Children's tourism in Evpatoria

What types of recreation are offered in Evpatoria in Crimea: attractions and beach areas

Evpatoria is a picturesque resort town on the Black Sea coast, located in the sunny part of tourist Ukraine. Every year this wonderful place receives in its open spaces from seven hundred to nine hundred thousand guests from cities of Ukraine, near and far abroad.

Video of recreation in Evpatoria with children

People of all ages and nationalities come here for treatment and recreation. In addition to the Black Sea for swimming, tourists are offered two cleanest lakes - Moinaki in the western part of the city and Sasyk in the east. Evpatoria is exactly the place where you can combine business with pleasure - and relax after the tiring winter season, and improve the health that is shaking in the urban environment, and strengthen the immunity of your child.

Evpatoria and rest with children

Coming to the resort in Evpatoria, parents can count on the fact that their children will not have to be bored while adults are resting. For tourists of the younger generation, there are many sanatoriums and health resorts, as well as a lot of exciting entertainment, water parks, dolphinariums and amusement parks.

You shouldn't worry too much about the safety of your child during the rest. Acclimatization of children after a flight or moving is completely calm, the beaches in this area are shallow and not filled with predatory fish, the shores are sandy and gentle, which excludes the possibility of a child injuring his feet on sharp pebbles or falling off a cliff, and the rescue system is developed at the highest level. If parents are worried about the purity of the air, then it is not necessary to stay within the city limits: rest near Evpatoria is no less well organized. Almost every settlement in the Evpatoria region provides all the conditions for a comfortable pastime of tourists of all generations.

Together with their children, parents can settle in a number of Evpatoria and nearby health camps. These include, for example, the Beregovoy boarding house, which is located in the village of Molochny, which is ten kilometers from the resort town. There is a vacation in Evpatoria in September - the season of arrival with children in "Beregovoe" lasts until September 16, which provides vacationers with the opportunity to enjoy all the delights of the southern velvet season.

In the village of Zaozyorny there is another wonderful children's health camp with the fabulous name "Scarlet Sails". Here children can walk and swim in the Black Sea and breathe in the fresh air of the Western coast of Crimea. The animators of the children's camp always carefully plan all kinds of entertainment for their little and not so visitors: excursions are organized, sports competitions are held in the fresh air, and, of course, swimming in the warm Black Sea.

In addition to recreation in children's health facilities, Evpatoria offers its young guests a wide range of various attractions and entertainment. Of course, the main attraction that engraves in children's memory is the wonderful Evpatoria Dolphinarium. Thanks to the sparing ticket prices, this entertainment center belongs to the list of economy holidays in Evpatoria.

Wonderful show with dolphins of the Evpatoria Dolphinarium

Rest in Evpatoria with children is the best choice for parents

Rest in Evpatoria with children. Evpatoria is a healing resort of Crimea, the climate here is always warm and mild. Sandy beaches, mineral waters, medicinal lakes and mud, sea air, along with shallow warmed waters, make the resort perfectly suitable and curative for children. The city has a fairly developed infrastructure, which is important when resting with small travelers, reviews of the resort are mostly positive.

It is better to go to the resort from the middle of June, the water here is already warmed up enough at this time, however, in July you will expect an influx of a large number of tourists and high temperatures. From mid-August to September it is comfortable to relax here, there are fewer tourists, and the water is still well warmed up. Where to go with a child while resting in Evpatoria and where to stay, we will consider further.

Where to stay with a child in Evpatoria?

The choice of housing in Evpatoria is quite large. There are many hotels, sanatoriums, guest houses, rooms where you can find all-inclusive service with a swimming pool, to small courtyards in the private sector with playgrounds.

The cost of housing depends on the distance to the beach, proximity to entertainment evening establishments and the proposed conditions and comfort for living: the presence of a washing machine, a bathroom, an air conditioner. It is very important to consider when resting with children.

Food in Evpatoria

The choice of places to eat at the resort is very wide. Here you will find affordable eateries, seaside cafes, restaurants with cuisines of different nations.

If you decide to cook your own food, you can buy food from local markets and supermarkets.

Neither adults nor children will have problems with food in Evpatoria.

Resort Beaches

There are many beaches in Evpatoria, from wild, deep to well-equipped. Wild beaches, or beaches in the old part of the city, have a deep entrance, which is not very convenient when relaxing with children.

The central beach of the resort has a sandy structure, gently sloping entrance, it is regularly cleaned here. In addition, on the beach you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, use showers, toilets, changing rooms. There are also many stalls along the coastline of the beach where you can buy cool water, food, ice cream.

The central beach of the city is equipped with water attractions: slides, trampolines, catamarans, as well as pills, bananas, parachutes - in which it is important to take into account the age and weight of the child!

Children's rest in Evpatoria

The city is located on the shores of the Kalamitsky Gulf of the Black Sea. It is surrounded by water on three sides: from the south - a sea bay with beautiful velvety sandy beaches, from the east - the largest salt lake of Crimea, Sasyk-Sivash; from the west - the Moinak Lake, known for its healing power.

The history of the city goes back over years

During this time, he changed three historical names: in ancient times - Kerkinitida, in the Middle Ages - Gezlev, in modern times - Evpatoria. The three-fold change of the city's name reflected the largest historical eras: Greek colonization, the emergence of the Crimean Khanate and the entry into the Ottoman Empire, the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Empire in 1783.

