Children's tourism Novosibirsk

Children's tourism Novosibirsk

As part of promoting the development of agritourism in the Novosibirsk region, on February 5, a working meeting was held in the administration of the Maslyaninsky district with Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Yarmanov. Key issues for us, as a tour operator, were the prospects for the development of the tourist cluster of the region, and a separate big topic is the support of farmers in the creation of tourist facilities. Have you visited the enterprises of the EkoNiva-Sibir holding, where you are planning to conduct full-cycle excursions from obtaining milk to the production of finished products? We also managed to visit a number of other objects of the show. You can safely take this example of the development of tourism in the region to transfer experience, where the interests of large and small businesses are very competently combined, there is close interaction with the authorities to promote and develop rural tourism in different directions. Thanks to all the participants in the meeting. @ agroturizm_54 @ masmolod @ econivakafe @ akkon_fermer

In the Iskitimsky district, near the village of Novosedovo, in the spurs of the Salair ridge, there is a unique place for the Novosibirsk region.

In addition to the amazing nature, a warm space has been created there based on the sled dog kennel, which contains the best sports lines of sled dogs from Scandinavia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Russia: many dogs of the kennel are winners and prize-winners of the Siberian Cup in sledding sport throughout its history, there are dogs, winners of the Cup of the Russian Sledding Federation, and there is also one world sledding champion. a large photo report from our one-day tour in the spurs of the Salair Ridge, surrounded by fabulous nature and wonderful dogs. Thank you all for your emotions. It was a wonderful sunny day and we managed to enjoy all the splendor of nature, chat with dogs and make an exciting journey through the winter forest in a team! You also have such an opportunity to sign up for February! Book by phone: +7 913-913-6-913 8 ( 383) 249-88-22 # tanovosibirsk # ourhistory # novosibirsk # novosibirsk region # rest # my city # tours to Novosibirsk # husky # entertainment Novosibirsk # holiday # holidays # excursions Novosibirsk # excursions # tours # tours to Novosibirsk # get to know the world # together with fun # master class # live lessons # women's circle # quests Novosibirsk region # fun # pancakes # traditions # winter arrived # NSO # rural tourism # agritourism

2020 was not an easy year for everyone, especially the tourism industry, and in particular children's tourism, experienced a very sharp decline. Many children were left for the summer without camps and the sea, and the children's excursions and trips to the regions have not yet resumed. These are of course disadvantages, but we must look for advantages too ... we found them for ourselves in education. In the free time, our employees all year passed webinars and trainings to promote the tour. products in the social. As for the formation of eco-routes, we plunged especially deeply into the agritourism project. We hope the development of this direction in the Novosibirsk region will allow to increase the objects of display in the countryside and attract urban residents to the village, to get acquainted with the beauties of our region even more ... We also did not forget about children's tourism and took the opportunity to take an advanced training course at the Russian State University of Tourism and service (RGUTIS) under the program "Children's tourism in the Russian Federation: Strategic vector of development" All this, I hope, will allow us to provide our services even better and more interesting!

2. 1.021 a meeting of the ACCON Council on grant support to farms was held. More than 50 operating peasant farms and those wishing to create a farm gathered at the site "My Business" @mbnso and, in particular, discussed the development of Agritourism. The Ministry of Agriculture @mcx_nso and the Ministry of Economy @mineconom_nso NSO spoke about new changes and additions in 2021 in the measures of grant support. It was especially useful for novice and long-standing farmers to hear from their colleagues who received grants in 2020 for the development of tourism in the village. Concrete victories, of course, motivate to think more about such a promising area as rural tourism. PA TA "NOVOSIBIRSK" will advise and help farmers in promoting the concept of tourism products, form target audiences for them and jointly work out promotion channels. The work has begun. the course of the Novosibirsk region is set - we develop rural tourism # tanovosibirsk # my business # nso # family recreation # rural tourism # grant # subsidies # village # tours to Novosibirsk # tourism in Siberia # my territory # my Siberia # khorotam where there is # good houses # travel # agrotourism54 # agroturizm_54

We are glad to present a small photo report from our trip to Kolyvan!

I managed to do some handicrafts, sing songs to the accordion and, of course, enjoy all the colors of autumn!

On February 18, the Novosibirsk Expocentre International Exhibition Complex hosted the grand opening of the Siberian Building Week 2020 (Siberian Construction Week), an international building and interior exhibition in Siberia.

TA NOVOSIBIRSK LLC took part as a partner of the exhibition in organizing leisure, reception and accommodation for guests and exhibitors. All participants have the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets to the Novosibirsk Dolphinarium, to the Aquamir water park, to theaters. And also order interesting excursions and tours around Novosibirsk. The exhibition was attended by the Governor of the Novosibirsk Region Andrey Travnikov, the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the Siberian Federal District Sergey Menyailo, a member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Vladimir Gorodetsky and many other representatives of government and business. a lot of events take place within the framework of the exhibition:

  • III Forum of Designers and Architects. More than 3000 designers, architects, planners will attend the event;
  • International Interior Festival HomeFest;
  • round table "On increasing the efficiency of work in the construction sector and fulfilling the tasks set by the President of the Russian Federation in the implementation of national projects in constituent entities of the Russian Federation of the Siberian Federal District ";
  • round table" Realization of federal property in the Siberian Federal District ";
  • and others.

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