Children's hell "Alpha"

Municipal budgetary institution of additional education

The late 1980s - early 1990s are a very strange time. Against the background of disillusionment with the old ideology, people were ready to believe in anything, as long as it differed from the previously generally accepted norms.

"Superintendent of perestroika" from the boarding school

Citizens loaded cans of water and creams in front of the TV screen, joined sects, and observed UFOs en masse. And countless number of “innovators” have appeared in various industries.

In order to attract attention, it was only necessary to declare louder - I came up with a new system, and conservatives, who do not know how to work in a new way, squeeze me. This is exactly what the Moscow Internet educator # 8, Dmitry Karpov, who was dismissed from his job for immoral behavior, said about himself. The teacher said that all these are the intrigues of the leadership, which does not accept new methods of education. More than a dozen pupils left after Karpov. Some, however, soon returned, but five girls and four boys stayed with him.

Karpov placed a "commune" in his two-room apartment and almost immediately became the object of increased attention from journalists. Reporters admired: here it is, a new, informal approach to raising children left without care! Look how delighted the children are, look what unearthly, lofty eyes their teacher has! You just need to help them a little, and the result will be incredible.

“Based on the interests and legal rights of children”

First, Karpov and his pupils were allocated a room in a sanatorium-forest school in the village of Tomilino, Moscow region, then they were accommodated in the Izmailovo hotel. On March 27, 1992, an order was issued by the Prime Minister of the Moscow Government Yuri Luzhkov "On the creation of a small orphanage" Alpha "", which said:

“Based on the interests and legal rights of children who have left orphanage No. 8 with its former teacher, D. N. Karpov, and in order to develop new forms of public and state care for orphans and children left without parental care:

  • Create a small orphanage "Alpha" for orphans and children left without parental care.
  • Take into account the commitments of the Moscow Federation of Trade Unions, Moscow City council for tourism and excursions, tourist and hotel complex "Alpha" of the Moscow City Council for Tourism and Excursions to create the necessary property and financial conditions for the small orphanage "Alpha".
  • Establish that financing of the small orphanage " Alpha "in 1992 will be carried out at the expense of funds allocated for the maintenance of institutions subordinate to the Moscow Department of Education."

The building of a kindergarten on Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya Street was handed over to the new "alternative" orphanage. "Innovator" Karpov received a complete carte blanche - he was the only adult in his institution, he himself determined what and how to teach children. Alfa's inspectors did not annoy, and journalists, both Russian and foreign, have always seen the same picture - happy children and their selfless educator who devotes himself to work.

Children's hell

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