In the late XIX - early XX centuries. the city begins its development as a resort, using rich natural factors - the sea, beaches, Moinak mud. The first sanatoriums, hospitals and boarding houses are being built. 1915 The All-Russian Congress recognized Evpatoria as a nationwide resort.

During the Great Patriotic War, residents of the city had to endure the horrors of the 29-month fascist occupation of the city, feel a short m

ig freedom during the days of the Yevpatoria amphibious assault in January 1942, to mourn more than 12 thousand townspeople who were shot at Krasnaya Gorka, as well as 2500 people who died on the fronts of the Second World War. On April 13, 1944, units of the 2nd Guards Army entered the city, freeing it from fascist captivity.

By the mid-1950s, the Evpatoria resort was completely restored. 14 children's sanatoriums specialized in the treatment of bone tuberculosis and poliomyelitis. Since the late 1950s. the profile of most health resorts is changing - now they are beginning to treat general therapeutic diseases.

Currently, the main priority area of ​​the city strategy is the development of sanatorium and resort and tourist complexes.

There are 137 health resort institutions and hotels in the city, including 63 health resorts. All health resorts have a modern medical and diagnostic base, allowing to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, upper respiratory tract, central and peripheral nervous system, incl. consequences of poliomyelitis, urological and gynecological diseases, skin diseases and metabolic disorders.

Small Jerusalem route Evpatoria

In Evpatoria, there is a unique excursion and tourist route "Small Jerusalem", which unites temples of seven different denominations and other architectural monuments. The Khan's mosque stands opposite the Orthodox cathedral, the synagogue is adjacent to the Karaite kenases, from the Armenian church a few steps to the tekie dervishes - the ancient abode of wandering Sufi monks. In total, there are 192 historical and cultural monuments in Evpatoria.

Natural factors of Evpatoria

Six Crimean resorts entered the top ten of the cheapest resorts in Russia among the most demanded for recreation this summer.

The rating is compiled according to the data of the travel service that has booked accommodation in the private sector from June 1 to August 31, 2018. (more ...)

Crimea and Krasnodar Territory signed an agreement on cooperation in the tourism sector

At the International Tourism Exhibition "Intourmarket-2018" on March 11, Crimea and Krasnodar Territory signed an agreement on cooperation in the tourism sector. (more ...)

Crimea participates in the international tourism exhibition in Moscow

The International Tourism Exhibition "Intourmarket-2018" is held from 10 to 12 March in Moscow. This is a specialized tourism exhibition, representing the full tourist product of our country - absolutely all regions of Russia participate in it.

Today Crimea is taking part in the largest international tourism exhibition "Intourmarket-2018" in Moscow. (more ...)

Evpatoria participates in the exhibition "Crimea Season-"

In Simferopol, in the new exhibition center "Connect Center" on February 20, the grand opening of the VI International Forum "Open Crimea" took place. The forum is organized by the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea with the support of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

The Forum was opened by the largest tourist exhibition “Crimea. Season-2018 ", on 10,000 square meters of the exhibition center" Connect Center ". Exhibition “Crimea. Season-2018 "clearly demonstrates the resort and tourist opportunities of our peninsula, the event potential of the Crimean peninsula, the best hotels, boarding houses, sanatoriums, sports and tourist centers, restaurants, equipment for beaches, beach areas for outdoor activities and sports games.

Evpatoria from a bird's eye view

And clouds are floating over the city Closing the heavenly light And yellow smoke over the city The city is two thousand years old Living under the light of a star named the Sun ... (Viktor Tsoi is a Star named the sun.) (more ...)

Even in Soviet times, Evpatoria was considered a children's health resort. This was facilitated by the clean and calm sea, as well as excellent climatic conditions.

The city is located along the western coast of the Crimean peninsula. It is surrounded by magnificent bodies of water. In addition to the Black Sea, the city is known for the most beautiful Lake Moinak and Sasyk-Sivash.

From an environmental point of view, vacation in Evpatoria Crimea is considered the best option for a joint travel with children.

The city is distinguished by long sandy beaches and safe descents into the water.

In the vicinity there are a large number of lakes and estuaries with healing mud and waters.

Balneological rest is popular. On the territory of Evpatoria there are many different sanatoriums offering health treatments. Also, a huge number of entertainment complexes are equipped for tourists in the city. Traveling around the city, you can see interesting cultural and historical sights.

What kind of recreation is presented in Evpatoria?

Recreation in Evpatoria involves several goals. The following types of tourism are developing on the territory of the resort town:

  • Cultural and educational, which is designed to acquaint tourists with the history and culture of the city, as well as visiting historical and archaeological sites;
  • Active tourism, which is presented in Crimea various types of water tourism: diving, water skiing, sailing. Cycling and trekking are also offered;
  • Health tourism is offered in the form of climatotherapy, as well as mud therapy and healing with beneficial mineral waters.

Beach is considered the main type of recreation. The beach areas are 30 km long and consist of fine soft sand without sharp stones.

Fun holiday with children!

Evpatoria is a children's resort. Parents bring their children here for wellness treatments. The healing mud, beach areas with fine sand, and sea water contribute to a wonderful holiday with the whole family.

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