Children's entertainment centers Togliatti

Where to go with a child in Togliatti on the weekend? / June 15-16

Summer is a wonderful carefree time. A time of bright discoveries and crazy ideas, hiking trips and amazing walks, serene relaxation and wonderful events. Fill your 92 days of summer with colorful colors.

Our heading Children's Playbill Togliatti will help you!

And in the traditional Friday review we will tell you about the most interesting events of the coming weekend:

Upside Down House, Fear Labyrinth and Ribbon Maze

The international entertainment corporation Big Funny has opened 3 entertainment projects in Togliatti at once - the best attractions loved by visitors in different cities and countries. Bad news: the exhibition is temporary and runs until August 5th.

"Upside Down House" in Togliatti is an apartment on wheels with stunning interiors from designers who took part in the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Europe's most prestigious exhibition of design and furniture. There is a living room with a fireplace, a children's room for a boy with enough toys for a whole store, a bath and a toilet, an entrance hall, and a kitchen. Everything is like in a real apartment, only interior items together with furniture hover right above your head. Of course, living in "House Upside Down" is an impossible mission. But going on an excursion to a strange house, walking through the rooms (more precisely, on the ceilings of the rooms) is a very exciting adventure. You want to touch and examine each piece of interior, which is not easy at all - the laws of earth's gravity do not work here. Try to do your usual activities: sit on the sofa, open the refrigerator, take a bath. You will understand everything yourself.

The Labyrinth of Fear is an extremely spooky labyrinth where absolute evil dwells. By the look of only one photozone with severed limbs, it becomes clear that inside the labyrinth you will not be joking. Here they will not just scare, but make them believe in evil spirits. Hell's Kitchen. Tunnel to the underworld. The bathroom is a torture room. Ominous nursery. Found a way out? Don't be fooled, it might be fake. And then the labyrinth will lead you not to the long-awaited freedom, but to. We will not reveal all the secrets. Come and check it yourself.

The Ribbon Maze is the brightest labyrinth in the world and the largest in Europe. Imagine that you are inside a rainbow. Bright colorful ribbons are everywhere. There are not just a lot of them, but a lot: the total length of the belts is over 50,000 km. The space seems endless, optical illusions at every step. Try to find your way out of the motley tape kaleidoscope. Although I do not want to leave the "Tape Maze" at all. Apparently, color therapy has such a calming effect on the nervous system.

Working hours: from 10:00 - 22:00, every day until 05.8.019

  • Ticket prices:
  • House Upside Down - 350 rubles
  • Labyrinth of Fear - 350 rubles
  • Belt labyrinth - 300 rubles
  • Certificate for 2 attractions with a one-time purchase - 500 rubles
  • Certificate for 3 attractions with a one-time purchase - 700 rubles
  • Entrance for children under 5 years old - FREE

Winter tourism and everything you need to know about it

Children's birthday is an annual holiday, but, as a rule, it always sneaks up quickly and unexpectedly, leaving parents with a difficult choice: where to celebrate?

We bring to your attention a few ideas where you can brightly and interestingly celebrate the most favorite children's holiday in Togliatti.

The smallest:

If you want to celebrate your birthday outside the home, and there are quite a lot of guests, then the time cafe is an ideal option.

"Nest" is suitable for get-togethers with children, starting from infants. There is a specially equipped playroom here. There are a lot of toys for any age: there is a dry pool, a slide, a children's kitchen, an extensive toy car park, a business board, coloring books, pencils and much more. However, older kids will find entertainment for themselves on Xbox and PlayStation

The time cafe is quite spacious: there are three halls and a kitchen, which can freely accommodate up to 22 adults and 15 children. The premises are clean. There are soft sofas and armchairs, there are tables for games and tables for eating.

Dishes for the festive table can be brought with you. You can rent "Gnezdyshko" for 1200 rubles per hour for at least 3 hours. On weekdays, there are preferential conditions: from 10.0 to 16.0 per 1000 rubles per hour. At your request, an animator can work (this is a separate tariff - from 1900 rubles/hour).

