Children's medical sanatoriums by the sea in Russia

Children's medical sanatoriums by the sea in Russia

Children's medical sanatoriums are mainly focused on specialized treatment or general maintenance of a young and growing body.

Children's medical sanatoriums in Krasnodar region

Krasnodar Territory, in particular Tuapse, includes several children's health resorts and camps, working full-time shifts.

Children's health camp "Pearl of Russia"

The "Pearl of Russia" complex is considered the largest children's complex, designed for the simultaneous residence of more than 4,500 children. It is located on the first line of the beach just 100 m from the sea and in a unique man-made park area. The park is formed mainly of coniferous trees, which creates a positive climate and strengthens the immune system.

The Pearl of Russia has a full-fledged medical staff and specializes in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Traditional and non-traditional therapies are practiced in the hospital, such as:

  • phytotherapy ;
  • aromatherapy ;
  • aroma baths;
  • pine baths.

Children from 7 to 16 years old are accepted to the health camp. For children, on the territory of the camp there are various sports grounds, simulators, it is possible to play sports with a professional trainer. The duration of the shift is 21 days, the price varies from 35,000 to 37,000 for a wellness stay, and from 37,000 to 41,000 rubles. for a stay with a medical complex, tickets are paid separately.

It is not possible to live with parents. The price of the voucher includes 5 meals a day, medical services and a full range of various services and visits to cultural and entertainment programs as part of excursion groups. To enter the camp, you must have a birth certificate, a recent full certificate of vaccinations and a dermatologist's opinion.

Children's Health Camp "Positive"

The "Positive" sanatorium is located in an ecologically clean area on the territory of the resort village. The combination of proximity to the sea, plantations of vegetation and fresh air makes the camp one of the best places for children to visit. The camp has its own pebble beach with full equipment and a shallow area for children.

A sanatorium is a place where you can recuperate not only physical, but also mental. Vacationers are offered a full range of services. Before choosing the best children's sanatorium in Russia, a suitable voucher, you need to undergo an examination, prepare the necessary documents, a list of things and collect them for the trip.

The following wellness treatments are provided throughout the stay:

And this is not a complete list of what people get on vacation, together with their children, go to the country's sanatoriums. The direction of recovery can be very diverse: problems with legs, speech, general condition and development. Before going to the resort with treatment, you need to consult a doctor. There are restrictions on the admission of certain patients. Then sanatorium treatment can harm a person who has come to rest. A special health improvement program is being developed.

The benefits of such a holiday are enormous. Basically, all hospitals are located in a natural area: fresh air, frequent walks. Some have their own mineral springs. The popularity of sanatorium-resort recreation has increased, and all thanks to the fact that all the stereotypes of the past have been dispelled. If earlier those who were over forty went to the sanatorium, now it is a place where everyone rests. You can have a rest at any time of the year, but people go to the sanatorium most often in summer. Children, parents with children, young people, as well as people of the age - rest is suitable for all ages.

Types of vouchers and holiday features

The main feature of the holiday is its complex nature. This means that in addition to natural factors, the achievements of mankind are also used. So, for example, you can be treated with mineral water, swim in the springs, at the same time visit exercise therapy, observe dietary nutrition. Basically, all sanatorium complexes have specialization and are aimed at treating a particular disease. Parents who come to rest at the sanatorium will be able to choose a course of treatment for themselves and their children. Most importantly, before purchasing a voucher, you need to know which sanatorium is better to go to, what kind of disease you have, and what specialization the chosen resort should have.

Types of vouchers:

Children's sanatoriums are divided into several types. In some of them you can spend time with your parents, while treatment is provided to the whole family, in others, you can check in only for the types of diseases. There are sanatorium pioneer camps where children have a rest without their parents.

Putting the baby together What to put with you?

Gathering a child on a trip is a responsible matter. You need to carefully consider what to take with you. Be sure to put a folder with documents, which will contain a copy of the insurance policy, a paid voucher, a sanatorium card, the results of the latest examinations, a certificate from a pediatrician about the vaccinations made and the epidemiological environment - all this must be collected for the child who is going to the sanatorium. Under 14 years of age must have a copy of the birth certificate. Teenagers from 14 years old - passport. It is also worth writing advice to the doctor about nutrition, indicating which foods may be allergic. Below is a list that clearly states what to take for a child to travel to a sanatorium.

List of things:

Do not bring expensive gadgets, phones and cameras, as well as expensive shoes, clothes and jewelry with you. The fewer distractions there are, the more benefit the treatment will be.

A good rest on the Black Sea coast has been considered the height of happiness for many families since the times of the Soviet Union. Now, despite the possibility of travel to Turkey, Europe and other foreign countries, many parents choose children's sanatoriums on the Russian Black Sea coast. The sea climate, water treatments, balanced nutrition and active sports will help you gain strength after a difficult school year. And then, after all, our sanatoriums and camps are cheaper, whatever one may say.

By the way, many children's health camps are open all year round, so children can relax here not only during summer holidays. And in the Krasnodar Territory, you can send your child to a sanatorium by the Black Sea for free.

So, a small overview of children's health facilities

Children's health-improving complex "Starfish"

The sanatorium is located in the Tuapse region, between Lermontov and Novomikhailovsky, accepts children aged 6 to 17 years. The children's camp has a medical license, which allows you to combine a comfortable holiday with the treatment and prevention of childhood diseases. The vast territory of the health resort is well equipped and is guarded 24 hours a day. In addition to the medical staff, teachers are involved with children.

Sanatorium treatment includes

  • physiotherapy ,
  • inhalation ,
  • vitamin preparations as prescribed by a doctor,
  • climatotherapy,
  • oxygen cocktails
  • and massage.

A stay in a double room will cost from 1100 rubles per day, with treatment and meals.

Children's boarding house "Kirovets" on the Black Sea

The health resort is located in the village of Kabardinka, on the Black Sea coast. This sports and recreation complex is open all year round and is designed for both children and families. In addition, it can function as an athlete training and rehabilitation center.

The infrastructure of the sanatorium includes

  • treatment department,
  • swimming pool,
  • dining room,
  • playgrounds,
  • concert hall
  • and sports hall.

Rooms in residential buildings are divided into children's and family rooms.

This article presents a selection of 15 best health resorts in Russia, where children and their mothers can thoroughly rest and improve their health. The selection criteria were the location of medical institutions, living conditions and treatment programs that are available for this type of voucher.

Ivushka, Loo

Official site: . u/

A resort in the village of Loo on the Black Sea coast. The cost of a voucher in a 2-seater standard starts from 2800 rubles. All rooms are furnished, equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator.

The building is located in the green zone.

Health improvement is carried out according to orthopedic, pulmonological, neurological profiles. Adults and children over 4 years of age are allowed for treatment.

  • feeding 3 times a day on request;
  • procedures;
  • swimming pool (October-June);
  • gym;
  • beach;
  • games room;
  • library;
  • cultural program;
  • Wi-Fi.

Paid separately:

  • excursions ;
  • beautician and hairdresser;
  • laundry;
  • gym;
  • billiards and bowling alley;
  • tennis court.

Photo gallery of the sanatorium "Ivushka" in Loo:

Sanatorium named after Kirov, Yalta, Crimea

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