Criteria for choosing a backpack for tourism, expert recommendations

Choosing a travel backpack for carrying children on the back

Perhaps no one would argue that a tourist backpack for carrying children can greatly facilitate the life of tourists who have recently become parents.

Features to look out for when choosing

The modern market offers a large selection of backpacks for tourism and travel. As a result, people who buy the first product in their life often make mistakes - later they have to purchase another model, spending extra money.

Here are some tips to reduce the likelihood of this to a minimum:

  • Make sure the seat is wide and firm enough (but not rigid). A narrow seat leads to the fact that the child gets tired quickly - blood circulation is disturbed and the walk is not a pleasure, but a hassle and discomfort. If it is made of soft material, then over time, under the weight of the child, it crumples and becomes narrow. Therefore, you need to choose a model with a hard seat covered with soft material on the outside.
  • The carrier must have ventilation. After all, it is usually made of a dense material that does not breathe. On a hot day, the parent's back will sweat a lot. But the child is surrounded by non-breathable material from all sides! He will sweat a lot and be capricious.
  • The harness and shoulder straps should be wide and tight. When buying, crumple them a lot - they should instantly take their original shape. Otherwise, when walking, the straps will dig into the shoulders, and the belt will not be able to cope with its function.
  • It is desirable that the tourist carrier-backpack be equipped with a sun visor. On a hot day, it will help a lot, protecting the child from sunburn and blows. It is best to choose a model with a removable visor.
  • The inside should be upholstered with a soft, natural fabric. With prolonged contact with synthetics, the skin sweats a lot.

Model rating

As mentioned above, today you can see a variety of travel backpacks for hiking with children. We will list several of the most successful models and give a brief description of each of them in order to simplify the choice of a suitable carrier.


One of the main advantages of this model is its lightness - it weighs only 2.7 kilograms. At the same time, it has a reliable metal frame and allows you to carry children weighing up to 20 kilograms. The belts can be easily adjusted to the figure of a certain person. There is a compartment that allows you to place the hydrator - you can drink on the go without stopping or taking off your backpack.

True, the volume of the backpack is quite small - only 11 liters. Therefore, this backpack for carrying children on the back is suitable for walking around the city or for couples in which a woman carries a child and his things, and the main load is placed in a man's backpack.


For travel, travel, sports and just tourism, many people prefer to choose a practical accessory. A backpack is the perfect solution for carrying a lot of things. When choosing, you should focus on volume, size, the ability to carry in your hands and a number of other features.

Basic requirements for tourist backpacks

For both long and short trips, you should choose high quality backpacks from trusted brands. A torn strap or a handle for the arms can be a reason for ruined rest, you should also focus on the design.

Parameters of backpacks for tourism:

  • Strong metal zippers or flap with straps. Since it is planned to carry a large number of things, you should choose models with the widest belts and durable fittings. The same requirements for accessory sliders.
  • Straps reinforced with additional slings. Many manufacturers reinforce the bottom of the straps, and also insert a strip of durable fabric at the top base.
  • Water-repellent synthetic material. Textile, cotton and leather backpacks are not durable enough to absorb moisture. Therefore, it is worth stopping at the choice of products made of polyester, canvas, nylon, neoprene.
  • Anatomical construction. The shoulder straps in large backpacks are widened, with soft inner inserts and a ventilated surface. For models with a volume of up to 40 liters, the backrest with ergonomic protrusions is optimal. For products of a larger volume, belt attachments or in the chest area are required.
  • Convenient organization. This is a separate item that everyone chooses for themselves. But many specialized travel backpacks have a large number of external and internal pockets for items of different sizes. This item can be omitted if an optional accessory or internal organizer is planned.

If the entire trip or hike is planned using one accessory, you should also pay attention to details: the possibility of transforming into a bag, the presence of external fasteners for suspensions, the type of opening, the material of the inner lining, etc.

Large Travel Backpacks

A classic travel backpack has an elongated shape, height from 55 cm. To strengthen such models, side straps are often used, for the convenience of folding things, an opening system like a travel bag. Transformers have a side carry handle and can be used both for tourism and as a travel bag.

For such backpacks, the most durable materials are used in production: canvas or polyester from 1200D. Accessories are designed for long-term use, fabrics are not prone to deformation under mechanical stress, moisture or high temperatures. Many models are designed for men, more compact versions with a reduced volume and with a zipper have been developed for women.

Aircraft carry-on backpacks

Hiking requires a lot of equipment. The top of the list of essentials almost always goes to the shoulder bag. According to professionals and amateurs, a roomy and comfortable backpack for tourism is the best product invented by mankind for comfortable travel. Its main advantage is freedom of movement over difficult terrain. Freeing the tourist's hands, the accessory makes it possible to use the map, navigator, and take pictures right on the go. But in order for many hours of walking with a backpack on your shoulders to be only a pleasure, it is important to choose the product correctly.

Classification by construction

Camping equipment manufacturers annually release new models of backpacks, each backpack for a hike differs in design and application features, as well as in shape, size, material and color.

The main parts of the accessory are the body and the harness. The first are of different shapes, depending on the purpose. The suspension system consists of fastening elements. Based on these design features, the following types of backpacks are distinguished:

  • Easel. They are used on long-distance expeditions when you have to carry a lot of cargo. The outer steel frame is made of stainless steel, aluminum, belts are attached to it. Advantages of the model: durability, withstands weight up to 100 kg. A significant drawback is its large size, the risk of injury to the back when falling.
  • An anatomical or frame backpack differs from the easel model by a frame sewn directly into the body and acting as a rigid base. It also provides external load attachments. This type of product is suitable for hikes of any complexity, and is common among tourists. There are anatomical models with an external frame.
  • Soft (ultra-light) backpacks adhere to the back and follow its shape due to polyurethane foam inserts. Designed for short-term carrying of loads weighing up to 45 kg. They are inexpensive and easy to fold for transport. But with the wrong distribution of things, there is an inconvenience when walking.

Almost any frame backpack is equipped with a back ventilation system of varying complexity. The tight-fitting rigid mesh creates a space free for air to enter.


Based on this criterion, tourist backpacks are usually divided into categories, including expeditionary, tactical, sports models:

  • Expedition items contain everything you need to live in field conditions. These are quality accessories made of sturdy materials. Additional securing systems distribute the weight of the load evenly. Often there is another zippered entrance at the bottom of such structures. This category of products with rigid frame structures is great for trekking in the mountains, without back and shoulder pain at the end of a long journey.
  • Tactical models are intended for military use. But they are also suitable for short hiking trips, becoming a salvation for fishermen and hunters. The products provide external mounts for cartridges, sleeping bags, fishing accessories.
  • Sport options are small backpacks in a variety of colors, equipped with many additional elements. In fact, these are small copies of large-sized models. The sports types include assault, ski, bicycle backpacks. These products have a streamlined shape, which ensures that they fit snugly against the athlete's back. Outdoor hangers and mounts are designed for essential hiking accessories.

The trekking backpack is a small volume model designed for short trips. Such products are made from lighter materials, they have a total load limit due to the lightweight structure of the frame.

Selection criteria

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