Creative competition "I choose sports tourism"

Creative competition

Student social project on the topic Theater tourism "is aimed at identifying the level of development of theater tourism and studying the relevance of this issue, and also considers possible options for popularizing this movement in our country.

More about the project:

The individual social project "Theater tourism" contains a development of students to attract young people to visit theaters, presented in the form of a scenario of a quest for the theaters of the city of Samara. To create a quest, the author identified the prospects for the development of theater tourism in Samara, studied the history of Samara theaters as material for creating a quest, got acquainted with the stages of creating a quest and developed a quest on the topic of the project.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1. Theater tourism as a means of introducing young people to the theater. 2. Theater tourism: development prospects. 3. Theater tourism: present and future. 4. Theater tourism in Moscow. 5. Theater tourism in St. Petersburg. 6. Theatrical quests in Samara. 7. Study of the history of the Samara theaters. 8. History of the Theater of the Palace of Pioneers. 9. Acquaintance with the stages of creating a quest. Conclusion Literature Appendix: Quest "Theater in our house"


But, unfortunately, in our city there is practically no form of theater tourism, in particular, quest tourism, with the exception of the First Regional Theater Quest, which took place on October 26, 2019 and was organized by the Regional Youth Library.

Of course, travel companies offer Sightseeing tours of Samara, non-standard excursions to the most beautiful mansions of Samara, amazing excursions along the Volga at night and many other interesting excursions, among which, unfortunately, there are no theatrical excursions in the form of a quest.

At the same time, we see the prospects for the development of theater tourism not only in the classical forms of walking and bus excursions, but in the fascinating forms of quest excursions, in the intriguing form of "Night at the Theater", in the form of an interactive tour of a separate theater with a visit to the Theater Through the Looking Glass: wardrobe rooms, where you can put on Tatyana Larina's costume and read a letter to Onegin; dressing rooms, where you will be given Juliet's make-up; put on pointe shoes and for a few minutes feel how difficult it is to be a ballerina; sink into the orchestra pit to touch the magic instruments; and finally see how the sets are set and how the actors prepare for the show.

And then it will be interesting for a young man who has visited the "Theatrical Through the Looking Glass" to see the performance he was rehearsing. In this we see the prospects for the development of theater tourism in Samara.

Thus, Samara has a large enough literary and historical material to create a theatrical quest. And you need to use it, but first of all, you need to study it yourself.

The creative competition "I choose sports tourism" invites everyone who prefers outdoor activities and sports tourism to organized recreation at the resort. Any person, regardless of age and region of residence, can participate in the competition.

The purpose of the competition is to popularize sports tourism as a form of physical culture, sports and outdoor activities.

Prizes of the creative competition "I choose sports tourism"

- Each participant of the competition receives an electronic certificate of participation in the competition, the winners of the competition are awarded with diplomas. - Winners in each of the nominations are awarded with branded T-shirts of the project "I choose sports tourism", prize-winners - with project notebooks.

- "Federation of Sports Tourism of the Chuvash Republic" and the partners of the competition can additionally award the winners with valuable prizes. - Partners of the Competition can establish their own sub-nominations and award prizes to individual works they like.

Terms of participation in the creative competition "I choose sports tourism"

Contestants can send works of authorship to the organizer's e-mail: fstchr @ yandex. u or post works in the corresponding albums and topics in the group "Federation of Sports Tourism of the Chuvash Republic" in the social network "VKontakte": - photo works: . om/album-81771680_272200331 - pictures: . om/album-81771680_272200393 - lyrics: . om/topic-81771680_41639246

Themes of the photography contest: 1. "Landscape" (photographs of beautiful places through the eyes of tourists), 2. "Faces of sports tourism" (portrait photography of tourists), 3. "On the route" (photographs from hiking trips), 4. "At a distance" (photographs from competitions and rallies in sports tourism), 5. "Tourist emotions" (emotional photographs associated with sports tourism: victories, disappointment, joy, diligence etc.).

Photo works are evaluated regardless of the age of the participants.

The following are accepted for the drawing competition: 1. Drawings of children under 7 years old inclusive, 2. Drawings of children 8 - 10 years old, 3. Drawings of children 11 - 13 years old, 4. Drawings of children 14 - 17 years old, 5. Drawings by adults (18 years old and older).

Drawing (picture) can be done by any means and tools. The participant of the competition needs to show in the drawing why he chooses sports tourism and what exactly attracts him to this sport and recreation.

Topics of the poetry competition: 1. "Children's poetry" (up to 15 years old inclusive), 2. "Short verse" (poems up to 8 lines, age - 16 years and older), 3. "Long verse" (verses from 9 lines, age - 16 years and older).

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