Children's tourism will be canceled; age qualification; for buses

Children's tourism will be canceled; age qualification; for buses

The Ministry of Transport will exclude the ban on the transportation of children in vehicles older than years

In Russia, at least 70 percent of buses used in tourism were produced more than ten years ago. The ban on their operation, which should come into force on July 1 this year, will actually put an end to children's tourism. Igor Fomin, a member of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy, told the press center of the Parliamentary Gazette that the Transport Ministry is now preparing amendments that will exclude the veto. Safety does not depend on the age of the car, but on the quality of its service, the senator said.

Ridiculous demands are harmful to rest

Additional bans, according to Igor Fomin, will only aggravate the situation with children's tourism - it will be easier for carriers to completely refuse to organize such a holiday than to comply with all the requirements of the law. “At the moment, we have enough control mechanisms in the field of children's transportation. It is necessary to carry out the maintenance of buses in good faith, and not to introduce new restrictions, ”the senator said. Moreover, there are no statistics confirming that more accidents happen with "old" cars. As there is no research indicating the dangers of transporting children on buses over ten years old. “In fact, Japanese cars can serve well for 15 years, and American ones - all 30,” explains Sergei Mindelevich, head of the Commission for Children, Youth and Youth Tourism of the Public Council under Rosturizm. - It turns out that the service life of machines often depends on the place of their manufacture. We have already achieved three times that the requirement to ban the transportation of children by buses over 10 years old was postponed. " The Ministry of Transport has heard the arguments of experts and is ready to cancel the ban, Igor Fomin assured. This topic is under the control of the Federation Council - senators expect changes to be ready in the coming weeks.

There are many other ridiculous requirements: for example, a bus driver must have with him a document that prescribes the rules for boarding a vehicle, although not even all experts understand what this is.

However, analysts believe that it is worth canceling some other requirements for organizing children's transportation, which do not affect the safety of children, but turn the process into bureaucratic red tape. For example, if there is no dining car on the train that carries a group of children to a vacation spot, representatives of Rospotrebnadzor will be able to fine the tour organizers for not providing children with hot meals. Railway workers, by the way, will avoid punishment in this case. “It is easier for travel agencies in these conditions not to work with children's groups,” says Sergei Mindelevich. “There are many other ridiculous requirements: for example, a bus driver must have a document with him that prescribes the rules for boarding a vehicle, although not even all experts understand what it is,” he notes.

The problems of the industry will be discussed in the Public Chamber

Regulation does not benefit children's tourism, agrees Olga Kazakova, deputy chairman of the State Duma Committee on Culture, and it is impossible to prescribe all the nuances of organizing recreation in the laws. “It all depends on how the people involved in this process comply with the standards and take a responsible attitude to their work,” the deputy believes. She noted that the exclusion of insignificant requirements will benefit children's tourism, especially since this year the sphere will be actively developed. United Russia, together with the Ministry of Culture, are launching the My Russia project, in which schoolchildren will visit Russian cities on vacation. “In 2013, the Ministry of Culture already had such a program, then tours were organized for 18 thousand children. In the second half of 2017, we expect that the project will cover already 26 thousand children, ”Kazakova said.

Experts from the regions will discuss what exactly the subjects are lacking to ensure children's transportation at the site of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation - in early June, public figures will hold a meeting on this topic, said the Chairperson of the Commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation for the Development of Public Diplomacy and Support compatriots abroad Elena Sutormina. Speech, in particular, will focus on the need to conduct briefings before travel in case of emergency and other suggestions.

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