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Delight the little one: a complete guide to children's entertainment in Kharkov

Often, residents and guests of the first capital of Ukraine, while walking around the city, have an urgent question: where to go with a child in Kharkov? There is entertainment for children in Kharkov. There are many of them. Let's get acquainted with the most interesting of them.

First, we will visit the centers that specialize in children's entertainment in Kharkov.

Children's entertainment centers

This section will focus on entertainment centers for children in Kharkov. These are places where there are playgrounds, playrooms and many other fun, from which the kids' eyes run wild.

Children's entertainment center "Scarlet Flower"

There are playgrounds, a trampoline, slot machines, table football and tennis, various attractions for your heirs. It is possible to organize children's parties, birthdays and much more. The Scarlet Flower is open in two locations in Kharkov. In the center, on Traktorostroiteley Avenue, there is a children's cafe and a banquet hall.

Where: Traktorostroiteley Avenue, 59/56 (TRK "Ukraine", 4th level).

Price: various attractions and playgrounds, depending on the duration and day of the week, will cost from 10 to 160 UAH.

Working hours: from 10:00 to 21:30.

The second "Flower" offers children various swing-roundabouts, trampolines, toys and the hit of the season - an interactive sandbox.

Where: Academician Pavlova Street, 44-B (SEC "French Boulevard"), 4th floor.


Where to go with a child in Kharkov: 24 interesting places


By: Nina

There are quite a few really high-quality and exciting children's entertainment centers in Kharkov. But those of them who "take the blow" amuse the kids with all their might. They offer interesting rides, cool trampolines, fun animators and tons of additional services for parents. We present a list of the best large amusement parks for children in Kharkiv:

Gorky Park

The children's area in Gorky Park is a series of bright, interesting and safe attractions for kids. Having rolled on them, the toddlers can play in the free playgrounds, and their parents can relax on the swing benches. The walk will be complemented by the Entertainment Center, where the little ones will find the "Bug" playground, and the older children will have an adventure trail.

There is also a petting zoo and a ZooLand store in Gorky Park.

There are various slot machines in the Entertainment Center, the price of which ranges from 20 to 40 UAH. To ride them, you need to buy a card for 10 UAH and pay for the attractions you like with it.

Address: st. Sumskaya, 81Phone: +38 (057) 725-27-79Working hours: 10:00 - 22:00 Prices: 60 UAH/hour or 120 UAH/day, children under 5 free of charge Website: . h. a

Miracle Park

Today "Miracle Park" is a holiday and adventure, surprises and promotions, children's themed birthdays with the participation of fairy-tale characters, contests and prizes, face painting, soap bubbles. It has its own atmosphere, which will please not only children, but also parents.

Here you will find rocking chairs, merry-go-rounds, children's rooms and labyrinths, car simulators, prize-giving machines, kids land, comfy land, 7D cinema, Wonder city, trampoline complex, rock climbers, rope park, race track, velomobiles , a mirror maze, a gallery, a family cafe and many other entertainments.

Addresses: SEC "DAFI", st. Heroes of Labor, 9, 3rd floor; SEC "Klass", Traktorostroiteley Avenue 128-V, 2nd floor; SEC "Klass", Prospect Heroes of Stalingrada 136/8, 2nd floor; "Gorky Park", st. Sumska 81, SRC, 1st floor Phone: +38 (067) 639-34-43 Working hours: 10:00 - 22: 00 Prices: attractions from 11 to 220 UAH Website: - 80ahtofhq5a. om

Children's Planet

Where to go with a child in Kharkov: 24 interesting places Often, residents and guests of the first capital of Ukraine, while walking around the city, have an urgent question: where to go with a child in Kharkov?

Recently, the "Last Call" took place in the schools of Kharkov. The kids are expecting three whole months of such a coveted summer vacation. And parents are wondering what to do with their children in the summer?

Not everyone has the opportunity to send their children to the sea for health improvement, and not everyone has villages with grandparents. Summer camps for children will come to the rescue. Today they work as day city camps, when you take your child to the camp in the morning and pick it up in the evening, and camps in the Kharkiv region, where children live the whole shift. My Kharkov. nfo offers an overview of the camps where you can send your child for rest and development.

Fufuka Children's Camp

Fufuka is a private kindergarten and kids club. The administration organizes field camps at sea and abroad, but there is also the possibility of an urban summer camp. This is a day camp for children 6-14 years old.

Five days a week from 09. 0 to 17. 0 you can bring your child to the camp, where experienced teachers will work with him. Delivery to the camp - by yourself. The camp program includes training in zoology, botany and ecology. The children will be dealt with by researchers and scientists in these fields of science. Your children will be able to take part in real research trips and scientific examinations in Kharkov. The training program is quite interesting: there are trips to the forest park, and quests, creative workshops, tourist training, intellectual tasks, communication with animals. You can also learn the skills of journalists: learn how to make real reports, photograph wildlife. Archery is also taught here.

Thematic camps last 5 days (shift). Each of them is united by a common theme and certain types of activities: "Forest Indians", "Path of Pathfinders", "Scout Course", "Course for Young Detectives", "Camp of Journalists", etc. The day is scheduled hourly with different activities. Every day your child will be busy with interesting activities, learn useful skills and have fun with peers.

Read "My Kharkov" in Telegram

In a group: 8-10 people, which allows counselors and researchers to pay maximum attention to each child. The groups are divided by age: 6-9 years old - younger group, 9-11 years old - middle group, 12-14 years old - older group. Children are fed 2 times a day: a three-course lunch and an afternoon snack.

Prices 2018: 1950 UAH per shift 5 days

Address: st. Yesenin, 12

Phone: (067) 157-26-00, (099) 038-20-03, 757-95-95

Website: . n. a

Please the little ones: a complete guide to children's entertainment in Kharkov. Photo: unsplash. om

The weekend is just around the corner. While children are resting from school and classes, conscientious parents are concerned about what new and interesting things to please their child with? No need to rack your brains when Vgorode is at hand. We have prepared an overview of the most popular places in Kharkov, where no child will get bored. The places are divided into thematic blocks, for fidgets and for "curious".

Fidgets: places for lovers of walks, active games and attractions

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

Central Park of Culture and Leisure named after M. Gorky

This is one of the most popular places in Kharkov for family leisure.

The park is divided into thematic zones: family entertainment, extreme park, children's park. There is a lot of entertainment for children: a pneumatic zone, a "Bug" zone for the little ones, towers and a climbing wall, laser battles, 7D cinema, slot machines, an airsoft shooting range, entertainment on attractions (including extreme ones), a horror house, a medieval shooting range , children's racetrack, cable car, etc.

There are also many playgrounds for children in the park where you can have fun absolutely free.

At the rental point you can rent bicycles, pedal cars, choppers, segways, rollers (you can ride only within the park).

In the center of Medieval Square stands the highest Ferris wheel in Ukraine, next to it there is a stage for various events. Holidays are often celebrated here and thematic show programs are organized, fairs and master classes are held.

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