40 years of Victory, 17B

tel. 7-987-960-88-58

Family entertainment center "Fairy town"

Two entertainment centers in Togliatti "Fairy Town" are children's attractions, children's leisure time, children's birthday parties with a choice of a wide variety of programs and characters.

150 unique attractions, stage are located on a total area of ​​more than 1500 m2. Most of the center is occupied by entertainment gaming machines: exciting video games, air hockey, prize machines, virtual games, "Labyrinth and Trampoline", "Playground" and much more.

Winter tourism and everything you need to know about it. Winter is a great time to relax. And during this period of the year you can get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. The most

Parents face questions all year round: how to have a fun and safe time for a child? How to organize an unforgettable children's party? Children's entertainment centers come to the rescue.

They are kind of an indoor amusement park. Why are children's entertainment centers good? Its versatility. Many centers, in addition to carousels, trampolines, trampolines and other things, organize children's parties on their territory. Agree, this is very convenient. A fun program, animators, refreshments, children under supervision and safety. And yet, many children's entertainment centers at their base conduct all kinds of master classes and quests.

We present to your attention a brief overview of children's entertainment centers in Togliatti.

Address: TC MADAGASCAR, st. Lev Yashina, 14, Togliatti Opening hours: Daily from 10:00 to 22:00

Phone: 77-77-11

Cost: On weekdays: 250 rubles 1 hour, 400 rubles - unlimited. On weekends and holidays - 400 rubles 1 hour, unlimited - 600 rubles. In addition, children under 1 year old and on weekdays disabled children (with a document) can also visit Django Park for free. Children from large families enjoy separate benefits. They can play at Django Park with a 50% discount. This preferential condition is valid only on weekdays and upon presentation of a document.

Here the guys will find a lot of interesting things: fascinating labyrinths, slides, trampolines, tubing, dry pool, air hockey, basketball, football, hockey and, of course, an attraction for the most daring - a real bungee. In addition to attractions, Django Park has a real family cafe, the menu of which is designed for children of all ages. And to celebrate children's holidays, there are themed rooms and animators with an entertainment program

For younger guests in Django Park there is a separate place - "Play area for kids". This attraction is intended for children under 4 years old and their parents. Do not forget to take your baby to the toilet or put on a diaper beforehand.

The game labyrinth attraction is designed for children aged 5 years and older. For adults, there is a weight limit of up to 100 kg.

The "Play Maze - Slide" attraction is also intended for children aged 5 and over. The same weight limit for adults applies here - up to 100 kg. The operators of this maze recommend that the children go down the slide in turn, having waited at least 10 seconds.

The traditional Christmas race has been held since 1996, and during all the years only the best racers - champions and prize-winners of Russia and the CIS countries in various types of motorsport - have participated in it. The current competition will not be an exception.

Tolyatti residents are invited to free tours of the Museum Quarter

The "VeloTolyatti" club with the support of the Department of Culture of the city administration will conduct a series of walking tours around the Togliatti Museum Quarter.

New Year's poster of excursions in Togliatti

In the department of international and interregional relations of the Togliatti administration, together with tour operators developing local tourism, they have developed a calendar of excursion programs for the New Year holidays from January 1 to January 8, 2018.

TOGLIATTI CHRISTMAS from December to December

New Year's gifts and festive accessories, current winter novelties, stylish and comfortable clothes, souvenirs with the symbol of the coming year, handmade products, sweet treats - a wide selection of goods necessary for the holiday. The exhibition "Togliatti Rozhdestvensky" will allow you to plunge into the pleasant atmosphere of the holiday and New Year's bustle. FREE ENTRY

Second Week of Italian Haute Cuisine in Togliatti

From 19 to 23 November 2017, Togliatti will host the Second International Festival "Week of Italian Haute Cuisine".

The IX International Festival "Russian Seasons" will take place in Togliatti

From November 20 to November 24, 2017, the IX International Creative and Educational Festival "Russian Seasons" will take place in Togliatti, in which young choreographers, artists and designers will take part.

The Local Lore Express has visited Togliatti

On Friday morning, the Togliatti railway station was unusually crowded and lively. “Ten minutes before the arrival of the train”, “five minutes left” - every now and then swept over the crowd of welcomers and, finally, “rides”!

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