school, the conclusion of a dermatologist about the absence of infectious skin diseases, a policy of compulsory health insurance. Secondly, you need to familiarize yourself with how leisure is organized as a whole, or free time from procedures or other activities. After all, everything that happens on vacation should leave only the most pleasant memories, which are simply guaranteed during a vacation in a sanatorium in Chuvashia.

The "Surskie Zori" tourist base is located on the right bank of the deep and clean Sura River. those who travel at the "Surskie Zori" tourist center are accommodated in guest houses (both in rooms and by renting houses in full.

Country-hotel "Berezki" is located 20 kilometers from the city of Cheboksary, in a birch grove. Transfer is possible. Accommodation is offered to vacationers in 19 rooms of a studio class hotel.

General information: One of the best health resorts in the Volga region - the health resort "Chuvashia", is located on the left bank of the river. olga in the protected area of ​​the Zavolzhye Natural Park, opposite the capital.

Wooden houses "Volzhskaya Usadba" are located on the territory of the health resort complex "Volzhanka". This is a complex of houses of various sizes. We invite you to escape from the cramped apartments on.

The Nadezhda sanatorium is one of the best sanatoriums in the Volga region. The sanatorium is located on the banks of the river. Volga, 10 km from the capital of the Chuvash Republic (Chuvashia) - eboksary, one of the most beautiful cities.

SKK "Sunny Beach" is a modern resort complex where you can relax with the whole family, take a course of health treatments and just have a good time. Here everything will be subordinate to yours.

The Volga sanatorium is located 25 km from the center of Cheboksary, on the high right bank of the river. Volga in a picturesque corner of the Chuvash Republic. Amazing nature and temperate climate are favorable for.

The Volzhanka health resort complex is located on the right high bank of the river. Volga, 17 km from the capital of Chuvashia - the city of Cheboksary in an ecologically clean sanatorium-resort area. From the rooms of the complex.

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