Children's recreation camp; Your Camp Crimea; in Alushta (Russia)

Children's camps in Crimea: which one to choose in 2021

In this article, I, a native Crimean woman who visited many of the then Soviet camps, will tell you which children's camps in Crimea are worth paying attention to. I will rely on camp location and feedback.

Organization of children's summer holidays is the most important moment for all parents. It is there that a child can not only have a good time, but also improve his health, communicate with peers and acquire certain skills.

In addition, parents may not always pay enough attention to a child to spend the whole summer with him at sea, and the child will certainly not like it in a stuffy city. This is why a summer camp for children is simply salvation. But in order to really get the most out of it, you need to choose the right institution, taking into account all your wishes.

Children's camps in Crimea: where to send a child in summer

When choosing a camp, you should focus on a number of important parameters:

  • focus. If you need to improve your child's health or focus on sports, foreign languages, dancing, then initially you need to take a closer look at specialized institutions;
  • living conditions. Sometimes children love adventure, and then remote camp sites with the possibility of hiking and spending the night in a tent are even more suitable for them;
  • pricing policy. This is not just about the usual savings, but about the value for money;
  • location. There may be special requests for the specific location of the camp. By the way, sometimes parents stay in the same settlement in a hotel or boarding house in order to be able to be closer to the child, to spend time with him, but also to give freedom;
  • food. If a child has any pathologies of the digestive system, it is important to clarify in advance about the possibility of ordering a special dietary food;
  • reviews. In the modern world, many people pay attention to the feedback about the camp, because the opinion of other parents can often give a more detailed picture of a particular institution;
  • opening hours. Sometimes, if you need to send a child in the winter, the list of selected camps will be reduced - not all establishments work all year round.

Everyone chooses for himself the priority points, according to which he then sorts the places of rest of the child.

Children's camps on the southern coast of Crimea

The southern coast of Crimea has always been valued for its amazing climate. Many people say: it is only worth going there for a couple of weeks in the summer and you can not think about colds for a whole year. Legends have been circulating about the miraculous air of Crimea for many years, which is why parents are so willing to send their children there. Needless to say, it's just worth going there, even because of the picturesque beauty of this region and the amazing Black Sea.

Camps in the Eastern part of the peninsula

Naberezhnaya st., Peschanoe, Bakhchisarai district, Republic of Crimea

Children's Health Camp "I & Camp"

Own sand and pebble beach; 5 meals a day "Buffet"; Three swimming pools; Interesting entertainment programs; Comfortable rooms;

local with amenities

local with amenities

Clubs and Studios

I $ Camp beach

children's camp is located on the 1st coastline. The nearest pebble beach is in the immediate vicinity of the camp.

Strengths of the camp:

Short description

International Youth Center I Camp, Sandy (Ai Camp, Sandy) is located on the Western coast of Crimea, in the resort village of Sandy, with a mild climate and sandy-pebble beaches, 50 km from Simferopol, 60 km from Sevastopol, 65 km from Simferopol airport. This is one of the best camps in Crimea. Meals in the Ay Camp camp as a "Buffet" - 5 times a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, second dinner).

Service, services, infrastructure

Children's recreation camp "Your Camp Crimea" in Alushta (Russia) - photos of rooms, descriptions and reviews of visitors

The multilingual camp "Your Camp" is open to everyone who is fond of learning foreign languages, interested in the traditions of different countries of the world, and who just loves outdoor activities!

Children are accommodated in a comfortable 5-storey building in cozy rooms with amenities for 3-4 people per room.

Territory: closed, guarded, 3 hectares of parkland rich in cypresses, magnolias, cedars, medicinal acacia and other trees that create an excellent microclimate that has a beneficial effect on the health of children.

Medical care: a doctor works every day during the day, a nurse is on duty at night, and an emergency medical service on call works and serves children. On the day of arrival, a medical examination is carried out for all children.

Camp teachers: Own team of instructors and teachers, all employees with higher specialized education, who have the appropriate diplomas and certificates. The ratio of counselors to children is 1k 10.

Squad assignment: children are assigned to squads by age.

Camp program: developed with the participation of native speakers of foreign languages, implemented by professional staff, teachers and sports instructors. The curriculum occupies a special place in the camp - it is not only grammar, classes, but also language practice with native speakers, and 100% immersion in the language environment during the entire shift. Daily activity is a constant plan for every day of life in the camp. The creative aspect of the program is presented by thematic master classes, performances of show programs. Your Camp cannot imagine its change without a sports direction: football, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, swimming, quests, towns, evening shows and discos.

Foreign languages: the main language in the camp is English, Spanish and French when recruiting groups of 5 people or more (* for organized groups of 10 people, classes with a native speaker of any language are possible upon a preliminary request).


Daily active English lessons are 3 ac/h. The curriculum is compiled on the basis of materials from British publications. Before the start of shifts, through written testing, young participants are divided into groups according to the level of language proficiency from Beginner to Advanced. Classes are conducted by qualified teachers with the necessary diplomas and certificates, including international ones.

Classes are held on a high emotional wave, which allows you to achieve amazing results. Teachers and native speakers act as one team, the main task of which is to captivate the child and show him the interesting and bright world of a foreign language. Lessons are held with a large number of visual aids, carefully selected audio and video materials. At the end of the shift, based on the test results, participants will be awarded special diplomas and certificates.

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