Children's tourist club business plan

Children's tourist club business plan

Or leave a request on the website, after which our manager will contact you: The cost of a customized business plan starts from 50,000 rubles. The final cost is determined individually based on the initial project data. They trust us:

Goals and objectives

The purpose of this venture is, first of all, to create a psychologically comfortable environment for children. You must teach them how to properly organize their time and leisure, instill an interest in a healthy lifestyle, and so on. The business plan of the children's travel club also covers your tasks. You need to determine the capacity of this market, business development prospects, form training programs, adequately assess your start-up capital and decide on a pricing policy. Students and schoolchildren always travel in groups and regularly, so planning such a business is easier than any other in the tourism industry.

Range of services

The business plan of the children's tourist club should contain a description of the comprehensive program of services. It is necessary to take into account that at the same time as rest, you can also supplement the knowledge of children in biology, geography, literature, history, life safety, ecology and physical training. It is important to be able to form in them vitality and independence, the ability to behave in society and the team, to adapt them to the realities of modern life.

Your club's schedule may change throughout the year. Indeed, during school hours, work with children will be carried out only on weekends. And on school holidays, the influx of children will increase and the number of excursions, hikes and walks, respectively, will also increase. The business plan of the children's tourist club includes classes with children of different age groups.

Pricing Policy, Marketing

Parents should be clear about where the prices for your services come from. It is best to arrange the work in such a way that everyone pays the entrance fee, monthly tuition fees, equipment, first aid kit and necessary excursions or trips.

In terms of marketing, you need to determine the demand of buyers for your services through market research. Also, pay attention to customer acquisition methods. You need to carry out PR campaigns, offer a wide range of services, pay for a good advertising campaign. The School of Business recommends using the following advertising campaigns: distributing flyers, posting advertisements in schools and children's recreation areas, advertisements on the radio, in newspapers, on television, conversations with parents and students in schools.

Important nuances

The business plan of the children's tourist club involves the search for premises. You need to find a place that would be away from highways and busy highways, preferably in a quiet, green area of ​​the city. It is best if it will have a large courtyard with a playground, several floors and all communications. It may be worth looking for an abandoned kindergarten or school building. In this case, in addition to registering an emergency, you will also need to agree with the city administration about the lease. In addition, subject to the organization of feeding the children in the club, it is also necessary to equip the canteen and obtain all the necessary permits in the sanitary station. A good renovation is needed to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

The business plan of the children's tourist club contains information on all the necessary costs. Depending on the size of the premises, renting it will cost you from 2 to 6 thousand dollars per month. The purchase of equipment for classrooms, a gym, a canteen will take about $ 20,000 more. For an advertising campaign - $ 200-300. In total, with an average cost of 20-25 thousand dollars, if you manage to form the correct pricing policy and interest customers, you can recoup such an undertaking not earlier than in a couple of years. You need to constantly look for ways to cooperate with travel campaigns, bus fleets and other organizations that will help you organize trips and excursions for children.

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