Club Meridian: creativity, sports, communication

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FREE STUDIOS AND SECTIONS for children, adolescents and youth from 14 to 35 years old:

- BREAK DANCE . om/club113303839- SPECIAL ACROBATICS . om/club195786407- POP-JAZZ VOCAL, Show in full. - TABLE TENNIS . om/public200276138, - TABLE FOOTBALL, - BILLIARDS, - OFP (general physical training) - PLAYER - CREATIVE WORKSHOP (fine arts (drawing, painting), arts and crafts) . om/tvorzdes- "LEGAL DECISION" (course to improve legal literacy) - PSYCHOLOGIST

Our address: Nab. Moika river, 10

Tel .: 495-06-60 (call from 16:00 to 20:00, except Sunday)

WHEN ?. Every day from 16:00 to 20:00 we are glad to see you at our place! ...

Show in full. If you are 12 to 35 years old. You can come absolutely FREE on any day and take part in the classes of any studio, and we have a lot of them .. then studios: - Pop-jazz vocals - Special acrobatics - Break dance - Table tennis - Art studio. on Tuesdays, a course on increasing legal literacy "Legal Sieve". How can you play billiards, table football and board games !. Come and bring friends with you, bring your parents with you) or parents bring children). # pmkmeridian # free peter.

“When you are young, you need specific and prompt answers, and if you try to read them somewhere, then most likely in a social network, and not in a book. But over time, it becomes clear that the net and the book saturate in very different ways: the difference is about the same as between seeds and bread. The day comes when you want bread. And then they begin to read ... ”(N. ikonov) Show in full.

The twenty-first century is the age of technology and the Internet. Unfortunately or fortunately, the Internet has become the leading means of communication. It is available to everyone. On the Internet, people have learned to solve many personal problems, today it is indispensable in professional and social activities.

The Internet has changed everyday life, expanding the boundaries of time and space. With the help of the Internet, new communities (social networks, groups, chats) are created, built on the principles of open communication, new images of the virtual “I” are formed, which can differ significantly from the real person. The Internet makes it possible to organize recreation, communication, education.

But in addition to exciting and useful opportunities, the Internet also carries a number of difficulties and risks associated with large volumes of information coming from different sources, the instantaneous speed of dissemination of this not always reliable information and the need for a quick feedback on it , as well as problems associated with personal insecurity in the digital environment, with the lack of a legal framework regulating information processes in the virtual space.

The most vulnerable group of users in this regard are adolescents, who, due to their curiosity, are well versed in modern gadgets, but do not always imagine what they can expect in the dark corners of the Web. According to statistics, 90% of children from 10 to 16 years old received obscene messages, drug advertisements and porn videos, 80% of children from 9 to 15 years old bypass parental prohibitions, more than 50% of children in each class go online at night when parents are at work and this is uncontrollable, 50% of children from 10 to 12 years old and 75% of children from 12 to 17 years old hide "secret" pages in social networks that parents do not know about, 45% of children from 9 to 17 years old have faced cyberbullying, 85% of children can not do without gadgets, 75% of children from 9 to 17 years old hide from their parents the problems they face in social networks!

What teens face most often on the Internet: cyberbullying; encouragement to suicidal behavior; dissemination of information of extremist, terrorist content and involvement in extremist, terrorist activities; addiction to gadgets; sending out candid photos; offers of narcotic drugs.

Club Meridian: creativity, sports, communication

Schoolchildren at the DIA publish a newspaper, create cartoons, take photographs and PR in the studio.

In this group, we, Meridian people, hold various contests, give you the opportunity to watch our cartoons, find out the Center's news, and read the newspaper.

Meridian is glad to see you in our group!

On February 10, the Children's Technopark of the city of Novokuznetsk holds the "Open City Competitions of Mobile Robots in the disciplines" Kegelring "," Color Kegelring "and" Biathlon ".

Children from 7 to 21 years of age, inclusive, united in teams, as well as individual participants, who are divided into the following age categories, can take part in the competition: Show in full. - I category - from 7 to 13 years old inclusive; - II category - from 14 to 21 years old inclusive (the age category of the team is determined by the senior member of the team).

Competitions are held at the address: Ovokuznetsk, Exhibition Company "Kuzbass Fair", st. vtotransportation.

Time to submit your application before February 1!

All questions you can ask by phone 8-908-944-78-82 (Olga Eduardovna).


In January 2021, MBU DO “Center for Children's (Youth) Technical Creativity“ Meridian ”took part in the National Prize“ Elite of Russian Education ”and was awarded a winner's diploma in the nomination“ Best Organization of Continuing Education ”. render completely.

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