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Studying English in the best language schools abroad, including studying in English camps abroad, is the most effective, efficient and rewarding way to significantly improve the level of English proficiency in a relatively short time. In addition, learning English is a prerequisite for those who plan to receive secondary or higher education abroad in the future. In this article, you can learn more about the features of learning English in the best language schools and English camps abroad, as well as a rating of educational institutions, their cost - the list is on this page.

English today is quite rightly called an international language: it is difficult to find a person who does not know at least a couple of words or expressions in it. Teaching English abroad is becoming more popular and in demand from year to year; English language courses abroad are offered in almost all countries of the world. This is not at all surprising, because most international negotiations at various levels are conducted on it: English is truly universal and widespread.

Study abroad today is available to anyone. Despite the fact that the cost of studying English in schools and camps abroad can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars in the most rated educational institutions, almost everyone can choose suitable English language courses for themselves. It is worth noting that teaching English abroad subsequently allows students to easily enroll in foreign educational institutions to obtain, for example, secondary education in the UK or higher education in the United States.

List of countries for learning English: ranking

The question of where it is better to study English abroad is relevant for everyone who is going to get acquainted with the direction of educational tourism. Experts recommend making choices based on academic goals - your further educational plans should set the topic and direction for the next courses. So, for example, you can learn a language for higher education in Europe, Australia, New Zealand in his homeland - in Britain. If you plan to study or work in the United States, the rational choice will be a language program in the American version, such courses are offered in the States, Mexico, Canada.

List of countries that offer English language courses:

  • Great Britain - we can say that this is the birthplace of the English language. Here, over the centuries, its own educational traditions have been formed, which are now known throughout the world. It is to the UK that the most talented and ambitious guys come to receive secondary and higher education. Studying English in England is a real guarantee of the highest quality of the education received. Throughout the UK, there are a huge number of language educational institutions and camps that offer learning English in different directions. In addition to London and other large cities, including the legendary academic Oxford and Cambridge, you can improve your level of English proficiency in small towns.

  • Malta - Malta was once part of the British Empire, and almost pure classical English is still spoken here. One of the main advantages of studying English in Malta is its relatively low cost (especially compared to teaching English in the UK). In addition, Malta is one of the world's most famous tourism and recreation centers! Here your child will be able to combine business with pleasure: learn English at a higher level, and have a good rest on the seashore in his free time.
  • Canada is a country that was also once part of the British Empire. Today we can conclude that Canada is a country of immigrants. Here, over the years, a unique, multinational and at the same time very friendly atmosphere has developed. In Canada, in addition to English, the official state language is French, and other foreign languages ​​are also somewhat widespread. In addition to high-quality language education, your child will be able to get here an unforgettable experience from trips out of town - Canada has beautiful nature and fresh mountain air.
  • Australia and New Zealand is a different region for learning English in the best language schools and camps. There is eternal summer and sun, the Great Quarry Reef and a warm ocean. Language courses in English are cheaper here than, say, in the UK or the USA. A unique characteristic of these countries is the opportunity to engage in active sports such as diving, surfing and others.
  • Ireland. Language schools offering English courses in Ireland also provide a very high quality teaching that is in no way inferior to education received in the UK or USA.
  • The USA is the country of the second most widespread and popular version of the English language in the world - American English. It is also here that you should start preparing for admission to an educational institution for secondary or higher education in the United States.

Teaching English on Courses Abroad: Choosing a Country and Program

English language courses abroad will allow a child to get a very effective language education and useful skills, and not only those directly related to the language - after all, such an educational trip also allows you to get a unique experience of living abroad!

The choice of options for studying English and other foreign languages ​​abroad is very large. So much so that it will be quite difficult to figure it out without the help of professionals. Only in Great Britain, the educational system of which is considered the standard of European education, you will find more than two thousand educational institutions of all types and levels - public schools, boarding schools, colleges, institutes and universities. And each of these institutions provides an English language learning program, including English as a Foreign Language (ESL).

Teaching English abroad for children, schoolchildren, students

Talking and writing about travel in English is not easy for everyone. People with an initial and intermediate level of knowledge are often limited to a few simple sentences with banal vocabulary.

In this article, we will show that writing a lot on the topic of travel is easy and even interesting. Here you can find examples of phrases and quotes, as well as a lot of other useful information on this topic.

"My Journey" essay in English

The question "Can you tell me about your trip?" for many who know English at an elementary level, it can cause embarrassment and a little shock. Why?

Here are some reasons for this reaction:

  • The first reason why it is difficult to tell or write small travel stories is due to a person's limited vocabulary. He cannot express his thoughts on the topic of the topic, because he does not understand how to formulate them in English, does not know what vocabulary belongs to the topic of conversation and what synonym should be chosen for a forgotten word.
  • The second reason is ignorance of the grammatical features of the English language. To write a beautiful and competent text on the topic "My journey", knowledge of one vocabulary will not be enough. The grammar in English is not the easiest, but if you do not take into account the tenses in which you speak or write, and other grammar rules, foreigners will not be able to understand you.
  • Also a third reason for this behavior may be a sure sign of a beginner's language barrier. Even those who are fluent in English experience difficulties in communicating with foreigners. This is usually expressed in the inability to explain their position and understand their interlocutor. It is quite possible to overcome the language barrier if you immerse yourself in a foreign environment and stop being afraid to speak incorrectly.

How can you write beautifully about your journey in English?

