Children's planet of tourism

Children's planet of tourism

Smirnova Yana - Senior kindergarten teacher. She graduated from the Istra Pedagogical School - educator, the Moscow Social Humanitarian Institute - psychology. Yana has extensive experience of working with preschoolers, for 13 years she worked as a physical education instructor and psychologist, Montessori is a teacher. He considers that the most important thing in the profession of an educator is to see in a child a person equal to himself, to become for him an assistant, mentor, friend. Yana is fond of fishing, tourism, cycling, literature, paints in watercolors and loves to cook! He considers his professional goal to create a favorable environment for the development of children, for the manifestation of talents and individual qualities of everyone!

Mordasova Ksenia - teacher of the senior group of a kindergarten. Ksenia has been on the Planet of Children since May 2016, since September this year she is one of the teachers in the senior group - Preparing for school. Cheerful, full of ideas and energy, Ksenia realized that she wanted to work with children after the appearance of her boys. Finishes higher education with a degree in Preschool Education. Likes to spend time in nature, go fishing with her husband. Ksenia's personal record was 7 kg pike perch!

Philip is a professional footballer, coach, CCM, in sports since 6 years old. For five years, he has been a constant football coach on the Planet of Children. In addition to football and hockey skills, it successfully develops physical endurance in our children, the achievement of goals, while taking into account the age, physical, psychological characteristics of young pupils. Despite his age, and Philip is only 25 years old, discipline reigns in his classes. He always greets children with a smile, his love for them is impossible not to notice and of course the guys feel it! And we see that it is mutual!

Khadizhat is a kindergarten teacher. Hadi is adored by all children, and the reason for this, of course, is her boundless kindness and attention, which she is ready to give to every child. Khadizhat has a pedagogical education - she graduated from the Pedagogical Institute with a degree in Fine Art Teacher, as well as rich experience - Khadi is a mother of two small children. Hadi's group is engaged in modeling and drawing with kids and older children, participates in our thematic performances and loves to play outdoor games with children. Adi has been working in the Planet of Children kindergarten for over a year, knows very well the peculiarities of raising children under the Golden Key program, and knows how to take into account the peculiarities of the psychology of preschool children in her work.

Vasily is a trainer in aikido, has been engaged in martial arts since childhood, holder of 1st dan, teaching experience since 2010. He is the Vice President of the Shumeijuku Aikido Academy, a member of the Russian Union of Martial Arts. For him, aikido is not just a martial art, but a philosophy in which, in addition to physical training, special importance is attached to the techniques of controlled relaxation and development of the spirit. Vasily perfectly knows how to set up both toddlers and older children for training. He knows how to be moderately strict, but he is not averse to joking and playing.

Eilly is an English teacher (native speaker). Love for children, a playful approach to learning and an excellent level of language give excellent results. Children are happy to sing songs in English, put on funny numbers and learn to communicate.

Ovchinnikova Tatiana - kindergarten teacher. Graduated from the MPI of the FSB of Russia. Before appearing on the Planet of Children, Tatiana worked in the legal field, but she liked our kids much more. She finds an approach to the smallest children. Next to Tanya, all the burning troubles go away and the mood becomes sunny.

Olga Alexandrovna is the head of the theater studio at the Planet of Children. She also conducts classes at school and kindergarten. Olga is a wonderful actress and theater director with extensive experience. She always finds an approach even to the most shy and shy guys and helps them to reveal themselves on stage, to prove themselves, to learn how to perform in front of an audience. Olga Aleksandrovna is engaged with children in stage speech, plastic, shows how you can express a variety of emotions and convey mood with the help of various poses, facial expressions, body language.

Olga Alexandrovna herself often performs with her own productions, and also organizes a theater festival on the Planet of Children.

Trofimenko Alla - kindergarten teacher. Alla graduated from the Istra Pedagogical College as a primary school teacher. At the moment, he continues his studies at the State Humanitarian and Technological University. He is fond of sports and loves to read books.

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