Children's tourism in Ukraine

Children's tourism in Ukraine

Holidays with children and for children!

A reasonable combination of activity and good living conditions is a prerequisite in order to organize the best holiday with children abroad or within the country. For most adults, the concept of relaxation is leisurely walks through historical sites or lazy contemplation of the surf. But your children will get bored with such a pastime even on the first day. Therefore, when planning a budget vacation with children or an expensive cruise tour, think in advance about what your little one will do.

Then the mood of the whole family will be excellent, and the nerves will be fine!

The first and main reason why our clients order is health improvement or, in other words, climatotherapy. Of course, 90% of families want to go to the sea, where nature itself contributes to relaxation and has a positive effect on children's immunity. A harmonious combination of factors such as temperature, humidity, sun activity and the presence of a swimming pool help children with chronic diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, heart, nervous and endocrine disorders to recover.

All tourist offers in this direction can be divided into two large groups: tours for children to sports and health camps and joint travel of parents with their children.

If your kid is already quite independent, you can send him to a camp abroad. Thousands of camps operate throughout Europe, in which, in addition to health improvement, intellectual programs, language learning and much more are provided.

Is it too early to send a son or daughter alone? We will help you plan an exciting and affordable vacation with children so that the whole family can enjoy the long-awaited vacation! If the kids are under 3 years old, choose quiet resorts with a short flight. Rest in hotels in Greece, Spain or Italy, far from noisy discos, with a swimming pool, a children's menu in a restaurant and an hourly nanny will bring pleasure to the whole family.

For children from 4 years old, it is better to select hotels with a large territory, which provide playgrounds, water parks, mini-zoos and animation. The variety of dishes according to the All inclusive system and the principle of the buffet are perceived by preschoolers and older children with great enthusiasm! In addition, such a joint vacation with children is inexpensive - savings on daily visits to restaurants are very significant.

Countries and resorts for families with children

Today, Turkey, Bulgaria and Montenegro are popular and affordable destinations for family travel. A tour to Greece, Italy or Spain will cost a little more. European countries for families with children are famous not only for their ancient architecture and rich history - there are corners with stunning nature, mild climate and entertainment for every taste!

100 rules of easy walking

We offer you the following outdoor activities from the Ozhevi company:

Rafting is an opportunity to have a good rest in a short time and please yourself with a fun weekend. After all, summer and recreation on the water are complementary and completely inseparable concepts ...

The sun, the heady aroma of herbs, sea air, mountain ranges, gatherings by the fire under the starry sky. That's right, it's about Crimea! Hurry to plunge into the world of adventure and romance ...

On sultry, hot summer days, treat yourself to the pleasant coolness of the Carpathian Mountains. Visit the Carpathians in the summer and they will welcome you with berries, mushrooms and wonderful landscapes ...

A corporate party should not be underestimated, because its main vocation is to unite the team and increase labor productivity. So, as they say in Odessa, do not make yourself "torn years", contact us and you will be satisfied ...

In the life of every tourist, a grandiose trip should take place, which will take you from everyday life to a completely different world, full of adventurism, adventure and positive!

Feel like the lord of a snow-covered mountain peak, admire the beauties of spruce trees in snowy decoration - give yourself a winter vacation in the Carpathians ...

Active rest and tourism in Ukraine

Hiking trips are the elixir of youth. Nature whispers, the soul sings. How can one not feel like seventeen? Spending time outdoors with the Ojewe team and outdoor activities is undoubtedly the best choice and the best combination. After all, the fundamental principle of our work is to approach business with a soul.

A modern person opens up wide horizons of opportunities to spend a long-awaited vacation brightly and unforgettably. If you feel a gravitation towards active recreation in nature, then it is very important to listen to your inner voice and hear what exactly your soul requires. But it’s true, with the mere recollection of past campaigns, the heart begins to beat faster, thoughts about possible future campaigns excite the mind, and I want to go no matter what, for new adventures.

You can spend an unforgettable trip in the Crimea, replenishing the treasury of memories with Crimean landscapes. We offer you a wide selection of the most interesting tourist routes in Crimea and the Carpathians. Hiking in the mountains is a fascinating journey that gives a sea of ​​positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. And of course the rest in the Carpathians deserves the best reviews! A trip to the Carpathians, with a characteristic climate, cool in the hot season, will pleasantly surprise you, and the mountain landscapes will amuse the eye and bring peace to the soul.

Active rest in the Crimea and the Carpathians should also be considered as a good alternative to family recreation. Family vacations are essential for building strong, trusting relationships. Weekend tours are ideal for joint leisure activities, among which rafting tours are very popular. The rafting weekend on the Southern Bug full of delight and adrenaline will delight you with a large concentration of positive emotions in such a short time. The elements of rock climbing and mountaineering will add that feeling when you believe that everything is within your reach, everything is possible. And it's worth a lot.