Here's an example of an essay about a trip to New York:

My Trip Traveling is the most exciting thing in the world. First of all, it lets us discover the world from different sides, visit different countries and experience their cultures and traditions. consolation is the most exciting thing in the world. First, it allows us to explore the world from different angles, visit different countries, study their culture and traditions. oreover, we have a chance to enrich our knowledge about life in general and particularly about ourselves. Moreover, we have a chance to enrich our knowledge about life in general and partly about ourselves. Traveling also gives us an opportunity to meet new interesting people, learn new languages, taste different national dishes and develop our skills. That’s why I’m trying to travel as much as possible. consolation also gives you the opportunity to meet new interesting people, learn languages, taste various national dishes and improve your knowledge. This is why I try to travel as often as possible. Last year I visited New-York, USA. I got there by plane. It took me more than 8 hours. The most exciting thing I saw was the Empire State Building. I had a fantastic time and learned a lot about this marvelous and famous landmark. last year I visited New York City, USA. It took more than 8 hours to get there by plane. The most exciting thing I saw there was the Empire State Building. I had a fantastic time and learned a lot about this amazing and famous landmark. he first thing I’ve noticed about this beautiful building is that it looks like a giant pencil, with a tall and pointed top. I caught my breath when I rose my head to see it at first. The architecture of the Empire State Building is gorgeous. The first thing I noticed about this beautiful building is that it looks like a giant pencil with a high and pointed top. When I first lifted my head to look at him, my breath caught in my throat. The architecture of the Empire State Building is great. here was so much to see and do inside the tower. There were two observations with spectacular views, lovely coffee shops, and some souvenir shops. I’ve bought several postcards so that I will always remember that day. Inside the tower there was also something to see and do. There are two observation platforms with picturesque views, lovely coffee shops and souvenir shops. I bought several postcards, so now I will always remember that day. felt a little sad when it was time to live. I had a good time in New-York and I hope to go there again next winter. felt a little sad before leaving. I had a good time in New York and hope to come again next winter.

In this essay, rich vocabulary and adherence to all grammatical rules of the English language have developed into a full-fledged literate and readable text. The topic of travel allows you to talk about your emotions and experiences, as well as about small details of a flight or moving, checking into a hotel, searching for attractions and meeting new people.

Travel Dialogue in English

Writing a text in English about travel in the form of dialogue is a little easier than writing a full essay or story. It is important to ask the right question correctly and also to answer it correctly.

Studying English in the best language schools abroad, including studying in English camps abroad, is the most effective, efficient and rewarding way to significantly improve your English proficiency in a relatively short time. In addition, learning English is a prerequisite for those who plan to receive secondary or higher education in the future.

English via Skype

About travel in English

Individual preparation for IELTS via Skype with our teachers of native English and Russian-speaking teachers includes the study of questions and tasks on the most common topics of the IELTS exam. The topic "Travel" in English is found in both IELTS and other exams - TOEFL, First Certificate, Certificate in Advanced English, as well as the OGE and USE in English. Today we will analyze 25 stable phrases about travel in English, 7 idioms about travel, 23 phrasal verbs about travel and transport in English, consider 3 typical mistakes of English learners in a conversation about travel.

I hope that all this will help you successfully pass the exam, prepare for typical IELTS tasks in IELTS writing and IELTS speaking, or write an interesting school essay on the topic of travel in English or a letter in English about travel.

English collocations about traveling - English collocations about travel and vacation

English Idioms about traveling - Idioms about traveling in English

English Phrasal Vers about traveling - English phrasal verbs about traveling

Common mistakes in speaking about traveling - Common mistakes

  • tourist/touristy/touristic. How are these adjectives different? The adjective tourist is tourist, (yes, this word is not only a noun, but it can also be an adjective if it comes before another noun) is used in such phrases as the tourist industry, a tourist attraction, tourist destination, tourist resort. The word touristy - teeming with tourists, is used to describe a place that is overcrowded with tourists, has a negative connotation and is used only in an informal setting in oral speech. For example, This town is very touristy. There are hordes of people. This city is teeming with tourists, there are hordes of people. Touristy behavior, touristy restaurant. there is no touristic fishing in English! English speakers don't use it. You can only hear this word from learners of English as a foreign language - Asians and Russians.
  • economic/economical. Many people confuse these two words. Economic - economic, related to the economy (economic growth, economic policy, economic problem); economical - economical, consuming little (economical cars, be economical of one's time, an economical way to travel
  • travel/trip/journey/tourism/tourtravel - 1) verb, to travel 2) uncountable noun, travel to general sense of the word. Air travel has become cheaper than rail travel in some countries. rip is a short trip, there and back: a weekend trip is a weekend trip, a school trip is a school trip, a business trip is a business trip, talk smb out of taking the trip is to dissuade smb. from a trip, take a trip, go on trip - to go on a trip, journey - a trip, a journey, moving from point A to point B, usually a longer distance than trip. a very arduous journey | ˈɑːrdʒuəs | –A very difficult journey. Also, usually a journey implies a different kind of experience and emotions that you will receive along the way (figuratively - the journey from childhood to maturity, break a journey - make a stop, interrupt the path.) There could be a few trips in a journey and certainly a lot of travel . Tourism - tourism, economy, business providing transport, accommodation and entertainment. Tour- guided tour.

IELTS academic writing task traveling

Analyze the charts below, one of which shows the most popular countries for traveling pcs 2017 and the other illustrates the development of global tourism since 1950 until 2018. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

Frequently asked questions about traveling in English on the examinations of the Unified State Exam, OGE, IELTS, TOEFL, First Certificate, CAE

IELTS speaking questions about travel

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