Children's rest or the answer to the question “where to send a child to rest? "

Children's rest or the answer to the question “where to send a child to rest?

What is the cost of a voucher to a children's camp?

When choosing children's camps, the prices for vouchers are the determining factor for most families. How to find a reasonable balance between the cost of recreation and its quality? First of all, the location of the children's camp matters. If you want to send your child to a well-known seaside resort, you should be prepared for increased costs. However, in the children's camp in the Moscow region, the holidays will be no less exciting. Travel expenses are reduced, which means that the total cost of the trip is reduced.

Length of stay, accommodation and infrastructure

The cost of a ticket to a children's camp depends on the length of stay. In addition to the standard 21-day rest, there are other options. You can buy a ticket to the children's camp, where the shift lasts only one or two weeks. This is a good solution if your child is going on an independent trip for the first time or is inclined to be homesick.

Each children's holiday camp offers its own conditions of accommodation, which may vary significantly. In budgetary health resorts, children live in rooms for 5 people or more. Vouchers to a children's camp with accommodation for 2-4 people in a bedroom are usually more expensive.

The presence of infrastructure facilities on the territory of the boarding house largely determines the cost of recreation. The best children's camps have a very well-developed infrastructure. It creates conditions for practicing various sports, creative activities, arts and crafts. To lead circles and sections, organize master classes, the health resort hires coaches, choreographers, art directors, specialists in various types of creativity. Increased staffing costs are included in the cost of vouchers. In budget camps for children, there are only residential buildings, sports grounds and a swimming pool. As a rule, such health resorts focus on sports events, outdoor games, hikes, walks in the woods. If the object is located on the coast of a reservoir, swimming becomes an integral part of the rest.

Food is another component of the price for rest. Usually, children are offered five meals a day. In the more expensive boarding houses there is a buffet system, and in budget resorts the set of dishes is standard.


The children's camp program includes a certain choice of entertainment that is available to the child during the rest. The more of them, the more expensive the price of the rest. For the organization of sports sections and circles in the children's camp, specialized specialists are involved, whose services are costly. On the other hand, the child will have the opportunity to try his hand at different activities, which will make the rest more fun.

Please note: the price of a voucher to a children's camp does not always include insurance and excursions. This issue must be clarified in advance when booking. The same applies to the transfer: the delivery of vacationers to the place of accommodation may be paid separately from the voucher.

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Expedition to Cyprus Program Skill Camp

The Expedition program is on a new journey. We go to sleep on sandy beaches, eat oranges from trees, swim in the Mediterranean and explore ancient cities!

Special offer! REGISTRATION UNTIL 10.1.019 with REDUCED ORGANIZATIONAL FEE (-1000 rubles)

Program manager: instructor of youth tourism, Russian climber Dmitry Vadimovich Safonov, contact phone +7 (906) 066-02-11.

Administrator: instructor of youth tourism, Karadash Timur Nurettinovich, contact phone +7 (985) 195-23-17. Instructors and mentors of the project also take part in the program.

Boys and girls aged 7-18 and their parents (relatives), as well as for everyone who wants to spend time actively and profitably!

The voluntary registration fee for the program will be:

22,000 rubles for a participant; 18,000 rubles for a third participant from a family;

Organized group transfer from Moscow and back (plane + bus) is charged separately and amounts to 23,000 rubles, depending on the date of ticket redemption. (actual cost at 24.0.019).

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