Easy walking is a special kind of tourism, where the minimum of equipment is compensated by your skills. Here are 100 easy walk rules to show you where to start.

During the summer holidays, most of the parents ask themselves the question “Where to go on a seaside vacation with a child?”. By far the most popular destination for families with children at sea is Turkey. But not all families with children can fly abroad. There are factors such as a fear of flying, a very small child and it is not known how he will survive the climate change, and also not all families financially can afford to fly “abroad”. Without leaving Ukraine, you can also relax at sea with a child. On the territory of Ukraine there is an extensive selection of resorts, which are located on the coast of the Azov and Black Seas.

And so, let's look at places to stay in Ukraine.


One of the popular and inexpensive resorts on the coast of the Azov Sea - Berdyansk is suitable for families with children. I think many people know this resort and have rested on the beaches of this resort town at least once. In Berdyansk there is a wide variety of hotels, recreation centers, both economy class and 5 *, as in Turkey. For example, the popular recreation center "Zolotoy Bereg" offers 3 meals a day and rooms of different categories. Also on the territory of the base there is a magnificent playground, children's animation, a zoo and a restaurant with karaoke. The cost of a double standard room is from 900 UAH. The room has:

  • TV ;
  • Refrigerator ;
  • Air Conditioner ;
  • WC ;
  • Shower cabin;
  • Bed.

And if the priority is to relax with a minimum of costs, you can book a house or a room in the private sector and even near the beach. The evening can be spent in the city center, where you will find a lot of entertainment for both children and adults.

And if you are not afraid to “step out of your comfort zone”, there is an option of relaxing right on the beach. Such a rest is called among the common people “savages”.

Not far from Berdyansk there is a cozy village Novopetrovka, on the coast of which there is a small “tent town”. If you want to try this type of vacation, we recommend that you go by car, where you can put everything you need for your vacation.


The next resort on the Azov Sea coast is Kirillovka. This urban-type settlement is also popular for a seaside holiday with children. Recreation centers are more popular for living here. But private houses are in high competition with the bases, winning by cost, but no worse than service. Food prices are higher than in Berdyansk, but despite this, the last few years Kirillovka has been highly popular for recreation. The bulk of Kirillovka's infrastructure is concentrated on the Fedotovaya Spit. There you will find many recreation centers, hotels, discos and shops.

The cost of living in Kirillovka depends on the location and on the services provided. In the private sector, you can find housing costing from 100 UAH per person without food and without amenities. For housing with amenities, the cost starts from 150 UAH per person. And on Fedotova Spit, you can find housing at a price of 270 UAH per person. At the Kirillovka resort you can visit the water park, dolphinarium, amusement park, as well as nightclubs.


Koblevo is a small village in the Nikolaev region, focused on families with children. It creates its own unique microclimate due to dense plantation and cool sea breeze. Thanks to this, the rest with children is comfortable and even the peak of the heat is easily tolerated.

A hike in the Carpathians is romance! Tents, bonfire, mafia game and more. Soup, borscht, porridge in pots! ABOUT! It is also a unique opportunity to understand that nothing is impossible for a person! This was my first trip and not the last! Thanks to our instructor Inna.

Thanks to the organizers for a high-quality corporate party at Migea. We ordered rafting + team building with delivery from Kiev. Everything was at a decent level - food, program, instructor! I would also like to note the creative approach of the instructors. Entertained to the fullest!

I want to thank all the organizers of the Southern Bug rafting! I liked everything very much. An interesting quest, rafting, beautiful nature, good food and professional instructors.

We went with friends on rafting to Migeya from Odessa. The group is not easy - women and children aged 6-12 years. All without experience. Many were afraid and doubted this trip, but in vain! The instructors found an approach to everyone, they felt caring and a sincere atmosphere. The children were generally delighted. Thanks for a nice stay!

I jokingly called my first trip to the Carpathian mountains "... all inclusive ..." - mountains, waterfalls, gorges, steep descents and ascents, where you can see nothing but your own sneakers. Everything is very rich, fast, bright. Thanks to our instructors - Inna and Stas. You are professionals in your field.

Team building on Khortitsa, 120 people. I don't know how it is possible to organize such a crowd, and even so that they do something in a team. But you did it. ? We left as one big family, with lofty goals and passion. Thank you!

A week in the mountains - out of habit seemed rather difficult. But as a result, I overcame not only fatigue, but also my fears. I discovered new opportunities in myself. Thanks to our instructor Ilya for help and support.

We decided to celebrate the company's birthday outdoors. We ordered a corporate tour of the Southern Bug with a trip from Odessa. We took a rope course from additional options. Well done guys, everything was very professionally organized, no complaints. The set goals have been achieved! ? Thanks to ActiveTravel.






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